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Are Gaming Office Chairs Ergonomic?

When it comes to home office furniture, gaming chairs have been sparking interest and intrigue. Many people wonder whether they're a good alternative to standard office chairs for ergonomics and comfort.

This model is based on Herman Miller's Embody design, which is also sold as high-end desk chair. It's more "gamer-y" than the others with ocean blue accents and height adjustment switches for the seat and armrests.

1. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of fitting a person, machine, or environment to maximize comfort and performance. It takes into account a variety of factors such as the body’s weight, posture, height, and the amount of movement required.

Gaming chairs usually feature a variety of ergonomic characteristics to help users comfortably play for hours on end without developing back, neck, or leg pain. Some of these features include a reclining mechanism, headrest, adjustable seat height and armrests, and adjustable lumbar support. Other features are designed to improve circulation, reduce fatigue, and increase productivity.

When compared to standard office chairs, gaming chairs tend to be more ergonomically sound than their counterparts at similar price points. For instance, gaming chairs that offer 3D armrests allow for a variety of different arm positions while most standard office chairs only offer 2D armrests.

Some gaming chairs also take inspiration from race car seats, which have bucket-style luxury sport seating primarily designed to hold the body in place inside a fast moving vehicle. While this can provide some added support for the back, it’s not ideal for long periods of sitting. For this reason, I recommend buying a gaming chair that has an angle-adjustable backrest or one that is able to lock at specific angles.

For a gaming chair that offers this type of adjustability, check out Herman Miller’s Vantum SL5800. This chair uses a patent-pending ContourMax lumbar support system that shifts to accommodate the precise movements of a gamer’s spine. While it’s not as adjustable as the Herman Miller Aeron (which might be the most iconic office chair of all time), the Vantum is an excellent choice for buyers who want to combine style and ergonomics at a mid-range price point.

2. Comfort

Whether you’re looking for an office chair to sit in while working or a gaming chair to use while playing games, both have their benefits. Both offer a comfortable seat that can save you from back pain and prevent other problems while you’re sitting for long periods of time. However, they aren’t interchangeable – depending on your work and play style, one may be better for you than the other.

Many gaming chairs have features that you won’t find in standard office chairs. For example, most racing style gaming chairs can recline to a point where you’re almost parallel with the ground. While this feature may not be necessary for everyone, it can be very beneficial for gamers who like to kick back and watch movies or stream while they’re working. In addition, most gaming chairs also have head and lumbar support pillows. These pillows are usually made of memory foam and are designed to provide superior back and neck comfort for prolonged seating periods.

Another common feature of gaming chairs is the raised lip at the front of the seat. This is a design element borrowed from actual car seats and can be very comfortable during long gaming sessions. However, it does restrict movements and doesn’t allow for as wide a range of sitting positions as an ergonomic chair with a waterfall-style seat would.

There are a few gaming chairs that have race-style seats with no raised lips, but they tend to be more expensive than models with a raised lip. If you’re looking for a high-quality, comfortable gaming chair with a lot of adjustability, the Herman Miller x Logitech Embody is an excellent option. This chair starts at $1,495, but it’s worth the investment if you enjoy your games for hours on end and want to keep your back healthy.

3. Design

The design of a gaming chair can make or break its comfort. Many have bucket seats inspired by race car seats that cradle the back. This feature screams gamer but it does little to support the user from an ergonomic standpoint. It might make you feel like you’re in a Formula 1 racing seat as you race through the streets of LA in Need for Speed, but it’s likely to cause more pain over time. Winged backrests are another unmistakably gaming chair feature but they offer lateral support and help reduce neck strain. However, they’re usually more a matter of optics than posture-precise back and shoulder support.

Office chairs are typically simpler in style. They lack the contoured shapes that mimic the natural spine curve and they don’t typically come with a headrest that cradles the neck. However, gaming chairs have a reputation for flashiness, often showcasing bright accent colors and embroidered symbols. They also have the look of luxury sports cars, which makes them a popular choice among gamers and video game streaming stars.

While gaming chairs may not be the best for office use, they’re becoming increasingly common and there’s a new breed of gaming chairs that combine posture-correcting features with office-style aesthetics. For example, the Noblechairs Hero offers a sleek black aesthetic that looks more like a professional office chair than a gaming chair. The Haworth Halo X Fern and Herman Miller’s Vantum are other examples of flashy gaming chairs that don’t compromise on support.

Nevertheless, a 2021 study out of Taiwan(6) found that traditional office chairs are more comfortable than gaming chairs based on objective joint angles and subjective discomfort reports. The researchers concluded that the difference stems from gaming chairs that are too big for their users, which pulls their knees forward and flattens the lumbar curve.

4. Adjustability

For optimal comfort, gamers should adjust their gaming chair to align their seat height with the display or monitor. While the nuts and bolts of this adjustment will vary depending on the chair and the user, there are some general guidelines that should be followed. For example, the seat should be adjusted so that the headrest is at eye level with the monitor or display to minimize neck strain. It’s also a good idea to adjust the armrests and backrest to avoid unnecessary pressure points on the shoulders and arms.

Many gaming chairs are designed with contoured shapes to fit the shape of the human body better, which provides a more comfortable feel and improved posture. For instance, most gaming chairs have winged backrests to support the spine’s natural curve and help distribute weight evenly across the upper body. This design makes them more comfortable than conventional office chairs, which are usually manufactured with aesthetics rather than ergonomics in mind.

Additionally, most gaming chairs have lumbar supports to help prevent lower back pain. Some even have a cushioned headrest to prevent neck fatigue during long gaming sessions. This is especially important for people who spend a lot of time playing video games because they typically sit in the same position for extended periods of time.

Some gaming chairs have features that make them more immersive and exciting to use, like motion compatability, which allows the chair to rock, tilt, shake, or vibrate in response to the gamer’s actions. However, these features are usually a premium add-on, and should be considered carefully before purchasing.

The most important thing to remember when selecting a gaming chair is that a premium gaming chair is worth the investment because it will provide long-term comfort and help prevent back pain. To make an informed choice, start by determining your preferences for a full or mid-back style and budget before narrowing down the upholstery, color, and size options.

5. Warranty

Choosing a gaming office chair with a limited warranty will likely limit your options for repair or replacement. It can also leave you vulnerable to unforeseen expenses. It may be more cost-effective in the long run to purchase a gaming chair with a comprehensive or unlimited warranty.

In addition to a full range of adjustments, a good gaming chair features breathable materials and cushioning to ensure adequate airflow and pressure distribution while you sit. This helps to prevent musculoskeletal issues from developing over time.

Gaming chairs were first introduced in 2006 to much derision, but now they’re a viable alternative for office seating. Their ergonomic designs support a healthy sitting posture and minimize the risk of back pain, neck stiffness, and fatigue.

The best gaming chair warranties will cover the frame, casters, and upholstery for a period of ten years or more. This is significantly longer than the warranty periods of many traditional office chairs, which only offer warranties of a few years for their components and fabric.

Some manufacturers offer additional coverage for things like stains and other problems. This can make a significant difference in the overall value of the gaming chair. In some cases, the extra protection is even more valuable than a warranty that covers only certain types of damage.

Another aspect of the gaming chair warranty to consider is the level of customer support provided. Legitimate brands typically provide crisp, 24-hour support via email or phone. In contrast, some less-established brands do not provide a dedicated support team, which can be frustrating for users who encounter problems or have questions. If the manufacturer does not have a dedicated support team, you may need to seek out another source for help.

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