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Under Desk Drawers

Under desk drawers help corral the small items that clutter your desktop. These practical storage solutions are a quick and easy addition to any workspace.

For example, this black metal pencil drawer mounts flush to the underside of a desk and holds writing utensils, sticky notes and paper clips. An optional bracket creates a padded shelf for additional storage.

under desk drawers

VIVO Secure Under Desk Mounted Pull-Out Drawer

Keep your workspace organized and free of clutter with this under desk drawer from VIVO. The white pull-out drawer easily mounts under most workstations, and its locking mechanism keeps sensitive materials and personal belongings safe and secure. A sturdy design supports up to 11 lbs of supplies, and the smooth sliding mechanism allows you to easily access items within the drawer. Minimal assembly is required out of the box, and this under desk storage solution is backed by a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty for peace of mind.

Shop our selection of drawer slides to find the perfect solution for your home or office. With a variety of load capacities and styles, there is something for every project.

Choose from side mount, bottom mount and center mounted slides to ensure a smooth, effortless operation. Our selection includes heavy duty and full extension models for added convenience, as well as soft-close options for quieter closing. Find the right drawer glides for your project at Lowe’s today.

Stand Up Desk Store Sliding Under-Desk Drawer

If you're still struggling to keep physical papers under control, try a drawer that can roll underneath your desk. Unlike a file cabinet, these options are designed to be slim and take up as little space as possible so you can keep them out of sight without losing leg room. Some even come with a shelf to hold documents, a great option for storing invoices and receipts.

This add-on storage drawer from Stand Up Desk Store mounts easily to a variety of work surfaces and offers multiple color options. Its slim profile makes it a good choice for storing pens, notepads, and other small items that could otherwise clutter your desktop. However, it falls short in comparison to other options when it comes to storing larger items like a planner or notebook. It also doesn't pull out completely, making it tricky to access the back half. We recommend taking a tape measure and seeing how this drawer will fit on your specific work surface before purchasing it.

Cables and chargers often create a messy, jumbled mess under a desk, but there are many options to hide them and make the area more usable. Many styles of storage boxes are designed to fit under a desk, and they usually feature cable organizers that allow you to keep cords in place while keeping them out of sight. Some even have labeled slots for different types of cords so you can identify them quickly. They can be a bit tricky to set up since you have to flip your desk upside down, position the box and its organizers, mark and drill holes, and then turn the desk right side up again.

Gome Under Desk Pull-Out Drawer

A home office is becoming an essential part of many modern homes. Whether it’s a separate room or just a corner of the living space, it needs to be well-organized and efficient. To create extra workspace and keep things out of sight, an under desk drawer is the perfect solution. These drawers mount underneath the desk and can be used to store things like file folders, paper supplies, and even electronics. Some of them are on wheels, making it easy to roll out when you need something. Others have a quiet sliding mechanism and are compatible with most desks.

Choosing the right under desk drawer depends on several factors, including the size and how it mounts to your desk. The size matters because it dictates what you can fit inside, while the mounting method determines how much of a footprint the unit will have on your desktop. You’ll want to measure your desk and look at different models before purchasing to make sure it fits and will work.

The Gome Under Desk Drawer is a great choice because it’s incredibly slim and easy to install. It also has a soft pad on the top that protects your desktop surface and makes it easier to open and close. It’s compatible with most desks and can be lowered under a standing desk to free up space. Another plus is that it can be locked with a key, making it ideal for storing confidential documents and items.

If you’re looking for a storage solution that doesn’t take up too much desk space, consider an aesthetic wooden or acrylic file box. These are often tall and include a padded top to place your phone or tablet. They’re great for holding files, binders, books, and even lunch boxes. Some even come with cute labels for easy identification.

If you have a Parsons-style or other compact desk with minimal drawer space, try adding a small filing cabinet. These can be stacked and won’t topple over, making them the ideal solution for smaller spaces. Another option is a pretty lidded box, which is great for storing items such as extra pens and sticky notes.

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