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By Lydia | 11 July 2023 | 0 Comments

How to Choose Soundproof Office Pods: 6 Features to Check

Struggling to concentrate in a noisy and lack-of-privacy open plan office? You might find soundproof office pods helpful. Office pods are self-contained, soundproofed, small spaces designed for enhancing privacy and concentration. These innovative enclosed rooms are gaining popularity for their ability to provide employees with a private and quiet work environment. 


If you've considered investing in soundproof office pods in your office, you may be lost in a wealth of choices available in the market. Therefore, in this post, we would like to highlight 6 key features of soundproof office pods to help you make the right choice. 

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Unveiling the Power of Office Pods
Benefits of Using Soundproof Office Pods in the Workplace
Top 6 Features to Look for in Soundproof Office Pods
Upgrade Your Workplace with Office Pods

Unveiling the Power of Office Pods

So, what exactly are these office booths that generate such a buzz? Imagine walking into a self-contained, quiet, and private zone that shelters you from the noise and distractions of the outside world. From cozy solo work pods to larger collaborative setups, office pods come in various sizes and designs to meet your specific needs. They are equipped with soundproof materials, ergonomic furniture, customizable lighting, power options, and more, enabling employees to create an ideal work environment. These pods have become personalized havens, tailored to support focus, privacy, and overall well-being.

soundproof office pods
(soundproof office booth)

Benefits of Using Soundproof Office Pods in the Workplace 

Here are some of the advantages of installing office pods in the office:

- Enhance privacy 
- Reduce noise pollution 
- Improve focus and productivity 
- Flexibility and Adaptability

Top 6 Features to Look for in Soundproof Office Pods 

1. Soundproof Technology 

Effective soundproofing is one of the most essential features of an office pod. The ability to block out external noise and prevent sounds inside from getting out is required to ensure privacy and minimize distractions. Office pods are often made with several layers of soundproof materials, and upgraded sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing glass further increases sound insulation and safety. If you get the opportunity, try the office booth in different scenarios, such as talking and making a phone call, ensuring the acoustics are sufficiently damped inside and out. 
soundproof office pods  materials

(soundproof materials)

2. Furniture 

Think about how you or your team members will be using these office pods and what furniture will be needed. Depending on the purposes, furniture setup varies. For team meetings, you may need larger pods that can place some of the furniture like sofas, chairs, desks, whiteboards, monitors, etc. For individual working pods, you may want to add an adjustable standing desk and a comfortable chair. If you want to save the effort, consider suppliers that offer built-in furniture options. 

soundproof office pods options
(different furnishing for different occasions)  


3. Ventilation and Lighting 

Considering the enclosed nature of office booths, it’s important to make sure the ventilation systems is highly functional. Look for office pods with quiet ventilation systems to ensure air quality and low noise. A well-ventilated space keeps the air clean and fresh, enabling users to maintain energy levels and focus on their tasks. 

Lighting is also noteworthy. It’s recommended to choose office pods with adjustable lighting to adapt to different occasions. Employers can adjust the lighting accordingly when they're using digital devices, talking, or having an online meeting. 

4. Power Outlets, USB Ports, and Connections 

Employees enter the office pods in order to work alone, have private conversations, or make phone calls. In either case, they are mostly to have laptops, phones, or other digital devices that will need to be charged or connected to the internet. Hence, the pods must have sufficient power outlets and USB ports to charge work devices. Make sure the phone signal and internet connections are both functional so as to avoid unnecessary interruptions. 

5. Customization

When selecting your office pods, think about what the booths will be used for and consider the space in which the booths will be located. To meet your specific needs, it’s recommended to choose a vendor that provides customization services. This allows you to customize office pods to different sizes, layouts, and designs in order to blend them perfectly into your workplace while offering maximum functionality. 


6. Mobility 

Look for office pods that are easy to assemble, move around within the office, and disassemble again. As your team grows or the company relocates, you can rearrange and set up functional spaces quickly. The mobility and flexibility make these miniature workplaces a long-term investment. 

soundproof office pods movable

(ease of assembly and disassembly)

Upgrade Your Workplace with Office Pods 

As the world of work continues to evolve, office pods are poised to become an essential part of the modern office landscape. They’re flexible, modern, and versatile solutions that work for any office space. By considering the intended use of office pods, and the key features we’ve discussed above, it can be easier for you to choose the right soundproof office pods in front of a plethora of choices. Feel inspired? Whether you’re interested in purchasing an office pod or searching for other office furniture to upgrade your workplace, Meet&Co is here to offer you flexible and personalized office furniture solutions.                

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