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By Pompey | 23 January 2022 | 0 Comments

Top 5 Reasons To Utilizing Open Plan Office Desking System For Your Office in 2022

Overview of Open Desking System

One of the main advantages of an open-plan office is that it allows for easier communication and collaboration among employees. Without the separation of cubicles or physical office walls, teams can easily collaborate at the same table or work area.
Opening the floor for discussion means employees become more productive with the easy sharing of ideas and frequent feedback on project tasks from other teammates. The improved collaboration makes an open plan office ideal for project- focused work environments as well as for creative teams and coworking spaces for freelancers.
Technology has changed how and where people work. With the advent of laptops, ipads, smart phones and wireless internet connections, people can work almost anywhere. As a result, the amount of space needed for storage is far less than it was twenty years ago, making for a cleaner more open work area. Flexible work has even lowered the amount of desk space needed for daily tasks.
Tack on to these changes the increasing cost of real estate and you’ll understand why office space per person has been shrinking dramatically over the last decade.
Per the New York Times, “As employees become more mobile and less tied to their desks, the average amount of space per employee nationwide, in all industries, has dropped to 250 square feet from 400 square feet in 1985, according to Jones Lang LaSalle, a commercial brokerage and property manager. Within 10 years, that is expected to drop further, to 150 square feet.”
To reduce the amount of space per person, walls have come down - hard walls AND cubicle walls - and desks have changed from a stand-alone configuration to desking systems, many of which accommodate more than one person, sometimes ten people in one configuration.
Open desking systems are usually installed without high walls or dividers to allow more ambient light and better air circulation into a workspace, both of which improve productivity.
Lower walls will allow noise to circulate and reduce the privacy quotient, both of which have created challenges. But sound masking systems, integrated private areas and booths have now become part of the open office design plan to counteract these negative aspects.
One of the best caveats with open plan desking remains increased collaboration. Without the barriers of walls or closed office doors, it becomes easier for supervisors to respond to problems. Managers can walk around the open-plan office and easily communicate with employees to stay in touch with their progress on assignments.
Employees benefit by having easier access to management throughout the workday. If they don’t have to leave their desks to go to the manager’s office, employees may feel more comfortable approaching management in this open-plan format.

Advantage of Open Office workstation System

Efficient office space planing makes any size office environment more engaging. Open floor plans allow a company to decide how best to group teams to better accomplish goals. As project teams grow, tables can be rearranged, regrouped and separated to fit a myriad of workplace scenarios. Something that would not have been possible with traditional fixed walls.
Good space planning and innovative design are essential for more efficient use of space and better amenities for employees. Companies can be trendier and create better touchdown spaces like cafes and game rooms with relaxing furniture to benefit employees during down time within a flexible office plan.
Many companies has installed open plan desking and workstations in their office scenario. These are the 5 primary reasons why companies like open workspaces:

Promote cooperation and impromptu meetings

Open plan office workstations easily lend themselves to facilitating collaboration between people. In a 6-person dogbone workstation, for example, a person can talk to, meet with and share materials with the people to the left, the right, across and even diagonally across from him or at a neighboring dogbone.

Increased light & air flow around the office

Open plan desking completely changes the feel of your workspace by making it more “open” and contemporary. Because low panels/dividers are often chosen for the these configurations, they do not block ambient light or airflow, giving an airy feel to your office, making it a pleasant place to work. By utilizing clear or translucent glass table top dividers or glass panel inserts (called glass stackers), you can achieve more privacy while still retaining the visual openness you want.
Most offices today are utilizing a combination of open plan and glass privacy spaces. Many studies have been done that show a combination of both closed and open workspaces function best for modern office tasks.

Provide a modern design aesthetic

There is a large movement afoot to get away from the boxed office or cubicle aesthetic. Open plan desking looks and acts nothing like your daddy’s cubicles - they aren’t enclosed and they take on an organic unstructured look that appeals to team-centric office dynamics. They provide the same practical laminate worksurfaces with integrated storage. So you are not giving up any functionality.

Adapt to variable visual & acoustical privacy options

Low dividers for your open plan desking may not be well-suited for people who spend a lot of time on the phone, like telemarketers working in a call center. Higher divider walls will buffer the sound of your neighbors more easily. So take this into account when placing your teams in proximity. You can also request that divider panels be covered in acoustic fabric, designed to muffle sound. Sound masking systems are another great option which can effectively reduce background noise in an open plan workspace.

Variable divider heights control confidentiality

Select dividers relative to the type of work being done. Be aware that low dividers open your work to anyone in the space, making private information visible.
Ease of adjustment to space requirements. Any size office can utilize open plan desking, but good space planning is essential for the best use of space. Some configurations, like dogbones and pods, require more peripheral space and cannot be placed against a wall because they need easy access from all sides.
Minimizes desktop clutter. For a clean streamlined office design, the visible surfaces should remain clear and uncluttered. Mobile pedestals work great in most open plan desking configurations and can be shared with neighboring workers. Higher panels will add a lot of storage, but you will probably defeat your goal of a more open and collaborative environment. So place these carefully. There are options available with higher panels, overhead storage, and open ends to accommodate information sharing.
The choice really comes down to what you feel your employees need to be most productive at their jobs. Dispersing huddle spaces among common storage areas with groups of cabinets and shelving are a good alternatives in open plan environments.

Final thoughts

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