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By Pompey | 15 January 2022 | 0 Comments

How to Price Used Furniture

Whether you're relocating or simply remodeling your present residence, the last thing you'll want to worry about is having to sell your furniture. However, there is a chance to earn money while decluttering your home!


It might be tough to determine the best price when selling furniture. You can't sell at market value, and you don't want to leave knowing you might have made more money.


Furthermore, determining the price of your used furniture might assist you in deciding whether or not to sell it at all. While pricing furniture is notoriously difficult due to the huge variety of pieces available, there are some fundamental guidelines to follow.


To assist you, we've compiled a shortlist of quick and successful tactics for teaching you how to price old furniture online and sell for the maximum money. 


10 Tips to Price Your Used Furniture to Get the Most Cash


1, Consider the Quality



The quality of furniture varies from one item to the next.


At the high end, you'll find substantial wood, well-fitting and complex joints, and a beautiful finish.


Cheaper furniture is typically composed of veneered particleboard with rudimentary jointing and may have been self-assembled.


2, Compare the Condition



Compare the current state to the condition when you purchased it.


When should you deduct 30% and when should you merely subtract 20%? The condition is the most important element. If it is nearly in the same condition as when you purchased it, you can sell it for only 20% of what you paid for it. However, if it has scuffs, dents, wobbling, or other flaws, you should aim for 30% or higher. In general, the longer you possess anything, the less money you can get selling it.


If you paid $1,000 for a gorgeous bookcase in excellent condition, you can probably sell it for $800.


If the bookcase is fading, aged, missing shelves, or has blemishes and chips, you should price it between $6 to $700.


3, Check out the Pricing of Similar Furniture on the Internet



Go online and look at some of the latest fashions. Examine new parts to see how they fit with yours. A large plaid sofa, for example, will sell for substantially less than a plain-colored couch, at least until plaid becomes fashionable again. Check out Craigslist and Ebay to see what other people are asking for similar products.


Furniture Valuation Guides, which can be accessed simply online, will provide you with pricing ranges for the majority of furniture.


Look for goods that are as comparable to yours as feasible. Look for furniture with comparable attributes if you know the maker, model, or materials used.


This is the greatest place to start if you don't know how much the object originally sold for.


4, Clean Your Furniture Thoroughly



To make the maximum money, wash, clean, and polish the furniture. A spotless piece of furniture is simpler to sell and price competitively. Remove any stains, clean the edges, and consider staining or painting aged furniture on the cheap. A new coat of paint or stain costs about $20, but it can make an old desk seem new if applied properly.


If there are any minor repairs you can make, do so right away. If you expect the buyer to perform repairs, the sale price will be reduced proportionally.

Check any old gadgets to see if they still function.


5, Take Excellent Photographs of Your Furniture


We've seen thousands of furniture ads on our site, so trust us when we say that photos count.


When we mention "pictures," we're not only referring to stock photographs. We're talking about genuine photos of your item that demonstrate its current state.


Keep in mind that customers buying furniture online are making selections without seeing the item in person, so it's critical to present a comprehensive view of the piece to assist them to make an informed decision.


Follow these four simple steps to make your furniture seem picture-perfect and command the maximum price:


1, Before photographing your furniture, make sure it is clean.

2, Remove any unnecessary items, such as cushions, rugs, drinks, and novels.

3, Take shots during the peak of the day.

4, Take eye-level photos of the front, back, and sides of your furniture.


6, Sell Your Furniture at 70-80% of Their Original Price



The simplest approach to figuring out a price is to subtract 20% from the amount you paid for it. This is regarded as industry standard and is a fair reference for quality secondhand furniture.


This, however, is only a starting baseline. You may customize the pricing based on a number of different parameters, which are detailed further below. Assume you paid $500 for a dresser some years ago and want to get rid of it. The dresser is in decent shape and is not too ancient. You determine that 80 percent is fair. Multiply $500 by 80 percent, or.8 (500 x.8 = 400). So $400 is your starting baseline for the dresser's asking price.


7, Consider the Age of Your Furniture



Subtract an extra 5% for every 1-2 years you've had the furniture.


A ten-year-old desk, for example, may sell for barely half the sum you paid for it. Furniture, like vehicles and houses, depreciates in value over time. Unless the craftsmanship is exceptional, or the furniture is an antique older than 1970 and in good shape, you'll be penalized for each year you've had it.


8, Tell the Story of Your Furniture



This is your chance. Make your sales pitch unique. Make your listing as detailed as possible.


Consider all of the factors that are essential to you when purchasing furniture: color, measurements, brand, style, materials, and so on. All of these factors are important to purchasers of secondhand furniture.


Was your item created by a well-known brand, such as CB2, West Elm, or Room & Board? Or was it created by a local crafter with an interesting backstory? Include such specifics since some customers may prefer one manufacturer over another.


Is your thing an antique or a valuable collectible? Send a picture of the furniture's label or your purchase receipt as confirmation of authenticity.


9, Get Recommendation by An Appraiser to Your Antique Furniture



Ask a specialist to assess your antique furniture.


Antiques are frequently worth far more than their initial purchase price. Unless you are an antiques specialist or are ready to conduct extensive study on comparable artifacts, previous selling prices, and restoration prospects, you should consult an expert.


The majority of antique businesses employ appraisers who will provide you with an honest assessment of your prospective selling price.


10, Having the Right Strategies Before Bargaining



Be willing to bargain.


It is quite unlikely that you will not be able to negotiate the price. If this occurs, make certain that you are aware of numerous factors prior to beginning the discussion. The easiest method to get a decent deal is to lay out your strategy before you start bargaining:


1, The cheapest pricing possible. Set this now so you don't have to think about it later.

2, Price preference. What you want to get rid of it for depends on its value and your willingness to sell it.

3, The asking price. It might be the same as your selected pricing. However, you might put the price a little higher than necessary in the hopes that someone really wants the furniture.

4, Moving costs. Who will pick up and transfer the furniture? Ascertain that issue is addressed prior to the sale.


How to Price Used Furniture on Craigslist?


The simplest method is to check at Craigslist and eBay to see how much similar products in my region are selling for.


That should give you a fair idea of how much you should charge for your used furniture.


The following are the typical pricing ranges for popular furniture:

  • Sofa: $35-$200

  • Dining Room Set: $150-$1,000

  • Bed: $50-$400

  • Arm Chair: $25-$150

  • Dresser: $20-$150

  • Table: $50-$150

  • Desk: $25-200

  • Loveseat: $25-$150

Final Words


Pricing furniture may be simple or difficult, depending on how you approach it. The aforementioned furniture pricing valuation guideline should serve as a solid beginning point.


That being stated, the price you wind up with will be determined by what your buyer is willing to pay and how badly you want to get rid of that particular piece of furniture.


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