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By Pompey | 17 November 2021 | 0 Comments

Best Office Chairs for Tall People: A Complete Guide

Are you searching for an ergonomic chair for tall person and questioning how to find the right fit? It can be just as difficult to find the best desk chair for a tall person individuals.

As anyone of significant stature will no doubt inform you, the best workplace chairs for high people can make a significant distinction not only in the method you work while you're sitting in one, but also for your long-lasting health also. After all, it most likely goes without stating that squashing yourself into an ill-fitting chair can ruin your back, neck, and shoulders. That's to say nothing of the influence on your flow triggered by having your legs in an awkward position all day just for the sake of getting some work done.

By their very nature, ergonomic items should accommodate your unique shape, no matter your physique. There is no shame in using specific workplace devices or furnishings to satisfy your requirements! As a tall person, you're most likely used to sitting in workplace chairs with your knees bent or an excellent part of your thighs exposed past the seat's edge. And while this may merely look uncomfortable more than anything else, there are real health and efficiency issues that can arise from bein in this anatomically inaccurate position for hours every day.

The best way to know if a chair matches your body type, naturally, is to try as lots of as you can and discover the chair that feels right. In the lack of that high-end, with the pandemic keeping a lot of people home and deciding to go shopping online instead, there are still some key metrics you can think about to find ergonomic chairs for huge and tall individuals, as well as gaming chairs for big people.

In this thorough guide we look at the essential things you require to be conscious of as a tall person when choosing an office chair, plus our choices for the very best chairs for high individuals currently on the market.

How Do We Define a Tall Man or Woman?

First, how are we defining "tall" in this guide? Glad you asked.

"Tall" is certainly a subjective measurement. With the typical height being 5' 9", as long as you're 6 feet (182cm) or above, you've made our list.

If you're 6 feet or above, note that this guide is appropriate to high women as well. Give or take a few inches, we chose that any chair ideal for people 6ft+ would be eligible for this guide.

Most Important Features to Consider in an Office Chair for Tall People

For tall individuals, the two primary consider an office chair to think about are the optimal seat height and depth. These measurements have a direct bearing not simply on your comfort level, however health. When it comes to what you must look for in chairs or high individuals, keep checking out to see what you ought to look out for.

Maximum Seat Height

This one is fairly obvious. Lots of office chairs include inadequate seat height change to appropriately accommodate tall individuals's legs. This forces you to bend your knees or extend your legs while seated, putting your entire body in an anatomically uncomfortable posture while increasing pressure on your thighs and hips. The ideal seat height is such your knees are at a 90 degree angle and your two feet planted on the floor when seated.

Recommended Seat Depth

Tall individuals have longer thigh bones that require seats with a higher depth than normal to be comfy. We advise a minimum seat depth of 19" or more. A seat that is depth adjustable beyond that depth is even much better.

Seat size

It might appear like a no-brainer to suggest that if you're going to buy a workplace chair for a high individual, then it needs to be big enough to accommodate them, but there's more to this than just purchasing the biggest chair possible.

The two essential things to keep an eye out for are seat height and seat depth, particularly in terms of how adjustable they are. While a chair might technically be big enough to support you if you're 6' 2 ″, 6' 3" or taller, there's no guarantee that's always going to offer a snug, comfortable level of support right out of the box.

Having the ability to adjust both features, however, will ensure you can sit effectively in such a way that does not just make you feel comfortable there and after that, but decreases the sort of pressure and awkward posture that can lead to long-term health problems.

Seat Adjustability

Seat height and depth adjustability are necessary, but they're not the only adjustable functions that we looked for. Adjustable armrests, back-rests, and headrests also help you to tailor the chair to the seating position you find most comfy.

Those chairs that used higher levels of adjustability, for instance, a higher degree of incline on the backrest and four-directional armrests versus three-directional, scored higher in our lists.

Seat Comfort

Convenience absolutely matters if you're going to spend any substantial amount of time in your workplace chair. With that in mind, we gave high marks to chairs with breathable mesh designs as these can not just offer soft, comfortable seating but also promote air flow to keep you cool.

Chairs with thick, molded-foam seats for those who prefer a plush seat were also consisted of in our guide.

Seat Durability

Whether you're buying a basic job chair or a high-end gaming chair, toughness constantly matters when it comes to buying brand-new seating. It's just natural that you'll want that chair to be constructed to last for years to come if you're spending a sensible quantity of money.

That said, this element is much more important for taller users, much of whom will require the extra reassurance that a higher-than-average suggested weight capability can support them.

10 Best Office Chairs for Tall People in the Market


XEUR Ergonomic Office Chair

When selecting our favorite huge and tall office chairs, we were looking for those that were adequately sized to accommodate larger users, offered a lot of convenience in terms of seating, back and armrests, and adjustable functions, and were strong and long-lasting adequate to support taller users.

With that in mind, it must come as no surprise to discover that the XEUR Ergonomic Workplace Chair topped the chart for best tall-person friendly office chair of the year as it scored the greatest marks in all of those classifications, and then scored extra marks for looks, ergonomics, and exceptional seating quality.

Firstly, there's the size factor.

From the idea of the floor to the top of the headrest, the entire chair can reach as tall as 62 ″ with an adjustable floor-seat height of in between 18.5 ″-- 21.65 ″. Include a seat width of 19.9 ″ and an adjustable seat depth of in between 16.14 ″ and 17.71 ″ and what you have actually got here is a chair that's extremely suited to those of a larger frame.

Yet what truly sets this one apart from the crowd is the way it's been ergonomically created to deliver maximum comfort. Take the seat, for instance. The dipped, curved style with waterfall edge eases pressure on the back of your legs which enhances general blood circulation to assist you keep focus and energy throughout your day, while the breathable mesh style makes sure correct air flow to keep you cool and comfortable.

That mesh is reached the back-rest, where you'll find boosted back support and 99 °-- 119 ° adjustability so that you can find the perfect position to match you.

Elsewhere, the PU leather armrests can be changed in three instructions (up-down, left-right, back-forth), and while there are those that do offer four-directional adjustability, it truly isn't a deal-breaker when you consider how comfortable this one feels after all-day use.

Lastly, we ought to point out that the XEUR Ergonomic Office Chair likewise showed excellent in regards to sturdiness, with the manufacturer's maximum weight capability of 300 pounds that means it's going to provide remarkable support for a very long time to come.


Easy to put together with complete ergonomic functions at a sensible cost point
Back assistance piece and contoured back-rest assistance keep a healthy working posture
Full mesh breathability, from the seat up to the adjustable headrest


Users who require additional cushioning and/or wider seat measurements may discover a contoured seat and curved lumbar support unpleasant

Oak Hollow Furnishings Aloria Series

The Oak Hollow Aloria tops our list for the very best office chair general for tall individuals. If you're 7' 1" or below, this is among the most sturdily constructed, flexible and comfy chairs you'll encounter in the market today.

The Aloria (leather edition) actually ships with 2 cylinders to dictate the seat height based on your height. The taller cylinder equates into a seat height of 19" to 23" Combined with an adjustable seat depth that can be extended all the way to 22.25" deep, and this mark off the two crucial requirements for high people that might also be big to feel comfy- ample seat height and depth.

The Aloria also gets high marks from us in ergonomics. The adjustable seat depth, the Aloria's lumbar assistance can likewise move up and down to target the area of your lower back that needs assistance the most. The armrests are 4D and can be moved in and out, a particularly crucial feature for tall individuals that may have wider shoulders. And finally, the back-rest can both tilt and recline to ease back stress. Oh, and it includes a neck rest that pivots and goes up and down to support your head at different angles.

All of these adjustments paired with a genuine leather upholstery made of cowhide has one owner gleeing that this is "the most comfortable chair [he's] ever owned ".

The Oak Hollow Aloria passes our CAD test with flying colors-- comfortable, adjustable, and long lasting-- and as such tops our list for the very best workplace chair for high people.


Ships with two cylinders to accommodate both tall and brief people
Exceptional develop quality with lifetime guarantee on elements
Adjustable seat depth and lumbar support
4D armrests


On the pricier side

BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Mesh Workplace Chairs


If you are finding a modern-day style chair with versatile functions, and the size is utilized for a slightly larger grownup, Berlman Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair will be the best selection for you to buy the chair for high people.

The item is not popular for creating top-quality material but likewise owning a range of adjustment knobs. Besides that, the knobs are integrated at crucial places like head, arms, back, etc to assist clients can impale the most hassle-free postures for work.

The integrated support frame is produced steady and long lasting for not simple breaking. Whole the chair's frame is covered by a contoured breathable mesh with premium flexibility to distribute cool air from the surrounding environment to the back of office workers.

The chair is developed with appropriate lumbar to support for customer's waist and versus spine illness.

At the top of the chair, the manufacturer has actually produced expanded and thicken headrest to not just secure the client's neck but also give a completely comfy feeling for a long time of working.

Second of all, the item contains pneumatic seat height adjustment, tilt stress knob for regulating in a comfortable posture with various stature.

Nevertheless, lots of clients delight in the design of Berlman workplace chair due to the thick padding on the armrests. Because the size of each armrest is approx. 2.15 inches so that it would be little for some a little larger individuals.

Lastly, the product has 5 chair legs with the wheels on each to support individuals for moving fastly without sound.


Easy to put together for both men and ladies
Expanded and thicken headrest with comfy
The incorporated backing frame will be resilient and stable
Appropriate lumbar supports your waist
The armrests consist of thick padding
A variety of modification knobs for all stature


The armrests can be smaller for some somewhat bigger people

Herman Miller Aeron


Customization is a crucial element for tall people to think about when selecting a chair. The Herman Miller Aeron uses 3 size alternatives to select from. Size C is the biggest and fits people as much as 6' 7 ″ tall and supports approximately 350 pounds.

You can change lots of parts with this chair, such as seat height, back support, back-rest angle, tilt tension, and armrest. Its primary feature is the PostureFitSL technology, two adjustable pads placed near the back area. They bend independently from each other and can be adjusted to fit the curvature of your spinal column. It supplies sufficient support to your lumbar and sacrum.

Temperature control also impacts your comfort and performance level. Herman Miller Aeron utilizes a special 8Z pellicle style mesh that enables air, body, and moisture heat to travel through, keeping users cool. Heat accumulation can make sitting for long hours very uncomfortable.

You can likewise adjust the back-rest into three various positions: full-recline, mid-recline and upright. If you're someone who likes to take a fast nap in your workplace, this is an exceptional feature for you. These changes also help to motivate more movement while sitting.

The only downside to the Aeron chair for high people is that it does not have a headrest, which could be problematic for taller people who like to lean back in your chair.

Luckily there are third-party headrest alternatives created particularly for the Aeron, such as the Atlas Headrest, which are both comfortable and match the natural aesthetic of the Aeron chair.


Mesh back allows air flow to keep you cool.
Adjustable pads offer lumbar support.
Herman Miller provides a 12-year service warranty.
Offered in three sizes to fit your body.
Harmonic tilt offers you a well balanced and smooth recline.


Quite pricey.
Not much cushioning.

SUNNOW Ergonomic Workplace Chair.

The Gabrylly is an all-mesh ergonomic chair with a maximum seat height of 23". That's amongst the greatest out there, and as such, is especially well suited for high individuals searching for a relatively affordable, high back-rest chair. Another noteworthy function? An ultra-large headrest that spans almost the entire width of the back-rest.

Several high owners of the Sunnow have talked about just how comfortable the chair is for them. This chair isn't just tall (seat height in between 19.3" to 23"), however the backrest is similarly so. This makes sure the neck rest can really rise high enough to fit under your cervical spine.

One owner that is 6' 5" high says he's never discovered a mesh chair as comfortable as the Sunnow, due in no little part to the specs of the chair. He also applauded the backrest recline function on the chair.

Speaking of functions, the Sunnow is relatively robust in that department. The back-rest can both tilt and recline (approximately 135 degrees), and there is adjustable lumbar support that can move both up/down and in/out. The neck rest can be adjusted the same as well, and is broad enough to cradle your head even when you turn it.


Among the tallest workplace chairs on the market
Ultra broad, adjustable neck rest.
Decent construct quality for the cost.


Not appropriate for shorter individuals due to seat height.
Mesh seat and back rather stiff.

Steelcase Gesture


Strong, clever, and effortlessly elegant, the popular Steelcase Gesture has actually shown to be one of the best-selling workplace chairs of all time thanks to its superior comfort and unbeatable toughness, boasting an optimum weight capability of 400 lbs.

That weight capability, together with three various seat height positions varying from 14.5 ″ as much as 22.5 ″, a significant 20 ″ wide seat, and an adjustable seat depth of 15.75-- 18.5 ″ all assistance make the Gesture a necessary addition to any list of the best workplace chairs for high individuals.

Still, as you may envision, there's far more to this outstanding chair than merely the ability to accommodate larger users.

The proprietary seat cushion itself is both a masterpiece and a feat of engineering, using built-in air pockets which change and adapt to your body to decrease the type of pressure that can gradually develop throughout all-day usage.

The back-rest is something special, with a contoured design that helps keep your back in its natural, S-shaped alignment to minimize neck and back pain, while the adjustable 4-D armrests can also assist avoid aching, tired shoulders.

If you're searching for an excellent chair for getting rid of neck discomfort while you work, you can likewise choose to add on an adjustable headrest for additional support.


A top-end ergonomic chair with a high back for taller users.
Sleek contemporary styling with heady task frame.
Full series of adjustability and premium materials for comfort and breathability.


The backrest is not broad enough for some users.
Yes, it's a Steelcase, so anticipate to pay a bit more!

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Workplace Chairs


For a long time resting on a monotonic workplace chair at the business and in your home, my back feels sore after working.

For that reason, I decided to own a unique recliner chair for myself to work at house conveniently, and I have been collapsed prior to the best functions of the best computer system chair for a tall person by the Duramont Adjustable Office Chair.

From my point of view, I actually enjoy using this workplace chair more than other items. The most enjoyable things for me of this chair are adjustable knobs integrated anywhere to support people for finding the most comfy sitting.

The very first knob is behind the chair utilized for changing the depth and height of the lumbar. With this function, I can absolutely eliminate the back disease and never ever have a backache any longer. Due to the fact that it doesn't have any knobs to impale the armrest height, I was so dissatisfied with the business's chair.

This knob is not popular for the office chairs, it is still essential for me to unwind, for this reason, it ends up being the main factor why I pick Duramont.

People can modify the headrest angle and height easily from 90 degrees to 100 and 120 degrees. Finally, this item still integrates other adjustable knobs including the seat height, the tilt stress, the backrest tilt.

The frame is covered by a breathable mesh that can flow the cool air to keep my back sweat-free. The mesh is made with premium elastic material so that I can take a great deal of pressure on it conveniently when finding a convenient seating position.

At the bottom of the chair legs, they include the wheels to help clients can move efficiently without sound. The chair weight capability depends on 330 pounds; thus, people with all sizes and shapes can confidently use it for their jobs.


It is easy to set up.
The headrest angle and height can be adjusted easily, in addition to the lumbar to support depth and health.
Lots of cushionings to secure client's health.
A breathable mesh to distribute cool air.
Weight capacity is up to 330 pounds.


The item includes the VOC smell of the brand-new product

Secretlab Titan XL - Best Gaming Chair for Tall Person

Secretlab Titan is the flagship model chair for Secretlab and is one of the gold standards for gaming chairs. The chair fits individuals up to 6' 10" high and supports up to 390 pounds.

The majority of video gaming chairs utilize a clunky external lumbar pillow, which can feel a little too pronounced for some gamers. The Titan XL utilizes integrated support and permits users to change the lumbar assistance's height and depth.

Another obvious difference in between this chair and other video gaming chairs is their broad and flat seat. Other chairs have seats with ridged edges. The flat seat supplies additional area for you to walk around and gives you room to spread your legs larger.

The Titan XL also has outstanding adjustability, such as the ability to recline backwards as much as 165 degrees and forward as much as 85 degrees. Some individuals like to lean forward while gaming or working. This implies you can still have appropriate back assistance and not slouch if you choose to lean somewhat forward.


Readily available in PU leather or SoftWeave material upholstery.
Secretlab provides a 5-year guarantee.
Armrests are 4D adjustable to offer your elbows and wrists a break.
Back support has height and depth adjustments.
Appropriate for tall people (advised height between 5' 11" to 6-10 ″).


Backrest unable to rock as soon as totally reclined.

Bowery Management Workplace Chair


With a breathable elastomer back-rest that flexes to support your back in any position, the high tech Bowery Management chair can be seen in the offices of lots of Fortune 500 companies such as Apple and Disney. What makes this chair a terrific choice for tall people also nevertheless is the good height variety and adjustable seat depth.

The Bowery chair comes with an optimal seat height of 22.5". The seat depth is also adjustable, and when extended completely, measures around 20". This makes the Bowery suitable for individuals below 6' 6".

Getting its design hints from Herman Miller, the Bowery is typically spoken in the exact same breath as the Sayl chair. Apart from looking beautiful in any office setting, the highlight of each chair remains in the rubber elastomer backrest that contours instantly to the shape of your back as you sit to provide constant support while staying breathable. One owner of the Bowery with pain in the back praises the back-rest for finally enabling him to sit for longer hours without discomfort.

The one downside of the Bowery is the height of the backrest. At 22" high, it simply falls short of having the ability to offer any head assistance for taller people. Taken as a mid-back chair, the height works completely to not get in the method of your neck as you sit.


Leading edge, modern design.
Rubber elastomer back-rest that offers constant back assistance.
Adjustable seat depth.
Superb customer support with 60 refund warranty.


Backrest height simply short enough that it will not cushion your head.
Cushion is rather firm and requires time to get into.

Ticova Ergonomic High Back Office Chair


Fans of the Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair heap praise on its ingenious design, with a cool, curved back-rest and headrest which promotes proper posture while likewise reacting to movements, meaning no matter what tasks you're taking on at your desk, you'll constantly be well-supported.

It's for this reason, together with the high-elastic breathable mesh and larger-than-average armrests with a concave design, that we felt forced to include the Ticova when selecting the best ergonomic workplace chairs, and it seems we're certainly not alone in that viewpoint.

Those who own a Ticova firmly insist that its adequate cushioning and game-changing back assistance make it an excellent choice for users with health conditions such as arthritis and sciatica, while taller users 6' 2 ″ and above say it's a terrific alternative for those who like designs such as the Herman Miller Embody but require a greater variety of seat and height adjustability to support their frame.


Modern design with outstanding ergonomic assistance in the back area.
Heavily padded seat with a tough base.
Constant quality ratings over numerous reviews and affordable rate point.


Best for users who need additional lumbar support. If you choose a low-profile backrest with minimal lumbar, the separate back component might be too much on the Ticova.


Tall individuals need more adjustability than an average-sized person. Because of their long limbs and size, your chair needs to be able to accommodate your particular physique. Many of our office chairs listed have plenty of ergonomic and adjustable features to alleviate pressure in your body and avoid health problems if you noticed. Getting a top-quality chair will save you a ton of tension and increase your productivity. We hope you've found our detailed guide useful in your mission to discover an ideal workplace chair!

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