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By Pompey | 23 June 2021 | 0 Comments

The World's Top 10 Office Furniture Brands

How much do you know about the world's top 10 office furniture brands? What kind of existence would be among the top ten global office furniture manufacturers. It's like we can't imagine how much money the Forbes top 10 rich people in the world have. Today, I will introduce to you who are the top ten office furniture brands in the world.
No.1 STEELCASE: Steelcase is undoubtedly a leader in the global office furniture industry. Steelcase is committed to creating an excellent and efficient experience in the work environment. With nearly a hundred years of insight into providing services to leading global companies, the company is equipped with a comprehensive selection of office furniture, products and services, with more than 650 distributors worldwide and a network all over the world. So no matter where you are, Steelcase can give you the best office furniture experience.
No.2 HERMAN MILLER: Herman Miller, founded in the United States at the beginning of the last century, maybe is one of the most famous office furniture company in the world today, and it is also one of the pioneers in promoting the modernization of furniture products. The "Screen Work Position System" pioneered by the company in the 1960s is still widely used around the world today. Almost in the same period, many chairs launched by Herman Miller and Charles and Ray Eames and other famous designers at the time are still considered to be the immortal legends in the history of furniture design.
LAMEX: As a member of the HNI Group, Lamex has opened the door to opportunities for HNI Group's products to enter the world's fastest growing office furniture market in China with its outstanding performance in the Chinese office furniture market for many years; The HNI Group's leading position in the world furniture market, strong capital and technical force also provide a rare opportunity for Lamex's rapid development.
ITOKI: Japan's Itoki high-end office furniture is known for its high-quality design and materials. It has a variety of different types of series. Among them, Spina chair, TACIT and BIO TABLE IV have won multiple awards in Japan's Good Design Awards; A variety of colors, fabrics, and a wide range of styles are free to choose from, which will definitely add a comfortable atmosphere to the office and improve work efficiency.
BAXTER: Baxter embodies "contemporary neoclassicism" in a wonderful way, full of unconventional whims and infinite creativity. Baxter's colors are bright and beautiful, but they won't be arrogant and incomprehensible, yet they can still form a good unity with the surrounding furniture.
VICENTE ZARAGOZA: As a new European top furniture brand, its quality has been favored by the upper class in Europe since its inception, and its European classic style is very popular. Vicente Zaragoza cleverly combines modernist design concepts with classical culture to create a concise and steady neoclassical style, which perfectly presents a European style and ancient charm in a silent place.
FENDICASA: Fendi Casa has inherited Fendi's consistent personality, luxury, and elegant design style. The materials used are eclectic and rich in diversity, from materials that express the romantic flavor of the past and silk texture to warm fur and fabrics. The matching of each other, and the selection of colorful fabrics subtly introduce cutting-edge fashion and front-end style into home furnishing products.
AURORA: With the mission "Shaking the past, Making the present, Shinning the world"! Now "360° attentive service" and the comprehensive strength of the leading industry, Aurora is committed to providing customers with the most professional office environment solutions.
QUAMA: Quama has been committed to low-carbon and healthy environmental protection. Among the top ten office furniture brands in China, Quama is one of the enterprises with the strongest servicing capability and the most complete product range in the domestic furniture industry. At the same time, this is also a number of well-known designated cooperative institutions and experimental bases both at home and abroad.
SUNON: Sunon office furniture is a leader in China's office furniture industry. As a one of the most prominent office furniture manufacturer in the industry, Sunon Office Furniture knows that Chinese manufacturing companies are facing huge competitive pressures and cost pressures, therefore, they have strengthened their core competitiveness by applying digital technology to better provide customer services and customers from all over the world.

Additionally, as a promising brand, Meet&Co is becoming one of the fastest growing office furniture manufacturer in China. We've been strivng to elarge our global market and cooperate with the world's office furniture retailers. Until now, our markets have already distributed in America, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Southen Asia. 


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