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Pros and Cons of a Mesh Computer Chair

A mesh computer chair is a great option for people who get hot in their chairs and need a breathable seat. These chairs also have a sleek design that looks good in any office space.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a mesh task chair. First, the mesh can be difficult to clean. It can trap small materials like metal shavings, sawdust and chunks of plastic.

1. Comfort

Choosing a mesh chair with a comfortable seat and back is important. The material should be soft on the skin and able to flex to conform to the user’s weight and shape. It should also be easy to clean and wick moisture away from the body. The open structure of mesh also allows air to flow freely so the person sitting in the chair will not get hot or sweaty easily compared to leather or fabric chairs.

Some people find that the open mesh on some mesh chairs can feel abrasive and may leave marks on their clothing after prolonged use. The solution to this is simple; simply place a piece of cloth or foam over the area that is irritating.

Most of the time, mesh seats are padded with either a breathable material or foam padding. The padded seats on most of these chairs spill over the chair frame so the user will not be in direct contact with it when they sit. This eliminates a lot of the discomfort that some users experience on these type of chairs.

There are some high-end mesh chairs like the iOO Vera that combines both the abrasive feeling of the open mesh with the comfort of a padded seat. This is a great option for those who are looking for a mesh chair that is more comfortable than a standard office chair.

The other issue that some users face is the pronounced frame that is present on some of these chairs. This is a big problem for most of the time because it means that when you sit on the chair the majority of the pressure will be focused on the tailbone and not evenly distributed across the seat. A way to avoid this is by buying a chair that has a curved design for the seat and back so that the majority of the stress will be on the lower portion of the seat.

2. Design

Like all popular items, mesh chairs have their pros and cons. The most common advantage of a mesh chair is its breathability which allows your body to cool off when you're sitting in the seat for long periods of time. Many people tend to sweat in traditional upholstered task chairs that trap body heat, and this can make the chair uncomfortable after an extended period of time.

Mesh chairs are also lightweight compared to their fabric and leather counterparts which makes them easier to move around the office. If you need to clean up a spill on your seat, it's much simpler with a mesh chair since the spill will not soak through the upholstery but rather the cloth.

However, a big downside to mesh task chairs is that they can feel hard on the body when seated. This is because a soft mesh will stretch and contract to different degrees depending on how the chair is used over the course of an entire workday. This flexing can cause the majority of pressure to be placed on one spot in the seat, which can lead to discomfort, numbness or pain.

The lack of padding on a mesh seat can also be a problem for some users. This is because without the cushion of foam, the user's legs, butt or back may come into direct contact with the seat frame. This can be a particularly discomfort issue for users that are overweight or who have poor circulation in their legs.

Another potential drawback of a mesh chair is that the materials can stretch and lose their shape over time, which could lead to the mesh sagging. This is especially true if the chair is a lower-end model with soft or flexible mesh. Firmer mesh, on the other hand, will hold its shape better and last longer than softer versions.

3. Durability

While mesh chairs look sleek and modern, they don’t always provide the same level of durability as other chair materials. The thin fabric can become saggy and lose its strength over time, and the lack of foam cushioning may feel uncomfortable to sit in for long periods. Additionally, the squeaky feel of a mesh chair can get old fast and be a distraction for others working in the office.

A mesh chair isn’t a good choice for an industrial or manufacturing office environment as the fabric can easily be punctured by sharp tools. The tiny holes in the fabric are also a safety hazard as they could be jammed by small wood pieces or screws used to construct products and potentially injure someone sitting in the chair.

The minimal construction of a mesh chair also means that cleaning options are limited. The chair’s fabric can be dusted with a vacuum cleaner but it is not as easy to clean as chairs that have been upholstered in vinyl or leather. Attempting to use paper products like napkins, toilet paper or paper towels is risky as the friction of scrubbing against the mesh can make it fray or tear. Using water or other liquids can be even more damaging as the moisture can seep through the mesh and cause mold and mildew.

Another downside of the mesh design is that it limits the options one has when choosing a color and style for the chair. Many mesh chairs only come in black or grey and don’t offer the ability to customize a chair to fit a room design or make a statement. This can be frustrating for office managers who want to create a cohesive look that is consistent throughout the entire office.

4. Adjustability

Despite their popularity, not all mesh task chairs are comfortable for all users. Some may have a harder frame that doesn't provide as much give, and the lack of a foam cushion means that your body weight will be placed on the chair's backside instead of evenly across the seat. This can lead to pain, numbness or discomfort after long periods of sitting. Additionally, a hard seat membrane can also be uncomfortable as it can be abrasive to skin and clothing.

This problem can be resolved by choosing a chair with a padded seat or an open mesh seat. The Diffrient Smart and World chairs are good examples of these types of chairs. These models have a soft, flexible seat that is able to conform to the body and offer good back support. They are also highly adjustable to suit different user heights.

Some lower quality mesh has a tendency to lose its elasticity over time, which can cause the seat to become uncomfortable after prolonged use. This is because the mesh will not stretch in the same way that it does when new, and this can cause the body's pressure to be concentrated on one spot, which isn't great for your back.

The Liberty chair is another example of a mesh chair with a padded seat that offers a high level of adjustability to help prevent these problems. It has a weight sensitive recline that follows the movement of your back to keep it in an ergonomic position, as well as other adjustments for the seat and arms. It's also available in a black finish to match your other office furniture. It is not the most stylish option, but it is comfortable and well designed.

5. Weight Capacity

A high weight capacity can be a deciding factor for many people who are looking for a good mesh chair to use in an office. Most manufacturers will specify the maximum load they are able to support, and this will help filter out those chairs that may not be suitable for heavier users.

Another thing to consider when shopping for a mesh chair is how much wear and tear it can take. This can be an important factor to consider especially for those who will be using the chair regularly or in a demanding workplace environment.

Some mesh chairs will be softer and more comfortable than others. This is usually due to the type of mesh used in the chair. A higher quality mesh will have soft fibers woven into it, making it more comfortable on the skin and less abrasive to clothes. On the other hand, lower quality mesh will have coarse fibers and can be abrasive to clothing, skin and other materials.

Many of the best mesh computer chairs will have a soft padded seat that is upholstered in fabric, vinyl or leather. This will make the chair feel very different from other mesh office chairs that have an open mesh seat that is pulled across the frame of the chair.

Some mesh chairs will also be available with a hard padded seat. This will create a more solid and structured feeling for the chair, but it can also be harder to clean. The hard padded seats will trap dirt, dust and food particles in between the foam of the seat and the mesh. This can cause the mesh to lose elasticity and will lead to uncomfortable sitting.

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