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By Jiamin | 12 November 2022 | 0 Comments

Modern Office Desk Furniture

Modern Office Desk Furniture

The modern office desk is a stylish piece of furniture that makes the workplace feel clean and chic. These desks are also ideal for keeping people focused and on task. You can look for the perfect modern desk online on websites like Houzz. Modern desks are sleek, stylish, and can be combined with a bookcase or a cabinet for storage.

Leaning desk with bookcase

Whether you have a dedicated home office or not, a leaning desk with a bookcase will help you create a functional and unique office area. This stylish piece has space for a monitor, shelves for storage, and a safety feature to prevent it from tipping.

This unique piece of furniture is constructed of solid wood and features an angled leaning design. It comes with two shelves and a drawer for your computer equipment, and flanking bookcases that contain five deep, thick shelves. Its fresh white finish enhances its architectural lines.

Modway Warp desk

Modway is a furniture company with an edgy and curvy design. They avoid angular lines, and instead create items with rounded forms and organic curves. These items are functional and stylish. The company is constantly growing and introducing new pieces to their product line.

If you're in the market for a modern office desk, this might be the perfect choice. This desk features a high gloss finish that is easy to wipe clean and a sturdy steel base. It includes two medium drawers and one large filing drawer for easy storage. It also has ample shelf space and a progressive and fun design. You can find a desk in a variety of colors and finishes to match your decor.

Modway Impression desk

The Modway Impression desk is a stunning corner desk with a modern organic form and plenty of storage space. It features five shelves for storing items and plenty of seating space for a comfortable working environment. It is crafted from glossy fibreglass and features non-marking foot pads.

This Modway computer desk is stylish, functional, and easy to keep clean. Its top is covered with a high-gloss finish for a modern, organic look. It also has a large filing drawer and two medium drawers for storage. It is available in a range of modern office desk furniture in four striking colors.

If you're looking for a new desk, consider a Modway Impression desk. This modern office desk has sleek lines and a contemporary design that can stand out in any room. Its white lacquer base is non-marking and the dual drawers extend fully. The Modway Impression desk is available from Riverbend Home, an authorized retailer of Modway.

If you're looking for a modern desk with storage and a USB hub, this model is a solid option. This desk features an integrated USB hub and multiple storage drawers. It also has a built-in bookshelf, making it a practical piece of modern office desk furniture.

This combination desk and storage cabinet has a wide surface for computer monitors and is easily portable. You can even fold it away when not in use. The desk has plenty of shelf space and is not too heavy. Its curved design makes it a versatile piece of modern office desk furniture.

Herman Miller Envelop Desk

If you're looking for a unique piece of modern office desk furniture, you may want to consider the Herman Miller Envelop Desk. This ergonomic design offers an angled surface and an innovative tilt mechanism. The Envelop also features 53% recycled material and 32% of the components are made from post-consumer waste.

The Envelop Desk is ergonomically designed to encourage natural movement between the desk and the task chair, which is essential for proper computer usage. The desk's design also allows users to adjust the angle of their task chair to maintain optimal alignment with their computer screen. This ergonomic design also helps keep workers from crouching, which can lead to back pain, eyestrain, and fatigue.

The Envelop Desk was designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber and features an ergonomically curved surface that moves with you, providing continuous and flexible support for your wrists and arms. The Envelop Desk was created following research into physical harmony and how the body functions. It features the Herman Miller logo and is available at many office furniture stores.

Herman Miller is an office furniture manufacturer that has been making office desk furniture for over a century. Founded in Michigan, the company has become known for its innovative and modern designs. Many of their most iconic furniture designs are featured in museums like the MoMA. Whether you're looking for a modern desk or a timeless classic, Davies Office is a great place to start.

Room & Board LAXseries wall mounted desk

The LAXseries wall mounted desk is made of solid English walnut and is 100% recyclable. It comes with matching shelf and wall mount hardware. Assembly is easy and the desk ships flat. A sliding door in the center of the desk reveals hidden storage. The desk is also available with a matching LAX 3X Wall mounted shelf.

The LAX Series Wall Mounted Desk is a functional and attractive addition to a small space. Made from solid English walnut wood, this desk features a sliding aluminum door and three storage compartments. The desk comes with a cord-hiding design and can easily accommodate a computer with a keyboard and mouse. This model would be a great addition to any home office.

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