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Bunk Beds With Storage

Bunk beds are kids' favorites. They're fun and offer more sleeping space for sleepovers or playdates. Bunks can also be used to save floor space in a room with small spaces or tighter ceilings.

Kids' bunks with storage maximize vertical space to make a small room more efficient for playing and entertaining. There are a variety of bed styles to choose from including front ladder and end ladder bunks.

bunk beds with storage

Space Saver

Bunk beds offer a creative and practical solution to space constraints. They free up floor space in a room that can be used for play, study, or even as a guest bedroom. And when bunk beds with storage are added to the mix, you can keep all of your kids’ bed linens, toys, and books neatly organized and out of sight.

Whether you have two children sharing a room or your teen has friends over to stay the night, bunk beds with stairs and drawers provide ample storage options for their personal belongings and bed linens. Unlike under-bed dressers, bunk bed storage compartments are integrated into the beds, making them easier to access and giving you more storage space without taking up extra floor space.

Modern bunk bed styles and designs feature sleek finishes that can elevate the visual appeal of any space. And with many different sizes and configurations available, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your space.

For instance, if you have limited floor space in your child’s bedroom, an L-shaped twin over twin-size bunk bed with bookcase and desk is a good choice. It saves you floor space while providing plenty of shelving for books, toys, and games. Finn loves his bunk bed with a built-in bookcase because it gives him a place to store his favorite reading books and Lego collection.

Another space-saving option is a full over futon bunk bed with under-bed drawers. This versatile bunk bed lets you convert the lower bed into a futon, offering more sleeping space for guests or siblings. It’s also easy to clean and features a durable wood finish that complements any decor.

If you’re looking for a bunk bed with maximum storage capabilities, consider one with a staircase chest that features four additional storage drawers. It’s the ideal place to store extra blankets, sheets, and pillows as well as toys, books, and other clutter. Plus, the drawers are spacious enough to accommodate most any mattress.

While bunk beds are an excellent way to save space in a shared room, they can also foster a sense of unity and camaraderie between siblings or friends. This is especially true if your children have similar interests and hobbies. For example, a bunk bed with sports-themed decor is a great choice for fans of baseball, football, or basketball. It will help them feel like they’re part of a team, encouraging friendship and camaraderie that lasts long after the high school or college years are over.


Bunk beds are a fantastic space-saving solution for kids’ rooms. By stacking two beds one on top of the other, they conserve valuable floor space that would otherwise be occupied by individual single or double beds, notes bed and mattress store Happy Beds. Many bunk bed styles even feature extra storage options, such as built-in drawers. These convenient compartments make a great spot to store toys, books and other items.

Another advantage of bunk beds is that they can accommodate multiple sleepers in a limited amount of room, making them ideal for shared rooms or vacation homes. This is a great benefit for families who don’t have enough bedrooms for all of their children. Bunks also allow siblings to share a room without sacrificing space for personal belongings and other activities.

Depending on the design, some bunk beds can be separated into individual twin or full-size beds as your child grows. This is particularly helpful if you have twins and need to move them to separate rooms. It may also be useful if you have a little one who eventually gets his or her own room and needs a new set of bunks in the new space.

There are even bunk beds that can accommodate adults, so they’re a smart choice for guests staying over for the weekend or longer. Bunks with a double-sized bottom mattress are ideal for this purpose, as they can easily fit two adult-sized individuals at the same time.

Many bunk bed styles offer stairs to get up to the upper level, but some models also come with a ladder-less option that doesn’t require much space. Whether you choose a stair or ladder-less bunk bed, the important thing is that your child feels comfortable climbing up and down.

Bunk bed components, such as ladders and stairs, are usually constructed of sturdy wood. This makes them a durable option for long-term use. In some cases, they can be repainted and refurbished to suit your child’s changing tastes, or even replaced with other types of furnishings, such as a modern platform bed. This versatility makes bunk beds a sensible and stylish choice for a variety of bedroom décor styles.


Bunk beds are a great solution if your children share a room because each child will have their own space and privacy. They can also be a good option for families who frequently host guests because they can accommodate two extra sleep spaces without taking up too much room in the home. Some bunk bed designs have additional functionality by offering built-in storage solutions that further optimize the use of space in a bedroom.

Kids love bunk beds, and they can be a fun way to transform a room into the ultimate kid-friendly hangout. They offer a place to relax and read, play games, do homework, or create art projects, and many feature built-in desks for study or crafts. Many modern bunk bed designs offer even more versatility by including convenient drawers for storing personal belongings, bed linens, and toys. This allows kids to keep their rooms clean and organized while still providing easy access to items they need for sleeping or playing.

Most parents know that as your children grow up, they may want to switch things up in their room. Bunk beds offer a flexible option that can be easily converted into two separate twin or full-size beds if your kids need their own space. Some designs allow you to convert the top bunk into a daybed, and some come in a variety of colors that can be repainted easily to match a new color scheme for your kids’ room.

Some bunk bed models offer additional versatility by featuring a removable ladder that can be placed on either side of the frame to suit your room layout. This makes the top bed accessible for younger children who might not be ready for a higher sleep surface and provides them with a comfortable place to spend the night without having to climb over their siblings. This is a great feature for siblings who are transitioning from shared rooms to individual bedrooms and can help ease the stress of separation.

If you have frequent guest visitors, then a bunk bed that can be disassembled easily could be the right choice for your family. According to Mattress Nut, this type of bunk bed allows you to have a twin over queen configuration in a single room and can be taken apart when your guests are visiting so they don’t bump their heads on the ceiling. This flexibility is a smart way to save on the cost of purchasing and maintaining multiple beds.

Fun for the Kids

If your kids want to sleep in the same room, a bunk bed can make it a fun and creative space for them to bond. Some beds come with curtain options that let them create a cozy little fort to read or play games in, and other features like built-in storage staircases can make it easier for them to climb into the top bunk. You can even find bunks designed to be a jungle themed bedroom that will give the kids the feeling of being up in the trees, or a contemporary style that will help them stay in step with current trends.

If you have multiple children sharing a room, a bunk bed can also encourage sibling bonding while freeing up floor space for toys and books. While arguments might be inevitable at times, bunk beds that are crafted with shared kids in mind can actually help siblings learn to work together and respect one another's sleep needs.

Bunk beds that can be separated into individual twin beds are ideal for families with growing kids. Whether they're ready to share a room at home or heading off to their first college apartment, they can easily switch back to individual twin beds as needed.

Full over twin and twin over full bunk beds are classic options that can accommodate two twin mattresses on each level. You'll also find a variety of other mattress size options, including twin over queen and twin over twin XL, to suit the sleeping needs of older kids or adults.

If you have younger kids, consider a trundle bunk bed that can be pulled out from underneath to convert into a separate twin bed when guests come over. Adding a trundle to a bunk bed is also a great way to save space in a small room by doubling the amount of floor space available for kids to play, study, or hang out. You'll also find plenty of stylish trundle bunk beds with built-in clothes storage, making them even more convenient for growing kids.

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