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By Pompey | 18 December 2021 | 0 Comments

School Chairs Buying Guide

Having the right school chair in a learning environment has been proved to have many benefits to students by researchers. Good school chairs will improve students postures, increase attention levels, add comfort, strengthen memory, and reduce fatigue.
When selecting school chairs, you’ll need to pay attention to several factors. To help educators find better options for their students, Meet&Co Office Furniture has created this comprehensive school chairs buying guide to help you making a smart decision.

School Chairs

School chairs are usually featured with a variety of sizes, materials, and styles to suit students in elementary school, middle and high schools, universities, as well as other educational purposes using school chairs. These products are typically made to be durable enough for daily use to withstand abuse from students.
When you shop for school chairs, keep in mind that students spend approximately 80% of their day sitting from preschool until high school. Therefore, the school chairs will get heavy use.

School Chairs Seat Height By Ages and Grade Levels

School chairs seat height also refer to the chairs sizes. There are several stages for the height of school chairs according to students’ ages and grade levels.
1. Three and four years old: school chairs seat should be about 12" tall.
2. Kindergartners: about half need the same size as younger children and the other half need a chair seat 14 inches tall.
3. First-graders and half of second-graders: the same chairs sizes as the larger kindergartners
4. The other half of the second graders, all third graders, and most fourth graders: need seat height 16 inches tall.
5. The rest of the fourth-graders and older: school chair seat height should be 18 inches tall.
You can have a clear understanding by using this school chairs size chart below so that you can quickly determine the appropriate seat height for each age and grade level.
School chairs seat height by age and grade level

Tips to Consider When Buying School Chairs

1. We recommend ordering the size chair that will fit at least 75% of your students.
2. When in doubt, order the larger size in the suggested range.
3. Be sure to leave a 10 to 12-inch gap between the seat and the desk or tabletop.
4. For students that require a custom school chair fit, measure from the bend of the knee to the floor and select the seat height that is closest to this measurement.
5. School chairs with nylon glides help protect floor surfaces and make moving the chair easy.
6. Choose smooth chair backs for easy cleaning or backs with handles for easier mobility.

School Chairs Types


Four-Leg Base

The traditional school chairs usually feature four-leg frames to work well in classrooms with hard floors, with nylon or plastic glides on the bottom of the legs, so as to prevent floor damage and minimize distracting noises.

Casters Base

These type of chairs on wheels are ideal for students and teachers in higher grades and special needs students. They are usually made for computer labs or art rooms, where more mobility is needed.


Chairs that can move easily on carpet are belong to sled-base school chairs. Sleds that have the left and right sides are each supported by one continuous piece of steel that can prevent tipping, giving students more mobility on carpeted surfaces.

Cantilever Base

Chairs that feature an L-shape base are cantilever base school chairs. Cantilever chairs have sturdy base while remaining lightweight and comfortable. A cantilever base features a modern and attractive design, which promote active learning for students in classroom.

Active Stools

Nowadays, active stools are becoming increasingly popular in modern classroom. They are designed to wobble and swivel to help students have the ability of movement while siting by rocking in any directions, as well as managing their energy and remaining focused through active seating. Students can actively engage with their surroundings simply by pivoting while sitting thanks to the wobble and swivel design of the stools.

Wooden School Chairs

Solid wood chairs are one of the most classic styles of school chairs. Wood schools chairs usually very sturdy, and weight a bit more than plastic chairs.

Combo Desks School Chairs

Characterized by a seating attached to a small square desk with an opening on one side for students to enter and exit, a combination desk is designed for convenience and classroom organization. Combo desks are well suited for seminar style classrooms considering economic options.

Soft Seating

Easy to carry and store, upholstered seats offer a comfortable environment for active learning and collaborative spaces, which are usually widely used in early education classrooms and common spaces.

School Chairs Materials

School Chairs Frame

A majority of school chairs feature a metal frame made of steel and solid seat and backrest pieces, which can be coated in chrome or powder for aesthetic preferences. Wood and plastic are other two common materials used for frames.

School Chair Metal Coatings

Chrome and powder coat is the two most common types of metal coatings for school chairs. Aesthetic is one of the most common reason that school chairs have metal coating. The chair will look more finished with a metal coating. However, function is the more significant reason for school chairs to have a metal coating as it can help protect a chair from scratches and other damages. Additionally, powder coat finishes are usually available in a variety of colors.


School chairs are assembled with hidden of concealed rivets to join two or more pieces together for safety and comfort. Traditional school chairs would have the rivet or bolt heads exposed on the surface of the seat and backrest, while more modern construction will cover or conceal rivets for aesthetics and security preference.

Other Features for School Chairs



Most classroom chairs stack for easy storage and transport and offer a built-in handle in the backrest, or in another easily accessible location for convenient lifting and moving.


The adjustability of is another important measurement while choosing school chairs. With pneumatic lifts or other mechanism, school chair’s height adjustability help accommodate a wide range of users.


Whether a school chair is comfort or not directly determine the efficiency or activity of a student in class. A comfortable school chair relieve pressure on the legs and improve circulation for greater comfort and focus.

Chair & Desk Sets

Many school chairs manufacturers offer school desks and chairs set, often at prices below that when purchased separately, to simplify design and functionality of the classroom.
If you need to purchase a large quantity or customized order of school chairs, feel free to contact Meet&Co, we’re one of the best school chairs manufacturers on the market, we have a wide range of school chairs collections for you to choose.  

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