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By Lydia | 04 September 2023 | 0 Comments

Top 4 Benefits of Providing Office Phone Booths at Work

Are you sitting in an open office, surrounded by people working, talking, or answering phone calls? The rattling of keyboards is like the rain on the window. Phones are dinging, buzzing, and vibrating. Co-workers are walking around the office. Are you feeling stressed out and desire some serenity and privacy?    

The Problems with Open Offices 

That's how it feels when working in an open plan office. Without partitioned walls or office doors, people are working at large, shared desks or workstations, shoulders to shoulders, in an open environment. This office layout promises to create a dynamic and open workplace where employees can collaborate, exchange ideas, and establish strong relationships. However, over time, tearing down the walls has proved to be counterproductive. A study has shown that open offices reduce face-to-face interactions by about 70%. The use of email and messaging has increased by over 67%. 

Employees are frustrated by distractions, harder to concentrate in a place filled up with noise, wondering where to go when they want to have private phone calls, meetings, or take a break. Open plan offices have increasingly become a modern cage that kills privacy and productivity. 

employee work burnout

For all that criticism and loathing, open plan layout still won’t die. In such cases, office phone booths have emerged as a remedy to this crisis. They are soundproof, standalone pods designed to create a quiet and private environment for employees to focus, relax, and work productively. A game changer that can help minimize distractions and save employees from burnout.

How Office Phone Booths Can Free You From Open Office Distractions

4 Benefits of Using Office Phone Booths in Your Workplace 

1. Quiet Space in a Noisy World 

One of the most evident issues relating to modern open offices is the increased noise pollution. In this case, soundproof office phone booths provide employees with a quick escape from the noisy office. As the door closes, they can immediately step into a quiet and dedicated space. Employees are free to answer calls, do focused work, or relax. It's the quiet zone where open office noise and distractions can't get in. 

office phone booth
Meet&Co soundproof office phone booths: Create a quiet space to work productively.


2. Make Phone Calls in Private 

Speech privacy is almost non-existent in the open office. It's disturbing to overhear unwanted conversations or feel being overheard. Employees might also find themselves raising their voices when answering the phone, trying to drown out the office noise and speak more clearly. 

Soundproof office phone booths can fix this. The sound insulation comes on both sides. Outside noise is blocked and the conversations inside stay private. People can make private phone calls without worrying about interruptions and noise pollution. 

woman on the phone

3. A Safe, Private Shelter to Take a Break 

Another core issue that privacy office pods can address is the need for personal free space. People in open offices have shown increased anxiety, greater unhappiness, and concentration impairment. The constant stress that stems from the inability to stay focused and lack of privacy is hindering employee well-being and productivity. With phone booths, employees can quickly escape from the bustling open office and get some valuable "me time". From doing some reading, and listening to music to simply sitting in the pods, privacy phone booths allow employees to take a step back and recharge themselves. 

Plus, office pods are often equipped with ergonomic furniture, power options, adjustable ventilation, lighting, and more, creating a fully functional and comfortable environment. Employees can enjoy an elevated personal experience with ease. 

4. Designed for Convenience

As mentioned above, phone booths often feature various functional equipment, allowing employees to set up devices quickly and get to work right away.  Phone booths are also easy to install, move around within the workplace, disassemble, and reassemble again. This offers great flexibility and adaptability to meet different needs and create a personalized experience.

How to Choose an Office Phone Booth 

Here are the top 6 features to look for in an office pod. 

1. Soundproof Technology 
2. Furniture 
3. Ventilation and Lighting 
4. Power Outlets, USB Ports, and Connections 
5. Customization
6. Mobility 

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It's Time to Upgrade Your Work Experience

Models of workplace designs are evolving, and emphasis on employee wellness is on the rise. If you're already working in the open plan office and found the vision it promised may not outweigh lost productivity and lower employee satisfaction, more emphasis needs to be placed on employees' experience and well-being. Adding office phone booths for privacy and focus, investing in ergonomic furniture for better ways to work, and redesigning the office layout and appearance, it's a lot to do, but it's worth it. Ultimately, a balanced and dynamic working environment helps both employees and businesses thrive. 

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