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Workstations For Four People

Workstations For Four People

Workstations for four people are a great way to improve productivity in the workplace. They offer the privacy employees need to focus and remove obstacles to concentration. Perfect for teams of three or four, 4-person desk pods also provide storage and instant communication for team members. They also allow for the simultaneous use of computers and printers.


Straightline workstations are a great way to divide up a large working environment into smaller, private work zones. Straightline workstations have separate upholstered, glass or acrylic panels, and can be finished with an aluminium trim to suit your office's style. For more information, contact the Straightline experts. They will be able to provide a no-obligation quote for your office workstation requirements.


Modular workstations for 4 people are a great option for office and classroom settings. A typical cluster has four individual desks, a lateral file cabinet, and a low shelf storage unit. They are supported by a sturdy steel frame with a silver powder-coat paint finish. They have leveling glides to ensure they stay level on any surface.

A 4-person office desk is ideal for temporary employees and contractors working in an open concept office. It also provides instant communication and convenient storage for office equipment. This type of workstation will make your office look modern and spacious. There are many types of modular workstations available. Here are just a few of them.

These workstations come with all the connection hardware and accessories necessary to create a comfortable work space. The reversible combination cabinets can be arranged with an open shelf or two locking drawers on either side. They are made with 16-gauge steel legs with leveling glides.

Sapphire Cubicle System is the premier cubicle workstation product line. This system is a scalable, durable and affordable solution for any office environment. Sapphire Cubicle System includes customizable panels in 39", 52", and 65" heights. This system can accommodate any number of users and offers cable management.


A 4-person workstation offers many benefits over a single desk or cubicle. Not only does this configuration provide privacy for each employee, it also makes it easier for each employee to focus on their work. And it also allows everyone to easily access other areas of the room. And the best part is that it fits in beautifully with open-concept offices.

These workstations come in a variety of styles and colors, and are suitable for any business. The Luna linear workstation, for example, adds personality to any office, while its retro-finished metallic legs prevent wobbling. It also features modular components for easy cable management, and a wide finished surface that eliminates the need for cabinets and drawers.


Steelcase offers a variety of sizes and colors for its Solo at workstations. These workstations are made from HPL, or high-pressure laminate, and come in small, medium, and large configurations. The Solo's desktops are available in seven colors, with black or white laminate. The Solo's bases come in black and white, as well.

Connect It

Connect It for workstations are designed to promote teamwork and accessibility between coworkers. These workstations also allow for flexibility and are ideal for temporary employees. They can be used in a variety of offices and will maximise space. They are particularly well suited to open-concept floor plans.

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