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By Juno | 16 December 2020 | 0 Comments

Office Furniture

Office Furniture

When someone says office furniture, they are usually referring to the furniture and equipment found inside of an office building. Office furniture can mean anything that doesn't require installation with integral component pieces and is free standing. Common examples are chairs, desks, computer tables, office chairs, file cabinets, desks, lounges, and lounge seating.


There are several main classifications of office furniture according to how it is setup. The most common setup for office furniture is with a receptionist and a secretary in the same room. Another setup that is very common is one to three staff members on a desk in a small office. There are also other setups such as one to two staffs on small or L-shaped desks, one to three staffs on U shaped desks, or one to two staffs on corner desks.


Office space planning is the process of determining how much office furniture and office supply the business requires. There are many factors to consider when planning this including the number of employees, floor space, square footage, and the expected usage of each piece. Some of the main factors considered are functionality, cost, aesthetics, and reliability. The most important factor in office furniture is efficiency. An office space that has high efficiency and is easy to manage will receive higher marks from management and employees alike.


There are several main types of office furniture depending on their function. Executive office furniture includes many items such as executive desks, conference tables, office chairs with arms, desks with desks, and executive chairs with backs. The most popular style of executive office furniture is contemporary. Most contemporary styles are black in color.


Another type of office furniture often found in the executive suite are executive chairs. This style usually includes executive desks, side chairs, and foot rests. Although it is common to see black chairs and desks, the most popular color is white. White chairs last longer because white stands out better than other colors.


When purchasing new office furniture for a business, it is wise to purchase the items in sets. Buying individual chairs and desks for each employee can be very expensive. By purchasing these items in sets, individuals can ensure that all of their furniture is of the same quality. Sets allow individuals to mix and match styles and colors, allowing them to save money on their office furniture. If an individual wants to save money, they should also consider leasing their furniture during the beginning of the business's life span.

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