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By Lydia | 18 August 2023 | 0 Comments

Must-read Conference Room Setup Guide 2023 (Tables, Chairs, Tips, etc.)

Does anyone like meetings at work? Yet, love it or hate it, it's an indispensable part of our lives. 

When holding a meeting, you'll have a variety of conference room setup styles to choose from. The layout of this space goes beyond aesthetics; it's how you configure it that transforms it into a catalyst for productive discussions.  

In this guide, let's look at 6 popular meeting room setups and explore how each arrangement can help enhance efficiency and bring a fresh perspective to your meetings. 


6 Common Meeting Room Layout Styles to Choose From 

1. Boardroom Layout 

Anchored by a substantial table at its core, this conference room setup exudes authority while promoting face-to-face engagement. Ideal for decision-making and team coordination, it balances formality and interactivity. 

boardroom layout
conference room setup boardroom
(Perry Series - conference table)

2. U-Shape Layout

For this setup, tables are arranged in a U-shape, encouraging open conversation and eye contact. Tailored for brainstorming sessions and interactive presentations, it's the perfect setup to stimulate discussion and innovation.

u shaped layout

u shape meeting room table
(U-shape conference table)

3. Theater Layout 

With rows of chairs facing a central focal point, it's ideal for seminars, workshops, and conferences. The layout ensures every participant has a clear view, enhancing visual content delivery.

theater layout

4. Classroom Layout 

Rows of tables and chairs facing the front create an environment primed for learning. Perfect for workshops and training sessions, it encourages active participation and focused absorption of information.

classroom layout
classroom layout
(folding training table)

5. Circle Layout 

Chairs are positioned in a circular formation, ensuring everyone is on the same plane. It's an arrangement that fuels team discussions, problem-solving, and collective decision-making.

circle layout
meeting room setup circle layout
(folding conferencing tales)

6. Hollow Square Layout

Design with a rectangular table forming an open square shape, this layout allows attendees to face each other while maintaining eye contact, promoting better engagement and communication. This conference room setup style is particularly effective for small to medium-sized meetings where active dialogue and sharing of ideas are essential.  The empty space in the center of the square can also be utilized for audiovisual equipment or as an area for presenters to stand during presentations.

hollow square layout

conference room setup hollow square layout
(modern training desks

How to Choose the Right Conference Room Layout

Tailoring space to purpose.

When choosing the conference room layout for your company, consider factors such as meeting objectives, company culture, and the type of discussions that frequent your conference room. Unearth how the right layout harmonizes with your company's vision and objectives.

1. Measure your space

Assess the size of the room and the number of attendees expected to determine an appropriate layout. For small groups, a boardroom-style setup with a rectangular or oval table encourages discussion and engagement; larger gatherings may benefit from a classroom-style arrangement with rows of tables and chairs, ideal for presentations or training sessions that require note-taking. 

2. Audiovisual Equipment

These types of equipment play a crucial role in conveying information effectively; hence, it's vital to locate screens strategically and ensure  everyone has a clear line of sight

3. Accessibility

Consider adequate space for participants to move around freely while still maintaining proximity for interaction. 


conference room furniture



Whether it's the commanding boardroom, the collaborative U-shape, or the egalitarian circle, each design imparts a distinct energy. Let your choice reflect the nature of your discussions, making the layout a silent partner in your meeting's triumph.

Are you ready to revamp your conference room? Meet&Co design and manufacture a variety of conference room furniture you need to create an excellent conference room setup. Contact us and create spaces that can bring maximum meeting productivity. 


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