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By Pompey | 21 November 2021 | 5 Comments

Office Chair Buying Guide: How to Find the Perfect Office Chair for Your Office?

Getting an office chair that fits the user is of paramount importance when you’re shopping for the perfect office chair for your office. Whether you’re working at a traditional or home office, your office chair is always one of the most important components that will affect your productivity and comfort.
When you choose the right office chair, it will be much easier for you to do your job and have a good effect on your back, while a poor office chair may lead to health problems. An ergonomically built office chair can make maintain office workers a good posture and prevent their bodies from suffering from the whole day sitting on the chair.
Accordingly, choosing a perfect office chair is a significant decision for both small home office owners and big office owners who have many employees because it has a direct impact on you and your worker's well-being.
There are many factors to consider when you decide to buy an office chair, and with so many kinds of office chairs to consider, you may feel daunting while searching for the right product.
You can first decide what types of office chairs to fit for your office, evaluate your office chair options, and then review which factors you should consider while buying an office chair. After you’re done with this, you’ll have enough information to make a decision. To learn how to do that exactly, keep reading, this guide will help you make a smart selection.

What Are the Key Factors to Consider When Buying an Office Chair?


Adjustable Height

You should have the ability to change the elevation of your office chair to your own elevation. For ideal convenience, you need to be seated to ensure that your upper legs are straight to the floor. In the meantime, look for a pneumatic adjustment lever to allow you bring the seat higher up or reduced.
If your chair is too high, you might find yourself scooting ahead to maintain your feet on the ground, which could cause poor position. On the contrary, if your chair is too low, your knees will be higher than your hips, potentially developing anxiety on your reduced back. A flexible elevation chair allows you to pick a suitable degree for long-term convenience. If you do look for an office chair with height controls, simply ensure they're easy to use as well as long-lasting enough to depend on in time.

Adjustable Backrest and Tilt Control System

The angle of your seat back is another vital measurement of the chair option. Due to the fact that any chair you get probably will not be perfectly matched to your body right out of the package, the capacity to change the tilt of the rear of your chair is a significant benefit.
According to experts, a slightly reclined position may facilitate protecting the spine while sitting at your desk. You'll want to look for a chair that allows you to tilt back simply a little bit so that the back of your chair is at a 100 or 110-degree angle to your seat. Some chairs supply simply pair of choices for reclining, so it might be a good idea to do some particular research on tilt controls prior to making your acquisition.

Sufficient Seat Dimensions

Obviously, you need a chair large enough to suit your body. If you choose a seat that's too slim, and you could really feel constrained daily. On the other hand, a spacious fit isn't perfect either. An extremely deep chair can cause some individuals to hunch forward, while a too-wide seat could make it unpleasant to use your chair's armrests.
Ideally, you should be able to sit with your back against the backrest and have roughly 2-4 inches in between the back of your knees and the seat of the office chair. You should also be able to change the tilt of the seat forward or backward depending upon how you choose to sit on the chair.

Get An Office Chair with Armrests

Get an office chair with armrests to take some of the pressure off your neck and shoulders. Researches recommend that armrests, on an office chair with adjustable arms, can be an important resource of support, avoiding discomfort not only in your forearms but also in your neck as well as shoulders. The armrests should be adjustable so as to let you position them in a manner that lets your arms rest conveniently while making you less likely to slouch. However, as workers' bodies vary a lot, simply having armrests on your chair is no guarantee of a great fit. If adjustable arms are positioned expensive, for instance, you may experience associated tension in your shoulder muscles. You can encounter pain in your lower arms as well as wrists if they're also reduced.

The good news is, numerous office chairs allow you to change the elevation of your armrests to represent your favored forearm position. Experts recommend positioning your arms to make sure that your wrists are approximately level with your keyboard, instead of bending up or down to allow you to get to the keys. In addition, some chairs allow you to adjust the armrest size or angle for even more personalized convenience.

Choose Breathable Materials and Comfortable Padding

Office chairs differ widely in their upholstery as well as construction, so you'll have a lot of alternatives to review. Mesh back chairs use a breathable feeling, keeping your back nicely ventilated. Leather or faux leather chairs give a slick, elegant look which will for sure impress employees as well as customers.
A material that lets your body breathe is much more comfortable when remaining on your office chair for extended durations. Material is an excellent choice and numerous new products have this function. As you take into consideration these possibilities, it’s necessary to focus on long-lasting comfort over impressions. A chair might look or feel fantastic, but it may not offer the ergonomic support your body requires over numerous functioning hours. The padding should be comfortable to sit on and it’s best to avoid a seat that is either too tough or too soft. A hard surface will certainly be painful after a number of hours, and also a soft one will certainly not offer adequate support.

Check for the Lumbar Support

The lumbar region is a vital area of the back, running about in between the hips and breast. These 5 reduced back vertebrae are the biggest and also best in your body, they still require plenty of assistance on an everyday basis, particularly if you've had problems in this location formerly.
Select an office chair shaped to match the natural contour of your spinal column. Any type of office chair worth acquiring will use good lumbar assistance. Your lower back ought to be sustained as if it is somewhat curved at all times so that you don't drop as the day advances. It is best to try this function to ensure that you obtain lumbar support at the point you need it. Great lower back or lumbar assistance is vital to decrease pressure or compression on the lumbar discs in your back.

Mobility of the Office Chair

Office chairs with wheels supply important benefits, whether you're walking around your own desk or running over to talk with your co-workers. The ability to move around in your chair adds to its usefulness. Lots of swivel office chairs allow you to pivot in your seat, shifting the instructions you're facing. When you don't wish to relocate these ways, you can normally "lock" your seat in place to preserve stability. You should be easily able to rotate your chair so that you can reach different spots in your work area for maximum efficiency. 
Casters give you an easy wheelchair, yet make sure to get the ideal ones for your floor. Select a chair with casters developed for your floor, whether it is a carpeting, tough surface, or a combination. It might be an excellent suggestion to spend on a chair mat if you have one that isn't developed for your floor. Broken casters or wheels can be frustrating, as is a chair that constantly pivots when you would certainly choose to stay in one location. To assess the durability of the chairs you're considering, it could be practical to go through customs reviews.

What Are the Common Types of Office Chairs?

There are many types of office chairs in the market. Some of the most common office chairs are executive, mesh, task, adjustable, highly-adjustable, arms and armless, conference chairs, and lobby chairs. Basically, your ideal office chair depends largely on what type of office you work in and where you will use the chair.

Big and Tall Office Chairs

Created to support bigger frameworks and also weights, these office chairs are generally constructed to bring in between 350 as well as 500 extra pounds without the hazard of a structural break. You may not requires as much of these chairs, yet must consider having a couple of accessible if you have visitors or guests. Look for weight capacities and also seat and back dimensions to ensure enough space for all shapes and sizes.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are one of the most popular type of office chairs. They are mobile, with high backs as well as armrests. These items take support exceptionally seriously, with advanced layout attributes intended to promote good stance and also decrease physical distress. Some consist of headrests, whereas others have different elements to aid sustain your lower and upper back. You'll have a lot of opportunities to adjust the chair to fit your own body. Many are mesh chairs, but there are also leather-like ergonomic chair alternatives.

Task Chairs

Task chairs are the classic office chair category: They're intended to slide neatly under a wide variety of desks, allowing workers to achieve the tasks. They're assigned over the course of a typical day. Usual functions include wheels, high backs, and also armrests. Task chairs come in a large variety of products and supply varying degrees of support. While some kinds can be pricey, savvy consumers can find excellent task chairs at surprisingly budget friendly prices.

Mesh Office Chairs

Ergonomic layouts that are well matched for basic office tasks, mesh chairs include breathable mesh on the backs of the chairs to provide assistance and also comfort without ending up being too warm. Some offices favor these chairs for their minimal structure and design. These are an economical office chair choice for any kind of working area.

Leather Office Chair

Leather office chairs have a visual impression of fantastic sophistication and convenience. The leather office chairs that are well-made are extremely resilient and can support the staff members to work for long hours at the desk. The thick padding nature of the leather office chairs offers great help to the critical regions that consist of a seat and lower backbones. Many get adjustable seats and armrests for adjusting with various desk heights and body shapes. The leather office chairs would truly be a great investment for any office as a very long-enduring furnishings and one that would require less amount of maintenance.

Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are specially designed, ergonomic chairs for long hours playing video games. They differ from most office chairs in having a high backrest designed to support the upper back and shoulders. They are also more customizable: the armrests, back, lumbar support, and headrest can all be adjusted for comfort and efficiency. 

Conference and Guest Chairs

Conference and guest chairs are type of office chairs that will support the demands of your guests or visitors. Lots of waiting spaces and office select easy universal styles that provide comfort, while enabling maximum space tenancy. Conference rooms commonly feature chairs on wheels for simple access and also egress from a meeting table. Guest chairs ought to be elected based on their setting. A vehicle dealer may consider a vinyl or plastic seat that are very easy to keep tidy. A doctor’s office may take into consideration cushioned upholstered guest chairs to supply maximum convenience prior to an anxious medical appointment.

Accent and Reception Chairs

There are office chairs that are not created for workers but for visitors. Accent chairs can make an executive’s office the perfect place for small meetings, while a set of comfortable reception chairs can really make visitors at ease. If you’re looking for the ideal combination of comfort and professionalism, this kind of modern office chair is definitely worth considering. Upgrading your reception area of your office will surely make a great first impression on all your guests.

What Are the Essential Office Chairs Accessories You Should Consider?


When sitting in your office chair, your feet need to be conveniently level on the floor, otherwise, this is bad ergonomic sign. And you might find out that the edge of your seat is pushing into the back of your legs, which will possibly disrupting your blood circulation and making it even worse.
You may find your chair not very comfortable but not intend to change it, an alternative solution is a foot rest. Obviously, this is a small platform for your feet to rest on, as well as an excellent design will be flexible, so you can make sure that it goes to the ideal elevation for your feet to be flawlessly level. This can be a good service for those whose chair and desk configuration or else does not enable them to change points so they can have their feet flat on the ground as they need to be.

Chair Mat

If you worry about the heavy office chair will damage or perhaps leave marks on your vinyl floor. Buy a chair mat which sits on top of your floor will be a simple solution, so that it won’t be troubled by your chair’s casters. Fortunately, clear PVC flooring mats are not expensive and they are absolutely a lot less cheaper than eventually having to change your flooring mat.

Armrest Pads

If your office chair has armrests, you find them very hard and maybe not specifically comfortable to use for long periods of time. To deal with this problem, you can buy some armrest pads which attach and sit on top of your existing armrests, so that to give your lower arms something of a treaty.
The padding is usually made from memory foam, which will provide an extra comfort for your armrests. Another thing to aware is the height of the pads. You should make sure they are not so thick so that they will leave your arms in a poor ergonomic position.

Lumbar Support

Some office chairs have lumbar support built-in, but yours may not, so one faster way to add this feature without purchasing a brand-new chair is to purchase a standalone support. Lumbar support can usually be found in the kind of a roll or a bigger cushion, and can make a strong addition to your office chair, offering you some much needed extra support.

Keep in mind that they won't likely verify as efficient as an integrated support which the developer has included with an ergonomic office chair, but they can still do the work, simply make sure you acquire a well-reviewed one, and also the vendor has a return policy.

Chair Cover

If you want to protect your office chair from the possibilities of drink spillages, or if you want to prevent your dog or cat from destroying your chair while working from home, the best way is to buy a stretch chair cover for your chair, which will give you a layer of protection of your chair. It will also be a smart solution if you got a worn or shabby-looking office chair. For a small cost, you can easily cover up your chair and make it exactly like a new one.

Seat Cushion

Though seat cushions can help in reducing stress on your glutes, they might be also helpful in eliminating back discomfort. They help support your spine from its base and encouraging better posture. Some models satisfy the form of your body gradually, while others provide a firm feeling. They can be integrated with a suitable backrest to help helping with comprehensive spine support.

Cup Holder

This might not be an essential accessory for you chair, but if you’re ever had the misforture to knock over a drink on your desk, with drinks ending up damaging an electronic device, you’ll certainly appreciate its value.
Accordingly, when you have a clip-on holder which attaches to one of your chair’s armrest, the holder can prevent any damage of your drinks being spilled. Even if the worst should happen somehow, it will not hit anything precious sitting on the desk, and only hit the floor.

Final Thoughts

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