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By Pompey | 23 January 2022 | 0 Comments

15 Most Popular Ergonomic Office Chairs on the Market Under $500 for Your Office in 2022

Choosing the very best ergonomic office chairs to utilize in the workplace can be a bit difficult today. There are numerous brand names and designs, all laying claim to the leading area of the finest list. Among the very best methods to make your search for a chair easier is by arranging them out according to the costs. You can start with a search for the very best ergonomic office chairs under $500 in 2022.

Best ergonomic office chairs purchasing guide



A high cost does not guarantee it's a high-quality chair. A low price similarly does not indicate that it is a poor-quality chair. No matter what cost you spend on your office chair, it must have the ability to help you increase your productivity. It needs to do what you bought it for.


One of the reasons that people buy ergonomic office chairs is so that they can relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain. All these pains are brought on by long hours of resting on a chair that does not adhere to the natural shape of your spinal column, for numerous hours. Considering that many of us do more than 40 hours of work weekly, you can see the value of having a most comfortable ergonomic chair.

Research reveals that the impacts of sitting down for long hours are the same as those of cigarette smoking. This indicates that the possibility of having a chronic disease from sitting down for long hours resembles that of contracting a major health problem from smoking cigarettes.

Besides that, you will also experience other serious symptoms such as chronic tiredness. This is an indicator that your back could be suffering from tension injury. When you sit down, the L5 back vertebrae take all the weight of your body. If you do not get a great chair with lumbar support that can assist support your weight, your L5 will be injured. This might be a start to long-term pain in the back.

Another thing that is very important in an office chair is arm and neck assistance. The best posture to adopt when you are taking a seat is one where your head, shoulders, and butt are lined up. Nevertheless, for the shoulders to remain lined up, you will need an office chair that has armrest support.

This prevents the shoulders from drooping down since of the weight of the arms. When you are dealing with your computer system resting on a chair without armrests, the elbows are going to sag downwards. This pulls the shoulders down too.

Neck assistance is available in the kind of headrest. Some ergonomic office chairs may have headrests and others might not. It would be better to get one with a headrest. Nevertheless, even one without but with all the other features is still excellent.

Customers Reviews


To be sure you are getting an excellent ergonomic office chair, checked out a couple of evaluations, such as you will read here. Reviews ensure you that you are not purchasing something blindly. When you order something online, you do not get the opportunity to evaluate it to see how excellent it is. Hence, you can just depend upon reviews left by other users.

Purchase an office chair that will last a long time. Among some of the expenses that services face today, office furniture and equipment take a big share. If you get the very best ergonomic office chair under $500, it will last a very long time.

As you purchase, think about the interior decoration of your workplace. A good office chair is not only part of the workplace design, however it likewise enhances it a great offer. Strong and neutral colors are much better because they match almost any sort of design. If you will spend money on it, then it had better look excellent.

Now that you have checked out the buying guide on the best office chairs under $500 to purchase, you will be eager to dig right into it and see the most advised chairs. Keep reading.

Reviews for 15 best ergonomic office chairs under $500

1. ErgoChair Pro

The ErgoChair Pro is an Italian style chair and is among the best office chairs under $500 you can discover in the market. This ergonomic chair makes the workplace more exciting. Because of its smart style, it makes the space wherever it is positioned appearance good.

Looks are nothing without great features. You will not be dissatisfied as this ergonomic office chair can be adjusted for different sitting postures. Whether you are high, brief, a bit weighty or on the slim side of things, this is the best chair for you.

Irrespective of any posture that you adopt for working, this seat will support your shoulders, arms, lower back and even the neck. It is developed to offer surround-comfort, however not in a discomfiting hugging method. The back support is adjustable. Sometimes, you would love to raise the support for your lower back a number of inches greater, or lower it a bit. This chair allows you to do that.

By simply a touch of a knob, you can reduce or raise the back assistance by collapsing it inwards. The armrests are adjustable too as is the general height of the chair. The pneumatic controls enable you to make all these modifications without needing to increase up from the chair.

The headrest has actually been created in such a way that it complies with the neck area between your head and shoulders. It does not get to be anymore ergonomic than this chair.


Best buy office chair under $500
Stylish black and white design
Adjustable lumbar support for the entire spine
12-month warranty
30 day money back guarantee
Built to last
High quality casters


Not as many color choices as customers would love

2. Techni Mobili High Back Office Chair


At a price that is a little listed below $200, this high back ergonomic chair is going to give you good value for your money. It has a breathable backrest that not only supports the lower back but the remainder of the spinal column also. It has actually been designed with a headrest that provides great and firm neck assistance. You can work longer and better without excessive muscle stress and tiredness.

The seat material is contoured. You are guaranteed of having a good butt grip when you sit down, or when you lean forward or backwards. The waterfall style of the seat edge gives the back of your knees some reprieve when you sit for long. The armrests provide more assistance.


Affordable price ergonomic chair under $500
Adjustable recline
Easy to adjust
Can flip the armrests up
Heavy duty nylon shape


Armrests can be flipped up but not adjusted

3. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+


The ErgoChair Pro+ has a special fishbone design, and it is consisted of a long lasting and advanced TPE material for durability. Its top-tier back assistance exceeds the typical function of supporting your back by remedying your sitting posture as you work. It's Autonomous' finest and most comfy ergonomic chair offers, and it's not very difficult to see why it gets that distinction.

Apart from performance and usefulness, there is likewise a visual benefit to having the chair, thanks to its streamlined contemporary design. It's certainly the finest office chair under $500.


Full adjustability
Superb lumbar support
Adaptive headrest
Great range of motion
Eco-friendly design


Limited armrest adjustment

4. AvoChair office ergonomic chair

The AvoChair - eco-friendly workplace ergonomic chair will reveal to you just why office furniture need not be dull and uninteresting. Even from a casual glimpse, you can tell that this is a really amazing chair to use. Among the most endearing aspects of it is the minimalistic style and structure. You will pay under $500 for this chair, and you will have it intact for a very long time.

Numerous people wonder why it costs so little, yet it is an excellent chair. A lot of its parts have been made from recycled products. However, do not be deceived into believing that this chair will not fulfill your requirements since it will. In fact, it will surpass them.

A few of the functions to look forward to including the strong, die-cast aluminum-alloy base, which assists you to lock the chair into your locking position of choice. At the very same time, the simplistic armrests are adjustable and the backrest complies with the natural shape of the spinal column.


Nice color to match with any interior décor
Simple to use controls for height adjustment
Made of recyclable parts
Breathable back
Removable armrests


No headrest

5. Steelcase Series 1 Office Chair

The combination of a very stylish design, remarkable convenience, and customizability make the Steelcase series 1 the epitome of comfort and usefulness in your workplace space. It's extremely well suited to workplaces with a smaller footprint, thanks to a really space-conscious style. It's an affordable ergonomic chair under $500 with a pricey appearance.


Mesh backrest
Tremendous lumbar support
Great seat adjustment options
Attractive design


No headrest

6. SIDIZ T50 Office Chair

The mesh back-rest in this style adds to keeping a cool temperature as you work. It's an appealing chair that includes excellent adjustability functions to keep your comfort and enhance your productivity. The lumbar assistance has in, out, up, and down movements, which suggests how you sit is based on your choice.


Many color choices
Robust lumbar support
Breathable backrest


Assembly presents quality control problems

7. ErgoStool

Even if a stool does not have arm and back support, it does not suggest that it can not be utilized in the office. The ErgoStool that we are examining here will give you flexibility at work, as you can stand or sit as you see needed.

Created in the saddle shape, this stool is ergonomic and assists you keep your back directly as you work. The capability to quickly change in between standing and sitting is just too great to miss. To adjust the height of this ergonomic stool, just press a knob situated under the seat as soon as and pull the seat up.

The height of the stool can be gotten used to give shorter individuals a much better reach on the desk. The stool's weight base is quite stable. You can twitch and move about as much as you require to get the ideal position.

The ErgoStool is stylishly created to complement your office design. The white and black color mix is cool for any office design.


Flexible when in use
Easily movable from place to place
Best affordable ergonomic chair
Heavy base makes it impossible to topple over
Easy to adjust the height


Not many color choices
No footrest

8. Alera Etros Series Petite Fit Together Back Chair

Despite appearing like a captain's chair from Star Trek, the Alera Etros is really easy to utilize. A few of the most noticeable features consist of the breathable, meshed backrest. When you work for long hours, you desire a seat with a breathable backrest. Such allows air to flow around your body easily. The cushion of the seat is likewise covered in mesh, the same as the back. You need breathability on your seat too if you will take a seat for long hours.

The height of the chair is adjustable, and the backrest has been developed with good back support. That is not all; because the back assistance can be changed by shifting it up or down, as may be required.

Armrests are adjustable, each comes with a changing knob at the side. Practically everything in this seat is adjustable. Even the seat can be moved forward an inch or 2. The backrest can be slanted to match various postures.


Adjustable in many ways
Simple to assemble
Breathable back and seat is good
Comfortable on your muscles
5-year warranty


Made for petite people only
Creaks a lot

9. Serta 43506 Bonded Leather Chair


This chair is covered with soft leather that is brown in color, looks quite executive and professional. It is the best office chair under $500 for tall individuals since of the high back. The layered ergonomic body pillows are set up in such a method that they provide your spinal column support where it is needed most. The lumbar assistance is adjustable to give you great assistance where you need it most. The armrests are padded and covered with the very same soft, bonded leather.


Beautiful and stylish
Adjustable lower back support
Bonded leather adds a luxurious feel to your office
Softly sloping armrests
Good tilting mechanism


Armrests are fixed
Might not be very breathable

10. Komene Office Chair with Meshed High Back


Komene appears like a great chair and sells for a great price too. It is a high back chair, fit together and as breathable as they come. It has armrests that you can flip up and adapt to your most beneficial height. The headrest is adjustable and breathable. It benefits an individual struggling with pain in the back since it helps keep shoulders, butt and head lined up.

The back support is developed in 2 parts. Individuals who have actually used this chair office chair under $500 say it has actually been created to not just prevent back issues, but to help individuals with bad backs to recover. The five-star base is strong, the casters roll perfectly on all floorings. This chair has numerous adjustable features to match different users.


Very breathable
Easy to assemble
Can recline to more than 130 decrees for a good nap
Designed to make it easy for buttocks and hips
Good for people with back pain


Just the black color choice
Costlier than many in its price range

11. Autonomous ErgoChair Core


Here is another great prospect for the very best economical ergonomic chair under $500. The Autonomous ErgoChair Core combines function with outstanding price. You can select between two editions, one of which consists of the headrest and leg rest, and one of which does not. Delight in a well-designed reclining feature to help you get and remain comfy. In addition, the design includes a competent tilt system to enable for unlimited movement.

The breathable mesh back-rest assists to keep you cool, and it is among the best ergonomic chairs to assist with your pain in the back.


Mesh backrest design
Recline feature


Tilting compromises elbow support

12. Secretlab Titan

Making use of video gaming chairs is becoming more popular in the office area, and the Secretlab Titan is one of the very best alternatives. It uses a series of ergonomic functions, such as adjustable armrests and a reclining seat function that goes as far as 165 degrees. The chair has a long-lasting design, and the back support is sure to wow you.


Great recline feature
Adjustable lumbar support
Tear-resistant design
Great aesthetic


The seat feels very firm
Doesn't integrate as well into smaller offices

13. Bowery Adjustable Office Chair

If you have actually ever seen the Herman Miller Sayl Chair, this choice from Bowery appears like it and rivals it in terms of ergonomics. The elastomer back-rest and adjustable nature of the chair produce a seating experience that matches your body's shapes. Be that as it may, it still keeps a level of firmness that is adequate to supply the assistance you need. The back-rest's open mesh design keeps you from sweating while you sit, and the chair's height and armrests can be adjusted as needed.


Great back support
Lightweight design
Adjustable sliding seat
Attractive design
Breathable backrest


No headrest

14. HON Ignition Task Chair

The HON ignition task chair has a mid-back design that enables you to facilitate your spinal column's curve, no matter your height. The seat depth can likewise be customized, which means correct positioning of both your upper and lower body when you are sitting. You might also benefit from the synchro-tilt system for a comfy recline.


Adjustable backrest
3D armrests
Breathable backrest
Simple design that fits into any office space


Durability is not the best
No headrest

15. Flash Furniture High Back Mesh Chair


This Flash Furnishings style is one of the most cost-effective ergonomic chairs you can get with proper neck assistance. You may select from an excellent variety of various colors, which implies you can match any office visual. The headrest is adjustable for optimum comfort and assistance of your neck.

This may not be the very best low-cost office chair, however, it still does the job.


Many color choices
Mesh backrest
Adjustable headrest


Stationary armrests
Not much adjustability options


Here you go, these are the top 15 best ergonomic office chairs under $500. While there are much more, we feel that these must meet the requirements of individuals under various spending plans really well. Except for the stool, you can see that all the other chairs examined here have armrests and back-rests. These are some of the most searched-for features in office chairs.

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