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By Juno | 23 June 2021 | 0 Comments

An Ergonomic Chair For Your Work Station

chair ergonomic office

High Back Ergonomic Office Chair - For More Than Just Good Looking Office Furniture: This is a must have for your work space! The High Back Ergonomic Chair has Extra Thicker Stuffed Cushion For You Maximum Comfort Built For the Big And Tall Office Worker. Executive Chair comes with Commercial Grade structural supports up to 250lbs., built-in adjustable lumbar support, and seat cushions are removable and come with an easy-to-use swivel adjuster mechanism. The chair also comes with a full leather upholstery that is removable for cleaning.


Breathable Mesh Chair - The Breathable Mesh Chair is Perfect For All Sizes of Traditional Business Offices and Modern Corporate Offices too. The manufacturer, HON, has designed this unique chair to be very ergonomic for the right-sized office or commercial environment. The unique and revolutionary technology uses the breathable mesh seat cushion which contours to the individual body to provide maximum comfort and support in any sized seat. When you sit in the chair, the unique air-bag-like support system automatically inflates and deflates, while providing customized support and lumbar alignment for total body support. The breathable mesh back also provides superior airflow through the entire length of the back.


The HON Back Mesh Chair has a seat cushion, which can be adjusted in five different positions from upright to fully reclined. There is a high density foam cushion with a footrest for better lumbar support. The seat is constructed with a comfortable high density foam core, and includes the removable and washable dual-layer foam seat pad. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on all chairs manufactured by HON. The ergonomic chair has an adjustable lumbar support, which adjusts to a position that will conform to the natural curvature of the lower back.


This ergonomic office chairs are made with simple instructions for a very easy assembly. It comes complete with an instructional DVD which explains how to install the chair in a short amount of time and provides complete comfort and support. The chair is simple to assemble with all screws and bolts are included.


This ergonomic workstation chair has an aluminum frame with an integrated, foot operated lever and two side wheel wheels. The armrest swivels completely around to allow you to adjust the angle of the seat. The armrest has a high density foam core for maximum comfort and support, and the dual-layer footrest and seat pad are designed to mold to your body to give you the most comfortable support. The armrest has an adjustable armrest and seat pad. This chair also has an interchangeable footrest pad which can be changed out with the different styles and sizes of foot rests offered by the manufacturer.


The High Chair Ergonomic Office Chair by White River is designed with a contoured mesh backrest and seat. This workstation chair features a comfortably padded headrest, adjustable armrests, and a mesh footrest. The armrests swivel fully around for a smooth operation when seated, and the armrest and seat are designed to mold to your body to provide you the most comfortable support. This chair also includes a footrest, and the chair pad can be easily changed out. The chair's ergonomically styled base keeps this chair stable on any surface, even a desk.

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