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Choosing the Right Conference Table for Your Business

When building your modern conference room, the right table makes all the difference. From heavy industrial looks to refined modern wood conference tables, there are many options to consider.

Whether you need an HD video conference table or want to create a space for team collaboration, the right conference table can make all the difference. Read on to discover the key factors that help you select the best conference table for your office.

1. Size

Choosing the correct size conference table for your business depends on the number of seats you need to seat, your room’s dimensions and the type of work your organization does. A modern conference table comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose from a triangular or diamond shaped conference table, a boat-shaped one that resembles a sailboat and can fit a large team, or a square or circular one that can seat a smaller group of people.

You can calculate the number of seats you need by measuring the dimensions of your room and multiplying the amount of perimeter needed per user to get an estimate. Then, you can use that information to decide which shape is right for your team and your business.

A well-designed conference table will set a positive tone for your company. It conveys a message to employees and clients that your organization values professional appearance and detail, and is capable of solving problems in a collaborative manner. Having a high-quality conference table will also make meetings productive and engaging.

If you are interested in purchasing a modern conference table for your company, consider SMARTdesks’ Piatto, Piano Solo and Piano Duet product lines. Each line offers a wide selection of table sizes, shapes and options that allow you to customize your table to fit your business needs. All of these products are built with a spacious technology well under a strut in the center of the table that can stow power outlet modules and AV control devices. This allows you to keep your surface free of cords and wires while providing easy access for all of your conference equipment.

2. Shape

When deciding on a conference table for your business, it's important to think about form, function, and fit. A conference table needs to be functional to accommodate the amount of people you'll need to seat, but it also has to match the aesthetics of your room and company branding. This is where a modern conference table comes in.

To find the right table for your office space, start by subtracting the available clearance in the room from its dimensions. This will give you the number of seats your table can comfortably hold. From there, you can figure out what shape will work best.

Long-form rectangular tables and their rounded corner version, known as racetrack conference tables, are popular choices for large meetings because they offer enough seating capacity to meet your needs. However, their length can often create a sense of distance and hierarchy between those seated on the end and everyone else. The curved edges of a boat-shaped conference table, on the other hand, allow participants to see the people seated to their left and right, a more egalitarian approach to critical decision making that promotes collaboration and teamwork.

Oval or racetrack-shaped conference tables are another great option to consider because they can seat a lot of people while still maintaining an intimate meeting atmosphere. They also have a unique design that can incorporate grommets to hold power modules and other devices. This allows you to keep your meeting area clean and organized without sacrificing functionality.

3. Materials

The table top is the focal point of any conference room, so you want it to look good and have a quality writing surface. Modern conference tables can be built from a variety of materials including laminate, back painted glass, solid surface Corian and stone granite. You can also build tables that combine these materials.

Metal conference tables are popular because they provide a sleek industrial look and can be made to order in virtually any size. The metal can be chrome which provides a slick contemporary style or it can be black, gray, or white to match any office decor.

For a transitional design approach consider a wood and metal conference table. The Communique Series features inlays and detailing on the brushed metal laminate that is mounted to the wood frame. The square base legs allow for cords and cables to be hidden inside the leg. The recessed grommets also offer a place for power outlet modules and media hubs to be installed.

Another popular shape for a modern conference table is the boat-shaped. This table is wider in the center than on either end. This shape can seat more people than a rectangular or circular conference table and creates a sense of community. It’s an excellent choice for teams that work together on commercial development projects. We can even add flipIT monitor displays to this type of shaped table for flexible data visualization during a conference call or teleconference.

4. Function

Modern conference tables need to be functional and able to integrate technology and computer access. Conference tables are a critical component of the collaborative workspace, allowing groups to communicate and brainstorm from one place.

A conference table can also facilitate teleconferencing and virtual meetings. When choosing a conference table look for the right shape to seat everyone and enough space for each person to work comfortably. Having an open communication space is important to make sure the team members can hear each other and are not talking over one another.

V shaped conference tables are ideal for creating a full immersion telepresence environment. The two ends of the V shaped conference table form mirror images of each other making it easier for people on both sides of the world to see everyone else at the teleconference. When used with a video camera the mirrored effect can even create the illusion of face to face meeting.

Square or rectangular conference tables are perfect for maximizing seating capacity in smaller rooms. The corners of the table fit neatly against each other to provide a more spacious feel in small meeting spaces. Oval or racetrack shaped conference tables can sit more people than circular or rectangular conference tables without taking up too much room in a medium-sized conference room.

Modern conference tables can be equipped with flipIT concealed monitor mounts that turn flat screen monitors into a semi-recessed position. The flipIT hardware enables participants to easily stow or rotate the monitor and provides a clear line of sight across the entire table. The hardware can also be locked to prevent unauthorized use in health care or legal settings where privacy is paramount.

5. Style

Modern conference tables are the focal point of every meeting space, where big decisions are made and trust is built. They must be a statement piece that looks like it belongs in the room and not an afterthought. Whether it’s a large rectangular table that seats dozens or a small round table for two, your choice of shape, materials and finish are all key to a successful design.

Traditionally, modern conference tables are associated with standard shapes like rectangles and race track ovals and simple bases. They feature beautiful warm wood tones with veneers that can incorporate inlay bands and center panels to give the table added visual appeal. They’re favored by legal firms, schools and universities and government organizations who want to demonstrate a classic, established and stately appearance.

If you’re looking for a contemporary look, you can choose a more modern conference table that features glass or laminate surfaces. You can even get a metal base to add a unique flair. However, be aware that metal can scratch and stain if it’s not protected with a hard surface. Metal typically works better as an accent or inlay on the table or in the support structure/base.

Many modern conference table manufacturers offer a variety of veneer patterns and finishes to help you create a custom look. For example, you can select the type of wood species for your table and then choose from a sunburst, herring bone, reverse diamond or book-matched veneer pattern. You can also have your table top crafted from a solid piece of wood, Corian or stone. However, these options can add significant cost to your project. To keep your costs down, you can opt for laminate or melamine conference tables that offer a wide selection of colors and edge styles.

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