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Office Furniture Manufacturers

Office Furniture Manufacturers

If you're looking for an office furniture manufacturer, you've come to the right place. Here, we'll discuss the many companies and brands available. Read on to learn about Teknion, Herman Miller, Knoll Inc., and HNI Corp., and get inspired to shop for the best office furniture for your company. You can find a new place to work in no time! Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.


Teknion is a Canadian manufacturer of commercial and contract furniture. It is a part of the Global Furniture Group, which was founded by Saul Feldberg in Toronto in 1966 with the goal of making high-quality office furniture affordable for any organization. Today, Teknion is owned by Joel Feldberg, a member of the Feldberg family. This article will focus on why Teknion is a good choice for your business.

Teknion offers an extensive line of commercial and office furniture. From executive suites to boardrooms, the manufacturer offers an extensive line of furniture and systems. They also provide office interior design services to clients and resellers, allowing them to create their own workspaces. In addition to their office furniture, Teknion designs and manufactures a variety of furniture systems to enhance the look of any corporate environment.

Teknion is a leading international furniture manufacturer and designer. The company's corporate headquarters are in Toronto, Canada, while its European headquarters are in London. It has manufacturing facilities, showrooms and offices in Europe, North America, Asia, and North America. The company has a global reach, spanning five continents and three million square feet. The company has offices in Canada, Europe, and the U.S.

While Teknion's products have an international reputation, the company's roots go back to the early 1980s, when Saul Feldberg saw an opportunity to work with the growing technology industry in Silicon Valley. In fact, his son, David, joined the company in 1983 and became the company's president in 1994. Saul Feldberg's vision of a sustainable company became reality within a decade.

Herman Miller

As one of the largest manufacturers of office furniture, Herman Miller, Inc., continues to expand its business with new products, employees and new sites worldwide. The company opened the MarketPlace in 2002 near its headquarters in Zeeland, Michigan, known for its open design and environmentally conscious building practices. The company opened two new factories in China in 2007 and a national headquarters in Shanghai in 2012. Herman Miller's global reach has increased to over 40 countries and the company's net sales are up 18 percent from their peak in 2002.

In the 1970s, Herman Miller began working with famous designers to develop innovative and high-quality office furniture. The first design director was George Nelson, who created the Herman Miller logo and assembled the company's midcentury dream team. Nelson's innovative ideas included the five points of good design and the sporty logo. In addition, he was a major contributor to the company's growth and success. In fact, he helped create many of the company's most famous office products, including the iconic Herman Miller chair.

The company's history dates back to 1927. The company's history can be traced back to the founding of the Michigan Star Company. In 1923, Herman Miller purchased the majority of the shares and transformed it into the Herman Miller Furniture Company. As the company expanded, it continued to struggle through the Great Depression. The company began to market its traditional home furniture to Sears, Roebuck and Co. In 1933, Herman Miller was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Action Office I was a freestanding unit with cast aluminum legs and frames. It was an important step towards ergonomic improvement in the workplace. The company also launched the Action Office II in 1968, which suspended work surfaces from open plan panels. This design was revolutionary and reshaped the office furniture industry. Ultimately, the company continued to develop and market various types of furniture for the home. Some of its best known products include lounge chairs, storage units, and table-top systems.

Knoll Inc.

The American design company Knoll Inc. produces office systems, furniture, textiles, desks, and seating. The company also produces storage, file cabinets, and seating. Most of their designs can be used in homes or offices. They are also well known for their iconic chairs. Read on to learn more about Knoll's designs and how you can get them for your home or office. These iconic products are available at a wide variety of prices.

Founded in 1938, Knoll Inc. produces high-end office furniture and furnishings. Some of their brands include Knoll Office, Holly Hunt, Edelman Leather, and DatesWeiser. The company is known for its commitment to modern design and innovation, and it helps its clients create work environments that inspire productivity. Additionally, Knoll has high environmental standards and has implemented a comprehensive Environmental, Health & Safety Management Plan. The company also offers customizable office furnishings and textiles.

After the purchase, Cogan announced that he would step down as chairman and CEO of Knoll. After all, he had already sold Knoll shares at a price of $16 per share in 1983. The company went on to lose more than half of its cash flow in 1985. Cogan fired Swid, who wanted to focus on existing operations. As Knoll's CEO, Cogan wanted to focus on expanding the company.

In addition to their innovative designs, Knoll has an impressive track record of collaborations with leading contemporary designers. They have active partnerships with Antenna Design, Formway Design, David Adjaye, and Rem Koohaas. They have also won a number of awards and honors. It's no surprise that Knoll, Inc. is a leader in the modern design world. There are several awards that recognize the company for its contributions to modern and contemporary design.

HNI Corp.

HNI Corp. is a US office furniture company that started in 1944. Its portfolio includes Paoli, Maxon, and Allsteel. Despite the company's relatively low price tag, the company's products are still quite expensive. It also relies heavily on aluminum and steel, which have soared in price this summer. However, the company's executives are predicting slightly higher profits for the company next year.

The company produces furniture for office spaces and houses, as well as hearth products for homes and offices. It operates through two segments: commercial and home office furnishings, as well as tables, storage, and architectural products. HNI sells its products directly to consumers and through independent dealers. The company also has operations in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Canada. HNI Corporation's products can be found in office buildings across the globe. To learn more about the company's products and services, read on!

The company changed its name in 2004 to HNI Corporation, with the original name, HON Industries. This new name clarified the corporation's relationships with other operating companies and affirmed its commitment to its corporate vision. In addition to providing quality products, the company also had a strong culture of corporate citizenship and a positive reputation among its employees. For these reasons, HNI Corp. was an excellent choice for a name change. You can also expect a new name in the near future.

The company is notorious for having a difficult time hiring enough workers to produce its furniture. Additionally, many of its workers have been tested positive for the chemical COVID-19. However, HNI is best known for its office furniture division, which sells under the name Allsteel and The Hon Company. Despite being an office furniture manufacturer, HNI also has a home furnishing division, making fireplace inserts and chairs. However, its products are widely sold through dealers, wholesalers, and retail superstores, as well as federal and state governments.

Meet&Co Office Furniture

One of the leading manufacturers of office furniture in China, Meet&Co Office Furniture Co. Ltd, offers a variety of high-quality, durable office furniture. The company's website is easy to navigate, and pictures of each model are well-explained. The company's products are renowned for being durable and offering a high price-performance ratio. No matter what kind of office space you're furnishing, you'll find furniture from Meet&Co Office Furniture Co. Ltd that will suit your needs.

The company's office furniture will complement your business's design and color scheme. The furniture comes in a variety of sizes and weights, making it easy to find the right fit for your space. The company also has a quality guide for every product, and has been tested and certified for worldwide standards. You can find out more about Meet&Co's office furniture manufacturer's quality standards and previous customers' testimonials to decide if the company's products are right for your business.

With an impressive portfolio of sophisticated office furniture, Meet&Co is a leading provider of panel and middle-grade metal office furniture. The company's sophisticated designs are designed to fit any office space, and are elegantly finished to create a comfortable and efficient working environment. They offer everything from executive tables and conference tables to desks and seating. They also provide office chairs and sofas, as well as stylish office decor for any budget.

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