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By Pompey | 12 January 2022 | 0 Comments

How to Hide Computer Wires

You've tidied your space and set up your computer are just as you want it—the only problem is all the wires!


A tangle of cords across your desk might make it appear cluttered, and if wires droop to the floor, they can pose a tripping danger.


When it comes to annoying computer wires, fortunately, you have alternatives. Here are 10 simple methods to conceal your Computer wires.

1, Use Cable Management Box


Set the box on the ground behind your desk to hide a lot of cords. It's simple to discover elegant cable management boxes that complement the look of your area. Simply lay it on the ground behind your desk and insert your power strip or surge protector. Feed the cables through the slits at the box's end. The box should have a lid that you place on top to hide the cables within.


For example, you may buy elegant black cable management boxes or plain white boxes with cork closures.


2, Grab Some Binder Clips



Gather thick wires and office items from around the house. If you don't want to spend money on specialist wire management products, take a couple of large binder clips from your desk. Clip the cables that are protruding from your PC together. Pull one of the binder handles back and press it against the back of your desk. Hammer a nail into the desk to hang the binder clip from, concealing your cables.


Smaller binder clips can also be used to collect thin wires. It's quite OK to connect cables without attaching the clip to your desk or table.


3, Buy a Compact Cord Protector


To hide cables, run a flat cord protector down the floor or baseboard. If your workstation is in the middle of the room, you'll need to run wires to outlets. Purchase a lengthy cable protector and apply a strip of double-sided tape to the floor. Place the cord protector on the tape and press it down so that it sits flat. Then, insert the wires inside the protector so that it completely surrounds them. This is especially useful if your desk is against a wall and you want to conceal the cables leading to the nearest outlet.


Keep in mind that if you place the cable protector in the middle of the room, it might become a tripping hazard.


4, Use Zip Ties or Rubber Ties


Tie loose wires together so they don't seem so haphazard. Even if you hide the majority of the cables in a tray or box, wires will still hang from the PC to the storage system. Pinch the dangling wires together and wrap them with a plastic zip tie or rubber tie to tidy them up. This gives them a more orderly appearance. To conceal them even more, use double-sided tape to attach the gathered cables to the back of a desk.


If you truly want to arrange your cords, invest in pre-labeled cable ties. Then, wrap each wire with the proper cable.


5, Drill a Hole in the Desk


Drill a hole inside your desk to hide cords. If your desk is pushed up against a wall, PC wires are most likely dangling over the edges of the desk. Drill a circular hole in the top of the desk at the rear for permanent storage. You should probably do this behind the computer so that the hole isn't visible. Then, put the cables through the opening and hang them below the desk. You won't have cords cluttering the top of your workstation this way.


This method can be used with a cable management tray, wire covers, or a cable management box.


6, Get a Wire Sleeve


Wrap braided sleeving or split tubing around wires to combine them in style. It's difficult to conceal all of the cables flowing from your PC. After you've stored the majority of them, you can deal with the stray wires. Take a strip of braided sleeving or a piece of split tubing for something more ornamental than a zip tie. Gather the wires and position them in the sleeving or tube. Wrap the material over the wires to conceal them and give your cables a more polished appearance.


Instead of sleeves, utilize Velcro strips for a simple utilitarian solution. These are little simpler to remove and reapply as required.


7, Cable Management Tray


Purchase a metal or plastic management tray to place beneath your desk or table. The tray resembles a lengthy container that is screwed to the underside of your desk or table. Then, feed the wires into the compartment so that they are held in place. When you're seated at your desk, you won't be able to see the cords.


Wires will still protrude from the management tray's ends, but the tray will conceal the majority of the cables.


You may even conceal a power strip or surge protector in your compartment if it is large enough!


8, Creative Cord Organizer


This cord organizer is great for managing cords. It will protect your phone charging wires, USB cables, network cables, and TV power cords from tangling and fraying, as well as keeping your space tidy and nice.


To obtain the optimum adhesive effect, clean the surface and product and protect it from dust, moisture, heat, and oil.


9, Creative Cable Organizer Clips


These lovely solid brass buttons make cable management simple and beautiful.


They're ideal for keeping cords organized on your work desk, nightstand, wall, or in your car. The screw on/off design keeps your cords accessible and in place.


Furthermore, these wire clips are great for organizing plug-in lighting chord sets on walls and ceilings, as well as charging cables for mobile phones and laptops, USB cables and power cords.


10, Cable Concealer


This cable concealer can help to improve the appearance of your house. They just fade into the background after being painted, so they are not an eyesore.


With this cable management system, they can also keep floor lamp wires and other electrical cords out of sight and out of reach of toddlers.




You don't have to be so creative when it comes to cable management because these are some of the simplest methods for hiding computer cables on glass workstations that you can easily adopt.


Simply use one of the hacks that you're familiar with to keep unsightly wires hidden from view and give your workplace a clean appearance.


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