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By Pompey | 23 January 2022 | 2 Comments

The Ultimate Guide of Top 10 Chinese Office Furniture Manufacturers in 2022


China is now known to be the world's biggest furniture exporting country. We will let you know about the top ten furniture manufacturers of china on this topic so you can get a convenient reference. This article will also help you to understand the development of China's furniture industry. You will be guided enough while making a deal with a Chinese manufacturer.
If you will have a good grasp of the Chinese furniture industry and you are familiar with the story behind its development, you can get maximum outcomes for your business furniture needs from your business deals with a Chinese office furniture manufacturer. With all of the essential information at hand, being a decision-maker of your Company, you can always go for lucrative furniture deals from the Chinese industry.
With the thought of decorating our office space, the first thing to prioritize should always be selecting top-quality office furniture as we know that a comfortable and decent office space always brings more efficiency to a workplace. Also, it leaves a positive impression on your clients by making them feel comfortable. That's why, to fulfill our office requirements such as office desks, chairs, or other pieces of office furniture, we should try looking first at the furniture market of china.

Why It is essential to Have the Right Office Furniture

When we are at the office, each activity leaves an impact on the workplace. Whether you decide about the color of your office walls, planning about the seating layout for employees, or thinking about lighting, every choice will make a difference. Therefore while deciding to select furniture for your office needs, always think about the impact it will leave on the employees at the workplace. Considering this impact, we have made a list that best describes the importance of the right furniture for your office.
Market share of a particular furniture type

1. It enhances productivity at your workplace


Most people don't realize it, but it is a fact that the right office furniture always increases productivity at your workplace. The selection of creative office furniture doesn't only make your office look more attractive, but it also offers a quality working environment. Ensure each employee their working desk, chair, fan, and their computer set, etc. With acquiring all of the needful items, your employees will work more comfortably and efficiently. Having a well-styled modernistic office space with coordinated furniture will always fire up the working spirit of your employees.

2. Right office furniture leaves a great impression on your clients

Suppose you own a business with daily client visits for business meetings. In that case, you will need a workplace equipped with modernistic office furniture that best represents the skills of your business organization. It certainly leaves an unmatched impression on your clients when they see that your office is well-equipped with all the intelligent and advanced technology. However, if they will see dull furniture filling up the space that is irrelevant with the rest of the office theme, they will most likely hesitate to put their trust in your business.

3. Right furniture choice will offer you a good storage space

An office should be tidy and well organized. This is where the right furniture selection comes in handy. With a spacious furniture selection, you will be able to keep all of your paperwork, stationery, and other essential items stored in a well-organized and neat manner. Also, it will increase your work efficiency as you will always be able to know where you have placed your paperwork and where you can get it at times of need.

4. Right furniture accomplishes the essential need for comfort at the workplace

Being an employee, a person can require to be seated for long hours every day. That's why it is essential to provide the proper comfort at the workplace by using the right comfy furniture. Get your employees chairs with back and arm support so they can work with more focus and work.
In addition, selecting the right furniture is of supreme importance as it affects an employee's productive efficiency and makes sure your business achieves seamless success.

Why Import Office Furniture from China?

With thousands of furniture manufacturers available, you can always get decent value and unmatchable quality for China's most reasonable and competitive prices. This is the prime reason why most private organizations, firms, and furniture importers prefer to import office furniture from china's furniture industry rather than any other country. 
If you plan to import office furniture soon, you will have to learn a few things first about how to buy office furniture from china's furniture market so you can grab the best deal possible for you. 
Here you will learn everything necessary related to the purchase of wholesale office furniture from China.
1. China offers an individual furniture industry zone
China has its furniture industry zone situated in Foshan's Shunde District. The place is known to be the largest base for furniture production with facilities. The zone is also known to be the most matured furniture industry zone as they instituted production over thirty years ago. Within the district, you will find Lecong city, which is known to be the hub of china's largest furniture suppliers and exporters. You can find over 3800 furniture shops in the town accommodating over 3,000 dealers. The city's annual sales are surprisingly over 30 billion Yuan- known to be the highest earnings in the whole country. 
The other well-renowned furniture manufacturing hub is Longjiang town, known to hold the largest national furniture share in the country. This share is almost1/6 of the overall furniture market. Also, East and North China have their own industrial zones for furniture production. You will be able to find out quite decent furniture suppliers around the areas of Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. Coming to the north, you will find those suppliers around Shandong, Hebei, and other Northern districts. The northern furniture zone is known to dominate the traditional Chinese furniture industry.
The gross output value of Chinese furniture


2. China's furniture industry holds 25% of the furniture production in the whole world

The Chinese furniture market has been growing steadily over the past years. The industry alone accounted for 1.4 billion Yuan of Annual GDP back in 2001. Only a decade passed, and these numbers took a jump to 1130 billion Yuan. All that steady growth made over the years turned china's furniture industry alone to manufacture 25% of the overall world furniture.


Top 10 Office Furniture Manufacturers in China

As we interact with wholesale or retail office furniture dealers, it becomes essential for us to coordinate with skilled manufacturers and suppliers. The thing that we should prioritize should be brand reputation, design, quality production, decent delivery time, and after-sales services while selecting the right furniture manufacturer in China.
This guide shall explain to us how to choose the right office furniture manufacturers in china, and how you can import your furniture from China.

1. Aurora

The Aurora group was settled in Taiwan back in 1965. The history started with the sales of office clocks. And now, after 50 years have passed, Aurora is offering all sorts of supplies that can be used at an office. Now they have more than 1,500 plus distribution channels running around Taiwan and Mainland China. Also, Aurora group has now established several other related companies- Aurora Office Automation, Aurora office furniture, Aurora 3D, Aurora Intelligent Equipment, and Aurora cloud merchant in mainland china.

Factory details

You will find Aurora's main manufacturing base in China's Jiading Park, located in Shanghai. They have settled six major office furniture production centers in that place. The products produced in these centers are being exported to North America, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe.

Main products

Aurora group offers a variety of all kinds of products that we can use at an office. These products are office automation equipment, communication techs, office cloud, 3D printers, and other office-based electronic items. For your office needs, you will get two kinds of main office products from them:

Office desk

Office chairs


2. Steelcase

After its inception in Michigan, the USA, in 1912 as the metal office furniture production company, Steelcase Company's first patent was for producing metallic garbage baskets. Soon this product replaced the traditional wicker garbage baskets from the market. By 1919, Steelcase started to grow its roots in the nationwide market and started its all-new series of desks and cabinets production.
Steelcase was initially known as Steelcase Inc. back in 1954. They used to supply furniture of more than 400 full truckloads to the Sears Tower in Chicago. Since then, they have been bringing more innovation to their products to make everyone a decent workplace environment. 

Factory details

Steelcase group employs 12,700 employees worldwide, and in China alone, they have more than 800 furniture dealers. In China, their main showrooms are situated in Beijing and Shanghai. They also have their dealers across Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, and many more in mainland China. 

Main products

Steelcase offers a vast range of products when it comes to office furniture products:


Desks and tables



Space division

Accessories like office décor, lighting, and others.

3. Landbond

Landbond was originated in 1984, and their paramount engagement was in top-quality solid wood furniture, sofa sets, mattresses, customized cabinets, carpets, and other furniture products related to designs, production, and sales. They have covered up 100% of second and first-tier cities and 70% of third-tier cities in their domestic market. Also, they cover many of the countries and reigns around the world.

Factory details

Landbond is a private enterprise leader in its manufacturing business and the development of domestic and overseas markets. Through 20 years' development, they have created a world-class brand as the leading enterprise in China's furniture manufacturing industry.

Main products

Landbond group deals in the following office related products:

Single sofas

Function sofas

Upholstered suites

Upholstered landscapes, seating elements

Swivel chairs, chairs with castors


4. Redapple

Renowned in 1981 in Hong Kong, Redapple group mainly deals with high-quality panel furniture, sofas, mattresses, and tailor-made furniture for all needs. Being a modernistic company Redapple also integrates Research and development, marketing, production, and other services.

Factory details

The Company is situated in Queshan Industrial Park, Shenzhen, and Longhua New District. It covers an area of 400000 square meters. Red Apple was also awarded "2015-2016 Top Ten Fashionable Creative Furniture Brand in China's Home Furnishing Industry. 

Main products

Desks and tables
Home décor and accessories 
Sofas, mattresses 
Panel furniture
Tailor-made furniture
Quality office furniture and accessories 


5. Meet&Co

Meet&Co Office Furniture is a well-renowned and most cost-effective office furniture manufacturing Company in China. Being the most trusted office furniture supplier, Meet&Co manufactures the most revolutionary and sophisticated office furniture that is eligible to turn your workplace into a fully functional workplace. They build the furniture that creates a more productive and comfortable office environment for all of our office needs. Meet&Co has a team of highly experienced professionals who have been producing the best-quality furniture for their clients for years now. The furniture they produce is exceptionally well-designed and affordable too.

Factory details

Meet&Co is situated in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Covering 12000 square meters area, their showroom is one-stop for all kinds of office furniture supplies. The showroom offers the entire industry chain of office, school, government, organization, and institution style of furniture.

Main products

Office desks, office chairs, office sofa
School furniture, office workstations, ergonomic chairs, school desks, school chairs
Standing desks, electric standing desks

Plastic chairs, filing cabinets, office trading desks, and chairs



QUANU is a vast enterprise founded in 1986 dealing in a large-scale home furnishing business. The group is included in Research, production, and sales with 30 years of hard work history. With years of expertise, QUANU Company specializes in manufacturing panel-style furniture, sofa sets, sofa beds, mattresses, solid wooden furniture, tailor-made furniture, and much more.

Factory details

QUANU owns four main manufacturing bases located in Chengdu, Dongguan, Langfang, and Puyang, China, with over 4600000 square meters. QUANU Furniture has more than 100,000 employees, 5500 stores in Pakistan, North Korea, China, etc.

Main products

Panel style furniture

Sofa sets, sofa beds, mattresses

mattresses, solid wooden furniture

customized furniture products 

7. QM

QM furniture was founded in 1993. The group was formerly known as Quemi. Since its inception, the QM group has been seeing steady growth, and that's how it has turned into the leading household group with the highest sales, designs, and production. Also, QM was listed on the main screen of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2015.

Factory details

The Company is located in Wangjing North St., Chaoyang District, headquartered in Beijing, China. The Company serves its customers with integrated home solutions. 

Main products

Wooden furniture
Man-made board furniture and integrated furniture
Main furniture for the living room, study room, bedroom, diner room, children's room
Tailor-made furniture
Mattress, curtains, and other home accessories


8. Louvre

The group is located in Lecong, Shunde, founded in 2000. The group is known to be the leading global home furnishing group, including exceptional designs, furniture, Research and development, luxury hotel interiors, shopping mall operations, and business tourism. The group has become a leading enterprise and brand in china's circulation field. 

Factory details

Situated in Shunde District, Lecong Town, Louvre International Furniture Export Center is China's biggest mid-and high-end furniture market. Providing almost 400,000 sq ft of space showcasing the best and highest quality furniture loved around the world. The Company has only one motive to bring the entire best Foshan furniture manufacturer in one place.

Main products

Kitchenware accessories

Home décor products

Lighting, carpet

Furniture for corporate use


9. Boke

Being in China for almost 20 years, BOKE Company mainly focuses on offering the world the most decent and cost-effective office furniture. Since its establishment in 1999, they have been providing office chairs and OEM and ODM services. Now, their consumers and products and services have expanded to finance, science and tech, education, government agencies, and other industries. With their regular investments in talent, technology, Research, and development, BOKE Company has become China's top office furniture manufacturer.

Factory details

Situated in XIantang Avenue, Longjiang town, Shunde District, their production base is 50,000 square meters. Their products offer the most reasonable cost utilizing the best production technology with top-quality materials, and their products offer the most rational cost.

Main products

Ergonomic office chairs

School furniture, auditorium chairs

Office desks and accessories 


10. Merryfair

Merryfair was mainly established for manufacturing components parts in 1974. In 1982 the Company ventured into making chairs for office use. The Company soon took its lead and became the most renowned office furniture manufacturer in Malaysia. After that, they started exporting office furniture to the international markets from the beginning of 1985.

Factory details

The production base is located in Jalan Korporat, Taman Perindustrian Meru, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. The production quality control is strict and methodically carried out at every stage. 

Main products

Seating Products

System Furniture

Desking Elements

Design Resources


How to choose office furniture?

Suppose you want to buy office furniture from the top Chinese furniture manufacturers. In that case, you should understand the below-mentioned steps that can always come in handy to select the right office furniture.

First step: Conclude the look and design of your office furniture.

A selection of furniture that doesn't compliment your office interior at all can never be a good choice. If you find it hard to make a selection of your office furniture, you can always go for a classing black office chair. Unless you wish to get your office a unique look, you should find a manufacturer that can offer you tailor-made furniture. Their R&D department will guide you through selecting the suitable furniture designs that best complement your office.

Second step: Assess the number of rooms in your office.

Suppose you want furniture for each room in your office and specific furniture for each room. In that case, you should consider these things so you can make a better selection of office chairs and other office accessories in the right amount as per your workplace requirement.

Third step: Decide your budget.

After assessing the requirement of your office furniture, its style, and exact quantity, the final step you are supposed to consider is your budget. You can find several manufacturers and dealers offering flexible MOQ. 


If you are willing to import office furniture, it can be pretty cost-efficient to import your required office furniture from china. The country has become the largest furniture manufacturer in the entire world with the best furniture facilities. Also, the Chinese furniture market is the most mature furniture market, which makes them experts in the furniture trading and exporting business.
If you deal directly with a reputed manufacturer from china, you can save a large amount of capital and experience the hassle-free service of exporting furniture from china.


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