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The Ultimate Guide to the Top 15 Chinese Furniture Manufacturers in 2022

Looking for Classy and High-Quality Furniture to Spruce up your Office? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to the Top 15 Chinese Furniture Manufacturers in 2022!
China is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters of office furniture. Driven by the updating production technology and specialized production processes that lead to the production of multiple varieties, the Chinese furniture sector is expanding at a rapid pace. The China office furniture market is segmented by products such as the desk market, file cabinets, office chairs, system furniture, other products, and also offline and online distribution channels. Following China’s entry into the WTO, tariffs on office furniture were lowered, increasing office furniture exports. According to Qianzhan, the office furniture market in China generated over  181 billion yuan in 2017. According to Statista, the revenue for the office furniture segment amounts to $13,468 million USD in 2022. The office furniture market is expected to be worth $89.6 billion USD, with a CAGR of 4.8% between 2020 and 2025. Therefore, the future of the office furniture industry in China is promising.
Annual Sales revenue of office furniture in China (Sourced from Daxue Consulting)
The number of office furniture manufacturers in China from 2011-2017 (Sourced from Qianzhan)
Statistics and growth forecast of the asset scale of China’s office furniture industry from 2011-2018 (Sourced from Qianzhan)
In addition, the popularization of the concept of health among the consumers in China is driving the market of ergonomics chair in the China office furniture market. Chinese consumers are also looking for eco-friendly office furniture designs as the rising awareness towards the environment increases.
Yangtze River Delta Industrial Zone are the main regions in China, accounting for the major market share in the production of Chinese office furniture. The Northeast, Yangtze River Delta, West, Bohai Rim, and Pearl River Delta are China’s the five major industrial zones. Out of these five areas, the Pearl River Delta is the most concentrated and developed area for office furniture. Yangtze River Delta zone is centered on Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. The Yangtze River Delta region is known for swivel chairs and wood furniture. To sum it up, the Northeast industrial district, Yangtze River Delta industrial district, and Pearl Delta industrial district is the most export-oriented, whereas the other two industrial districts focus on the domestic market.
Major production region of China office furniture (Sourced from Mordor Intelligence)
In a contemporary workplace setting, furniture plays an important role in setting the ambiance, providing a safe and relaxing atmosphere and comfort to all office occupants. But, of course, it does not just end with comfort. The impact of furniture on worker productivity and the efficient operation at the workplace is more significant than we believe. It is very natural to feel unfocused at work from time to time. The wrong working environment can be distracting. The right atmosphere can arouse our senses, motivate us, and keep us productive and stay focused. Fret not! Your workspace designs and layouts can be altered by placing furniture from the top office furniture manufacturers we have prepared for you in this ultimate guide!

Top 15 Chinese Office Furniture Manufacturers



Office Workspace with AURORA office furniture (Sourced from AURORA’s Official Website)
Office Workspace with AURORA office furniture (Sourced from AURORA’s Official Website)
The AURORA Group was founded in 1965 in Taiwan, is a well-known trademark in China. The group name means “the sun rising from the east”, whereas AURORA means “dawn’s light”. Before expanding its business scope into office automation equipment, office furniture, communications, 3D printer, office cloud, and electronics, it started off as a distributor of time clocks and Chinese typewriters. It has over 50 years of practical experience and over 1,500 direct and distribution channels across Taiwan and China to provide comprehensive service. It has established its position as the market leader as a result of the efforts.  AURORA has won several awards such as “Renowned Chinese Brand”, “Hi-Tech Enterprise”, and “Top 10 Efficient Company in National Furniture Manufacturing”. Moreover, its furniture won the German iF Design Award, American IDEA International Design Excellence Award, Red Star Award, Red Cotton Award and many more. It is noteworthy that AURORA is the only office future company in the nation with its own steel product factory, woodwork factory, and chair factory, allowing it to meet consumers’ office needs quickly and efficiently.

Just like its tagline, “AURORA, together with you – enjoy a beautiful office life!”, AURORA Group aims to create the ideal working environment.
AURORA’s Office Furniture (Sourced from AURORA Official Website)
By working with talented designers Chi Wing Lo, Toshiyuki Kita, Shuji Seki, Jacob Jensen and many more, AURORA’s office furniture is an excellent match to decorate your office. Since it is a good office furniture supplier, it is a good choice as it caters to medium to high-end customers. In addition, there are several designs available for you to enhance your working environment.

2. Lamex


Lamex Office Workspace (Sourced from Lamex’s Official Website)
Lamex Office Workspace (Sourced from Lamex’s Official Website)
Founded in Hong Kong in 1977, Lamex has been a pioneer in the office furniture market in Greater China and the rest of Asia, delivering quality, value, and service. Lamex has showrooms and sales offices in major markets, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chongqing, with over 40 dealers in China.

Lamex also has an extensive distribution network throughout Asia, including its most recent direct sales office in Singapore. In addition, it operates modern and large manufacturing plants that occupy over 100,000 square meters with product design, manufacturing, and testing facilities. The plant also provides accommodation for warehousing, administrative, and training functions. By having all the operations focused in the same space, Lamex can provide a creative and efficient workspace solution that integrates global design trends with local tastes and preferences.

Lamex’s customers mainly consist of financial systems, telecommunication systems, and well-known funded enterprises, such as large multinational companies, government project bidding and so on.
Lamex’s products for Workspaces (Sourced from Lamex’s Official Website)
Lamex categorizes its office products according to their use under seating, desking, storage, panel, collaborative and accessories.

We recommend Lamex not only because it has a wide array of designs and also a site that is easy to browse and navigate. In addition, Lamex practices environmental stewardship and social responsibility as the core to provide quality assurance and environmental sustanaible product offerings. Environmental management is incorporated in every production process and stage of the product life cycle to reduce the environmental impact, so Lamex offers GREENGUARD certified products.
The environmental and quality certifications cover:
1. GREENGUARD GOLD Certification
2. China Environmental Labelling Product (Shihuan) Certification
3. China Ecolabelling Certification (CQC)
4. ISO 14001 Certification
5. OHSAS180001Certification
6. ISO 14025 Eco-label Certification
7. ISO 9001 Certification

3. Sunon

Sunon’s Homepage (Sourced from Sunon’s Official Website)
Sunon is a renowned workspace solution provider. Sunon has been around for 30 years, creating better places to work by integrating wellbeing into the company’s mission.  It was founded by Mr Ni Liangzheng in a small carpentry workshop in 1991 before transitioning into an international company in Hangzhou, where he now calls it home.  As an expert in the commercial furniture industry, Sunon is constantly looking for innovative and smart ways to improve its products to cater to and meet consumer needs. Sunon offers furniture to offices of several fields, including healthcare, education, government, technology and IT, design, and many more. Its key products consist of office chairs, office sofas, desks, meeting tables and stools. Sunon has worked with over 160+ global fortune clients worldwide, including Google, Coca-Cola, WeWork, Alibaba, Siemens, Huawei, etc. About 80% of Sunon’s sales are generated from domestic sales and 20% from overseas.
Sunon’s Products (Sourced from Sunon’s Official Website)
We recommend Sunon because it focuses on the “smartism” philosophy. It has a variety of designs that suit different preferences and needs, ranging from modern and flexible seating systems, modern aesthetics, and unique designs to stimulate discussions at meetings. Besides, their attractive designs have won many awards, such as the Good Design Award and A’Design Award. Sunon’s furniture is a great addition to your office. Unsure about the layout or lacking ideas? Fret not! Sunon also provides planning solutions that can be found here.

4. Kano.cn


Kano’s Office Furniture (Sourced from Kano’s Official Website)
Kano is one of the leading office furniture manufacturers in Hangzhou, China, with over 200 franchised stores in China, India, Singapore, and Burma. Founded in 2012, Kano is a cutting-edge brand with a worldwide perspective that focuses on R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing& Service of office furniture and is dedicated to offering clients a WHOLE SOLUTION of professional office space. Kano is fully committed to providing designs that meet international standards by gathering global elites for the design team, with the chief designer Claudio Francesco Bellini. Along with stringent product quality management, Kano is committed in providing quality assurance. Its key products include office furniture such as desks and tables, chairs, cabinets, and wall panels. Kano made it into our list because of its clear product positioning and service model that achieved market differentiation. Its products are attractive as it has won several awards and we think they can enhance your office environment.
Kano’s Design Honors (Sourced from Kano’s Official Website)

5. Quama


Quama’s Homepage (Sourced from Quama’s Official Website)
Under the name Quama Furniture, the Quama furniture group was founded in 1993, headquartered in Panyu District. With nearly 30 years of experience in furniture manufacturing and marketing, Quama is committed to becoming the global workspace turn-key solutions provider. Quama has over 2,000 employees and a modern manufacturing facility with a floor area of 10,000 square meters. With a comprehensive equipment set from Germany and Italy, Quama became one of China’s most fast and advanced production lines. Quama manufactures furniture that falls under 6 categories with more than 20 series and thousands of varieties. In addition, Quama implements a nationwide distribution network in more than 30 regions and province capitals, generating high international sales in more than 50 countries and districts. The company’s total revenue exceeds 1 billion RMB.
Quama’s Products for Workspace (Sourced from Quama’s Official Website)
Quama’s Products for Workstations (Sourced from Quama’s Official Website)

Quama is also eco-friendly because it has obtained the China eco-labelling certification, ensuring green materials used in production processes which add value and trust to their brand, especially those who are environmentally conscious. Their specialties include sofas, executive desks, conference tables, cubicle screens, coffee tables and office chairs.
Quama’s International Awards and Certifications (Sourced from Quama’s Official Website)

6. UB


UB’s Official Homepage (Sourced from UB’s Official Website)

UB’s Products (Sourced from UB’s Official Website)
Founded in 1973 in Taiwan, UB is an office environment expert adhering to the concept of “sincerity” as its core management concept and its mission to provide a beautiful office environment for customers with the elements “humanity, space, technology, and efficiency.” UB initially started as an agent and sales agent of U-bix Copier before becoming one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in Southeast Asia. In 1997, UB set up its production base in Kunshan, covering 168,000 square meters. In 1980, UB became the leader of the Taiwan office furniture industry and will expand its business to Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and other major Asian regions in the same year. With market scale growth, UB established UB international headquarters in Hong Kong in 1994, responsible for market development and export business in other parts of the world. In addition, up to now, UB has established 11 branches and more than 50 distributors in China to provide high-quality products and professional goods and services to customers in the huge domestic market. Its main products include office furniture, printing equipment, communication equipment, and other office products.

We recommend UB because its products have received numerous good reviews domestically and abroad, leading to a good reputation and large customer base. In addition, it has established a leading market position for 40 years. Therefore, it has the experience and capability to provide complete product lines, customization and a wide array of choices to cater to customer needs and preferences.

7. Victory


Victory’s Homepage (Sourced from Victory’s Official Website)
Founded in 1990 in Guangzhou, China, Victory is a large professional office furniture enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services, committed to supplying high-quality, long-lasting, and well-designed furniture to its customers. Victory provides full solutions for working environments for a wide range of customers, including state-own banks, IT giants, automobile dealers, and start-ups. So far, it has won more than 80 domestic awards and more than 100 patents. In addition, it has obtained certifications such as BIFMA, ISO 9001, ISO14001, ensuring strict regulation and management to conduct green manufacturing processes. Its key products include desk or benching, storage, administrative space, seating, conference or training, panel, and collaborative space. It currently exports to over 70 countries and has gained a broad customer base.

Victory’s Products (Sourced from Victory’s Official Website)
Victory’s Company Qualifications (Sourced from Victory’s Official Website)
We recommend Victory because they offer unique design concepts by integrating multiple concepts of colors, hues, and textures. Besides, they use innovative materials such as wood, metal, cashmere and grass. Therefore, consumers can have a wide variety of options to choose from. Like its name, adding its furniture can be a win for you, as you will achieve a sense of achievement and increased satisfaction upon seeing a great and improved working environment.


 POSH’s Official Homepage (Sourced from POSH’s Official Website)

POSH Office Systems (HK) Ltd. is a leading provider of furniture solutions, manufacturing system furniture, free standing tables, files, storage, and office seating throughout Asia Pacific regions. Founded in 1992, it was acquired by Herman Miller in 2012.  Sharing Herman Miller’s commitment to the environment, POSH’s office furniture solution is GreenTag approved and received LEED and GECA certifications. In addition, it has been acknowledged by the Business Environment Council with the Eco-Business Award. Its manufacturing plant is ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified. As the renowned leader in the Hong Kong design industry, POSH has won numerous design awards, including Hong Kong Top Brand Awards and Best Office furniture Brand Hong Kong by CAPITAL Magazine. POSH’s specialties include office furniture, workspace and workstations.
POSH’s Products (Sourced from POSH’s Official Wesbsite)
We recommend POSH because it goes beyond selling furniture. POSH utilizes the expertise of its solid understanding of workplace design and space optimization. Its team is always ready to help you by providing recommendations after evaluating your workspace. Besides, it has an exceptional logistics management team that delivers on time and budget as it has its own fully operational warehouse and delivery vehicles. There is no need to worry when you have relocate, renovate or rearrange your workspace because POSH is your key to a better space setup that helps you to achieve your workplace goals.



LOGIC’s Official Homepage (Sourced from LOGIC’s Official Website)
LOGIC’s Products (Sourced from LOGIC’s Official Website) 

Founded in 1987, CRCLOGIC has become one of the largest office furniture and cabinets suppliers in China with a large sales network throughout the country and Southeast Asia. With 33 years of experience in the industry, CRCLOGIC is fully committed to using technology to transform the working environment and deliver a high level of work experience, aligning to its motto, “Enabling space to experience beauty.”  Its key products include workstations, desks, chairs, sofas, and meeting tables. It has received several certifications, qualifications, and awards that can be found here. We recommend CRCLOGIC because its furniture is simple but high-quality and aesthetically pleasing, and it can increase space and organizational efficiency.

10. Meet&Co

Meet&Co Office Furniture, based in Guangzhou, China, has been one of the leading furniture manufactures in providing world-class service and production of office furniture for 12 years, aiming to create an efficient and comfortable office environment. Its main products include office desks, office chairs, office sofa, school furniture, office workstation, ergonomic chairs, standing desks, filling cabinets, office trading desks and chairs, and so on. Besides, it has obtained several certifications such as ISO9001, CEC certification, green supply chain certification and many more that provides quality assurance and green manufacturing processes. Moreover, having an excellent design team and engineering quality warranty, Meet&Co’s furniture are known for providing a homely and organic feel with durability.
 Meet&Co’s Company Certifications (Sourced from Meet&Co’s Official Website)
Meet&Co’s Products (Sourced from Meet&Co’s Official website)

We recommend Meet&Co because it offers unique furniture design, superior service, strict quality control, and reasonable prices. The website is easy to navigate and provides a wide variety of stylish and affordable furniture with pictures and details so consumers can purchase the furniture according to their needs and preferences. In addition, customers can ask the professionals to tailor specific office furniture to their choice while staying within their budget.



SAOSEN’s Official Homepage (Sourced from SAOSEN’s Official Website)
SAOSEN’s Products (Sourced from SAOSEN’s Official Website)
SAOSEN was established in 1996, and it is well-known for its wood veneer coating and workmanship. It has cooperated with Italian furniture designer Lino Codato, achieving several design awards. SAOSEN was known to be the first company in Asia to introduce the latest green technology, power coating on MDF. Its manufacturing base is located in Dongguan, China, covering 150,000 square meters. SAOSEN offers office furniture including desks, tables, and seating. Its featured products include conference and meeting tables, fashion sofas, manager desks, executive tables and desks.

We recommend SAOSEN because it is renowned for its wood veneer coating, and it can give a fresh and modern look to your office. Besides, SAOSEN are actively involved in many projects, designing for spaces in finance, commercial, IT, and education sectors, providing quality assurance.

12. Rainbow Hong Qiao

Rainbow Hong Qiao’s Homepage (Sourced from Rainbow Hong Qiao’s Official Website)
Founded in 1998 in Guangzhou, Rainbow Hong Qiao is one of the leading manufacturers in Asia specializing in providing metal seating for workplaces.  Rainbow Hong Qiao has 1,200 employees, and all products are systematically manufactured in 3,000,000 square feet production bases, and the capacity exceeds 100,000 chairs per month. It has shipped over 10,000,000 pieces of chairs to 136 countries all over the world. Furthermore, its products have been tested and meet the following standards:
ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 (Durability & Safety – Office Seating)
ANSI/BIFMA X5.4 (Durability & Safety – Beam Seating)
ASTM D3597 (Fabric durability)
CAL 117 (Fire retardancy of foam and fabric)
CAL 133 (Full-scale burn test)
Rainbow Hong Qiao’s Products (Sourced from Rainbow Hong Qiao’s Official Website)
We recommend Rainbow Hong Qiao because it offers a wide variety of seating and offers customization to meet customer needs. Its standard product warranty is 10 years and can be extended without limit. Like its mission, it strives to improve its performance to provide superior seating solutions that customers can trust.



ONLEAD’s Homepage (Sourced from ONLEAD’s Official Website)
ONLEAD’s Products (Sourced from ONLEAD’s Official Website)
ONLEAD is founded in 1996. It is China’s first professional modern office furniture manufacturer. As the leading brand for more than 20 years, it has established a strong position in the office furniture industry and has been rated as the top ten leading brands of office furniture in China. Its Southern production base, Guangzhou Olin Industrial Park, has a construction area of 80,000 square meters based on lean modern production. Its full range of products covers office furniture such as administrative desk group, staff workbench, chair sofa, conference negotiation, public leisure, etc. 

They have received awards and passed several certifications that can be found here.

ONLEAD furniture is targeted towards high-end customers. We recommend it to those who are looking for high-end office furniture. It is worth the price. Sourcing high-quality materials globally and implementing German-style industrialized design using advanced manufacturing equipment from Germany, Japan, and other countries, guarantees high-quality and well-design furniture that meets international standards.

14. Kinwai


Kinwai’s Homepage (Sourced from Kinwai’s Official Website)
Kinwai’s Products (Sourced from Kinwai’s Official Website)
Established in 1993, Kinwai is a professional home and office furniture manufacturer that has cooperated with clients for many years. For over 25 years, Kinwai has been committed to creating better living spaces for people, including construction industry, home furniture, and commercial furniture. Kinwai’s production base can be found in Jiangmen, Guangdong, which covers 500,000 square meters for flat planet furniture and upholstered furniture. It has obtained certifications for its quality management system and environmental-friendly manufacturing processes. With the latest manufacturing equipment from Germany, Italy, and America, it guarantees world-class quality and exquisite output. In addition, Kinwai has won the "Chinese environment mark, product carbon footprint logo, famous trademarks of Guangdong province, the international ISO14001 environment system certification, ISO9001 international quality management system certification, quality and safety of China's export model enterprise and other honorary titles. Kinwai creates human-oriented furniture and achieves the perfect combination of living space and art by combining the core principle of human orientation with ergonomic designs, environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing technology, practical human orientation experiences, and excellent after-sale services.
We recommend Kinwai for those who seek a warm and comfortable home office environment. Its furniture is well-designed and crafted with beautiful wood finishing that can improve the atmosphere.

15. UE


UE’s Homepage (Sourced from UE’s Official Website)
UE’s Products (Sourced from UE’s Official Website)
Founded in 2001, UE is one of the largest chair suppliers based in Anji county of Zhejiang province. It mainly offers office chairs, massage chairs, sofa, and functional chair fittings. The company now has a registered capital of RMB 100 million yuan, over 2000 employees, and three major manufacturing bases after ten years of rapid and stable growth. It is roughly 140000 m2 in size, with a building area of 178000 m2. The company has applied 145 patents, including 7 patents for invention, nearly 60 patents for the new utility model, and 78 design patents, which are all authorized. It has also won several prizes such as Best Function Award, Design Award, and Best Manufacture Award in the previous years. All of the awards and certifications can be found here.

We recommend UE’s office chairs because it is constantly developing healthy chairs that provide comfort and lower back pains of employees during long working hours. It also offers many product series, and the design features and functional characteristics are described in detail upon clicking the product image.


With the change of work style in the general environment, people's demand for office furniture has gone beyond the basic consideration of simple firmness and durability to the function closer to users, such as functionality, comfort, aesthetics, etc. People’s needs vary. Therefore, we have provided the top 15 Chinese furniture manufacturers that we think are good. The companies listed above are solely based on our opinions and research conducted. Please feel free to use it as your reference. We hope that you find this guide useful!

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