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How Much Does an Office Cubicle Cost in 2022


Cubicles are an excellent way to make the most of available office space. 


They also encourage teamwork and open communication. Whether you're establishing a new office, consolidating, expanding, or simply upgrading the existing decor, you'll need to spend some time getting acquainted with the many types of cubicles available. There are certainly more alternatives available to you than you realize.


The price of office cubicles varies according to their level of sophistication. New cubicles start about $500 and can cost up to $10,000 or more if built of solid wood or other high-end materials.


High-end booths made of materials such as sold wood or slate range in price from $5,000 to $10,000.


However, most regular cubicle prices vary between $500 and $2,000. You may buy them individually, but most businesses prefer modular furniture booths in groups of four; a set of four costs roughly $5,000-$6,000.


Read this article to learn more about what you can expect to pay for an office cubicle.


Types of Office Cubicles


When you begin exploring office cubicle systems, you will discover that there are many different types available to suit various workplace conditions.


Panel-mounted Office Cubicles



The workstation, shelves, and filing areas of panel-mounted cubicles are all attached to the cubicle's walls. They are quite popular since they can be customized to fit almost any business. You may also adjust the features according to your needs. Panel-mounted cubicles often cost $1,000 or more, depending on size, components, and materials.


Freestanding Office Cubicles


This style is made up of independent walls that are positioned around an existing desk. Furthermore, they are simply relocated and changed as needed. Office partitions are also useful for dividing waiting areas from the rest of the space or establishing rooms inside rooms. A typical 4ft x 6ft partition panel costs roughly $100. More premium models cost over $1,200 for a three-panel corner configuration measuring 5ft by 4ft and including high-level partial windows, whiteboards, and other amenities.


Call Center Office Cubicles



This employee need simply a workstation surrounded by three soundproof cubicle walls, which are normally 4ft wide and 3ft deep. These call-center units are either solo workspaces or a block of many cubicles to accommodate multiple personnel.


Purchasing cubicles for private usage often costs $400-$1,300. A block of many booths, on the other hand, costs $1,000-$7,000, depending on features and size.


L-shape Office Cubicles



This design has an L-shaped desk with wall panels. These have enough area for a permanently connected desktop computer as well as documents. The bulk of modern office cubicles is of this style, with typical dimensions of 5ft x 6ft and 8ft x 8ft. Also, depending on the size, the cheapest is approximately $1,000 and the most expensive is around $3,000.


Benefits of Office Cubicles


Office cubicles provide a slew of advantages to employees and businesses alike. Several of these advantages include the following:




Open-plan workplaces have grown in popularity over the last few years. However, many people are afraid and perform poorly in an all-open atmosphere. Cubicles provide a compromise between the two extremes.




Office cubicles come in a variety of forms and layouts. The many characteristics enable the designer to select the finest option for the office team.


Stimulating Collaboration


This is a more cost-effective technique than redesigning a whole region to create individual offices. For instance, about six cubicles may be crammed into the same area as an office.


Heating and Ventilation


Historically, each office need their own heating and ventilation systems. In comparison, open-plan workplaces equipped with cubicles require simply centralized HVAC.


Personal Space


Cubicles give employees their own personal area. You can group teams together, but everyone gets their own space to decorate with family photographs, their favorite coffee cup, and other memorabilia.


Increasing Productivity


While cubicles do give greater privacy than an open office, they do not provide complete seclusion. Employees are less inclined to slack off when colleagues and supervisors can quickly see what others are working on, or not working on. This results in a reduction in non-work-related office duties and an improvement in overall productivity.


Enhancing Insight


Unlike private offices, cubicles place employees adjacent to one another and facilitate communication. This enables employees to get new views on their assignments, allowing them to see things differently. Additionally, personnel from several departments are frequently sitting adjacent to one another, allowing employees to impart and receive knowledge from a variety of viewpoints.


Promoting Personal Expression


Some employees believe that cubicles rob them of their uniqueness and reduce them to a name tag. The fact is that cubicles enable employees to express themselves and make the company feel more like home.

What Factors Impact the Price of Office Cubicles?



When it comes to office furniture prices, the most important considerations for workstations are finishes and storage; additional factors include materials, height-adjustable desks, and other features.




There is a finish for every surface on a cubicle workstation. A workstation panel, for example, might be made of fabric, laminate, veneer, wood, steel, or even markerboard, and the cost implications would vary.


Fabric panels with laminate surfaces for the desk and return regions will be supported by metal frames in your basic workstation. Among the most popular enhancements that our clients enjoy are:


1, Upgrading the panels' fabric from a single color to laminate or veneer

2, The panels have built-in writeable whiteboard surfaces.

3, Adding a piece of transparent, glazed, or framed glass to the top of the panel to provide a bit more acoustic seclusion while preserving the same open aesthetic sense.




Do your staff require the storage of paper or physical documents? If so, take into account the appropriate amount of shelves, drawers, and filing cabinets. Don't forget that they'll need a place to work with the papers as well. As a result, make sure you have ample workspace. Another thing to think about is a location for jackets and backpacks. Dumping things on the floor makes the office appear messy, creates tripping risks, and obstructs fire exits.


Height-Adjustable Desks


There are several potential health, wellness, and productivity benefits to adding a height-adjustable (or sit-to-stand) worktop to each workstation. However, the mechanics and legs for a sit-to-stand surface are more expensive than those for a standard fixed surface, thus including these would almost surely raise your cost per station.


If incorporating a height-adjustable surface into each workstation proves too costly, one viable alternative is to give users the option of adding a sit-stand converter to their desk. These converters may be retrofitted to practically any work surface to make the monitor and keyboard height-adjustable, and they are often less expensive than a completely height-adjustable surface.

Shape & Size


The size and design of the cubicle are determined by the activities that will take place within its bounds. The dimensions range from 3ft x 3ft to 12ft x 12ft. However, the permutations feasible within these constraints are modular and restricted by the dimensions of typical file cabinets, wall panels, and shelf units. The designs also take into account the optimal amount of space required for each individual and provide workspace using ergonomic principles.


What does the person in the cubicle do? Do they spend the majority of their time on a computer? Are they mostly paper pushers? They could even spend the entire day on the phone.


If you can answer these questions, you'll be able to determine how much room each individual needs.


Call center personnel often demand 3ft x 3ft or 2ft x 4ft of space with one filing cabinet. Administrators, for example, require more room, often 6ft by 6ft or 5ft x 5ft with a shelf and one or two file cabinets.


Keep in mind that each cubicle does not have to have the same size. You may mix and match to fit the number of people in the room, the size and form of the space, and a variety of other parameters.


Office Cubicle Cost


While furnishing your office with cubicles is an expensive endeavor, the good news is that cubicles are quite durable. Numerous manufacturers and dealers provide financing to qualified buyers.


Due to the fact that the design of each unit is determined by the integrated features, materials, and how they are used, the cost of a standard office cubicle solution might vary by thousands of dollars.


However, a generic price structure may be used to illustrate how much common instances cost.


1, You should anticipate spending between $500 to $10,000 each cubicle, depending on the materials and features.

2, A conventional 8ft by 8ft cubicle will typically cost between $1,300 and $2,500.

3, Each 4 × 4 cubical for telemarketers costs between $375 and $550.

4, A 6 × 6 cubicle with filing drawers costs between $400 and $750 on average.

5, Consider the integration of electrical outlets and the addition of a pedestal file cabinet and mid-height panels. In this example, the final piece costs between $1,500 and $2,000 on average.

6, Combine four of these to create a block with several units. It will cost between $4,500 and $6,000.

7, Finally, a high-end cubicle built entirely of solid wood may cost between $500 and $13,000.


The dealer you select should provide you with pricing that covers all costs, including the cost of the cubicles themselves, configuration or layout planning, delivery, and installation. Don't be shocked if shipping and installation cost a significant portion of the entire cost. Cubicles are bulky and difficult to move.


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