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Streamline Your Productivity With Teacher Desks

Teachers need a place to consolidate paperwork, stay organized and keep supplies within reach. They also need a chair for comfort while they work.

teacher desks

This teacher desk has plenty of storage space, including lockable drawers. Plus, it has a natural look that complements other classroom furniture. This is a great option for any teacher looking to save money on new desks.


Streamline your productivity with a new teacher desk that's efficient and convenient. Nothing hinders teachers more than a desk that's too small, doesn't have enough storage space or is simply disorganized.

Luckily, there are plenty of teachers' desk options to choose from that offer ample surface space for a computer monitor and keyboard, along with room for supplies. Many also have extra drawers and other storage areas built in to make the most of limited space. If you find yourself cluttered with papers and projects, a teacher's desk that has a cubby or shelving may be a good solution for you.

Another option is a portable teacher's desk that can move with you. This type of desk has casters, so it glides on one side and locks into place on the other. This allows you to easily maneuver the desk around the classroom, even into a corner or in front of a projector. Plus, if you have a laptop and need to take it with you while working, this is an easy way to do so without worrying about leaving your desk behind.

Some educators prefer to eliminate the teacher's desk altogether and let students do more of the work. But it's important to remember that kids still need direction from their teachers. And while helping them learn to work independently is a good thing, children need to know that their teachers are in control. That's why some teachers continue to use a desk as their personal base camp.

A teacher's desk that can also serve as a podium is ideal for schools looking to create a more collaborative learning environment. Some models have a unique podium that lifts and lowers, enabling left or right-handed teachers to present from anywhere in the room. Plus, there are several other ergonomic features that set these teacher desks apart from the competition.

Another type of teacher desk that can serve as a stand-up podium is the sit-to-stand style, which supports the natural movement of the body while working. This helps keep students alert and attentive while studying, and it also promotes better blood circulation. This increases cognitive ability, which can help students think more clearly and solve complex problems. As obesity rates continue to rise, school districts are looking for any way possible to help children stay healthy and active during their school days.


The mere mention of teacher desks may evoke images of worn-out wooden behemoths, but today’s classroom furniture offers designs that support flexible classrooms while meeting teachers’ practical needs. In fact, some teachers still find that having their own personal desk makes them better and more productive instructors.

As an educator, your desk is a hub for storing teaching materials, student projects and the piles of papers awaiting grading or the agenda for the next committee meeting. It’s also a convenient place for your computer, stapler and paperclips. It’s easy to let your desk become a catch-all for everything that needs done, but if you use it well, it can be an effective tool to stay organized and on task.

Many teachers like to use their teacher desk to pause, have lunch and check email throughout the day. Even with flexible classrooms that expect teachers to roam the room, having a teacher workstation provides an area for teachers to refocus their energy on students when needed.

The layout of your classroom will determine how you conduct lessons and manage class behavior, so it’s important to have the right desk configuration. Teachers who instruct discussion-heavy classes such as art, literature or writing will find U-shaped teacher desks especially helpful, as the desks form a horseshoe shape around a central area in the classroom where everyone can see and participate in discussions.

Another popular choice is the single or double pedestal desk. One of the oldest designs, this style of teacher desk includes a pedestal of drawers and cabinets along one side of the desk so that teaching materials and graded schoolwork are within reach. With a 30”x60” desktop available in several shades, this style of teacher desk can complement any classroom décor.


As schools strive to create flexible learning spaces, many teachers find that they must also adjust the way they work. For example, some educators may choose to move away from desks altogether. However, the majority of teachers require a space to store teaching materials and personal electronics. Fortunately, educational furniture designers have designed teacher desks that are as flexible as the learning environments they support.

One example is the Educate teacher desk, which allows students to sit, stand or lean. It also features an acoustic panel to control noise, and the tabletop tilts to help teachers focus on their students. This is a great option for classrooms that use laptops and tablets for instruction as well as traditional desktop computers.

Another type of flexible teaching desk is the l-shaped standing desk that fits neatly in the corner of any room. The desk has a large surface area for keeping technology on and can be adjusted to a comfortable height with just the press of a button. Additionally, this model has a unique design that allows teachers to easily reach their tech without straining.

Pedestal or double pedestal desks are more traditional teacher desk styles that feature a single or multiple rows of storage cabinets along the sides of the desktop. These are perfect for storing teaching materials, school supplies and graded student work. Some of these models also have a hutch to add extra storage and organization to the desk. For a more professional look, there are even some double-pedestal designs that have drawers that lock for security and safety.

With childhood obesity on the rise, schools are eager to encourage kids to move more during their school day. As a result, some teachers are purchasing or scouring thrift shops for rocking chairs and mats to allow their students to stretch out and relax at the desk. This is a great solution for fidgety students who struggle to concentrate and can use the movement to exert excess energy instead of acting out during class. Additionally, students who feel more centered are typically better equipped to process information and stay on task.


Teachers are busy and often have a lot of responsibilities to keep track of. A teacher desk provides a convenient, organized place for storing files and materials. It can also serve as a space to write lesson plans, brainstorm ideas and check emails. Without a classroom desk, it may be harder to organize these important items and can lead to lost homework or extra time spent looking for things.

Teachers also use their desks for grading papers and meeting with students throughout the day. Using a student table might work for higher-level classes, but a teacher desk-chair combo allows for a comfortable pause to grade or review lessons and is an ideal place to open a laptop for checking email.

Many teacher desks have lockable storage draws for securing personal items such as wallets, phones and keys. It is essential for teachers to have a place to store these items because they are constantly on the move in their classrooms. Not all classrooms have closets that can be locked or even a teacher’s lounge, so having a convenient place to store these items is crucial.

A teachers desk is the classroom’s command center and often the first thing a parent or colleague sees when entering the room. A clean, organized teacher desk looks professional and can help to optimize the productivity of a classroom. A cluttered teacher desk can be distracting, make it difficult to find materials and even cause back or neck pain if it is not ergonomically designed.

Regardless of the type of classroom furniture a teacher chooses, having a comfortable, durable desk that can meet the demands of their job is key to success. By choosing a high-quality teacher desk, educators can improve their teaching and support their students in achieving academic success. AOKE’s selection of ergonomic teacher desks includes double and single pedestal styles that feature lockable drawers for secure storage. Each model is designed to accommodate a variety of classroom styles and includes a variety of ergonomic features to keep teachers comfortable for long periods of time.

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