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A Luxury Executive Office Chair That's Ergonomically Adjustable and Comfortable

Designed to create a stately presence in your office, this luxury executive office chair features traditional genuine leather seating and mahogany armrests. It’s also ergonomically adjustable and comfortable to use.

With a gold base and a 360-degree swivel, this luxurious chair is the perfect addition to any office. It’s also affordable and offers lumbar support and mobile functionality.

1. Comfort

A luxury executive office chair isn’t just about making a statement, it’s also about comfort. With stats suggesting that many of us spend up to 1900 hours a year sitting down, a well-made chair is more important than ever. But you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the comfort of a high-end seat – this budget option from OFM is the Amazon bestseller for chairs in this category, offering plenty of adjustability at an accessible price.

Its sleek golden iron frame and dark faux leather upholstery adds a premium look to any workspace, while its foam-padded seat cushion and backrest ensure optimum support for long working periods. Its ergonomic design includes a tilt, swivel, and adjustable seat height function to help you find the perfect seating position for optimum productivity. It also has a wide 19” seat with a waterfall front ledge to reduce the pressure on your knees as you work.

The plush seat is upholstered in quality Xtreme fabric with several color options to choose from, while its nail-accented scroll arms and high back design make it a stylish statement piece that would look great in a traditional workplace. The chair’s reclining mechanism and lumbar support pillow are both easily adjusted with clear controls on the right side of the seat.

The Herman Miller Sayl’s unconventional silhouette looks like a suspension bridge, but it’s much more comfortable to sit in than you might expect. While it’s not as padded as some other office chairs, the Sayl’s rubbery backrest is contoured to fit your spine and relieves pressure over time. The multi-shift seat has a tractor seat base with five heavy-duty casters for smooth maneuvering and is available in three sizes to suit your space.

2. Style

Besides being comfortable, a luxury executive chair brings a sense of style to your home office or work area. They can also make a strong impression on clients, colleagues and visitors.

The tall back and premium build quality of an executive desk chair conveys the image of power and success. They are often used by CEOs, managers or anyone who has a position of authority in their business.

A luxury leather office chair exemplifies executive class with its classic design and rich color options. Leather stays naturally cool in the summer and warm in the winter making it a great choice for any climate. It is also a durable and long-lasting material for an office chair with its ability to withstand many working hours in one sitting.

There are a number of different colors to choose from for your new executive office chair including traditional black, brown and neutral tones like white and wood grain. Non-traditional shades such as red and white can also be a great choice for a creative office decor or to add some flair to your space.

For example, the iDesk Curva mid back mesh executive chair from Cherryman Industries offers a beautiful take on a simplistic design. This luxury office chair features a graphite mesh chair back curved for lumbar support with brushed aluminum armrests and caster base.

The Trio Supply House PerforOmance Office Chair is another great example of a luxury chair that combines high-performance ergonomics with a luxurious design. This high-back chair features protective lumbar pads, four lockable positions and a waterfall seat to keep your legs cool. It also has a 360deg swivel and tilt tension control to ensure you get the most out of your time in this chair.

3. Ergonomics

If you’re looking to splurge on a luxury office chair, make sure it includes ergonomic features that help keep you comfortable through long work hours. Look for adjustable lumbar support, seat height, armrests, headrest and more to find a chair that works with your body’s physiology. You may also want to choose a chair that swivels 360 degrees and has casters with a soft coating so it doesn’t scratch or damage your desk or floor.

Ergonomics is the science of working, which can be applied to any kind of job or activity. Ergonomics seeks to improve the safety and comfort of office workers by taking into account physical factors like the position of your back, arms and legs while considering psychological elements such as stress and discomfort.

When it comes to the ergonomics of a luxury executive office chair, the more adjustments, the better. The Oslo for example, while it looks like the prototypical high back office chair, boasts a knee-tilt mechanism, ratchet back height adjustment and eight different armrest options. This makes it the best ergonomic chair of 2018.

In addition to adjusting the height, position and angle of your seat, you should also pay attention to the ergonomics of the headrest. Most executive chairs will include a head pillow with a soft, pillow-like cushion for you to rest your head on. There are some chairs that do not have a headrest at all and instead just have a higher back for your head to rest on, which is more common in modern mesh and traditional leather choices.

If you’re going for a more luxurious design, the Python II is an excellent option that blends modern ergonomic features with a decadently plush look. It has a lockable recline mechanism, four locking positions, eco-friendly body materials and protective lumbar support to name just a few of its many functions.

4. Flexibility

A luxury executive office chair is more than just a status symbol; it should also support the body during long meetings or grueling work sessions. That’s why a good executive chair will have multiple ergonomic adjustments that allow the user to move and adjust their posture throughout the day.

For example, KCream offers an executive chair with a versatile backrest that can tilt, rock and recline up to 135 degrees. This helps ease back pressure over the course of a day, making it easier to concentrate and keep working productively. This flexibility is also important because it allows the sitter to shift their position without breaking focus or having to stand up and move around, which can actually cause more pain than it solves.

The Herman Miller Gesture chair is another great example of an executive office chair with a flexible backrest. While most executive chairs have a rigid mesh back, the Gesture chair is made of a soft plastic that bends with the sitter to avoid straining or stiffness. This flexibility, combined with the countless other ergonomic features, makes this an executive chair that’s truly worthy of its price tag.

Another example of a flexible executive chair is Knoll’s ReGeneration chair. While many mesh-backed chairs have a lot of give, it can sometimes make them lose their structure and support over time. Knoll’s ReGeneration chair is designed with a more stable, yet flexible elastomer back that provides the same flex as mesh, but still maintains stability and a supportive shape.

If you’re looking for a sleek, elegant, and sophisticated executive office chair that will make a statement in any workspace, look no further than the Trio Supply House PerforOmance Office Chair. Featuring a gold metal base, 360deg swivel, and a luxurious polyurethane leather that looks like real leather but is much cheaper (bonded leather uses leftover hide pieces, shavings and dust bonded together with a polyester resin), this executive chair will not only look classy, but it’ll also last for years to come.

5. Flexibility

A luxury executive chair should offer a wide range of adjustments to fit different body types. It should let you adjust the height of the seat so your thighs are parallel to the floor, the backrest angle, tilt, arm height and width, and more. The best chairs can also allow you to rock and recline, which is great for alleviating lower back pressure. The KCream Executive Leather Desk Chair can do all that and more, letting you rock and recline up to 135 degrees. This is a rare feature for executive office chairs, which makes it ideal for a quick CEO nap.

The iDesk Curva Mid Back Mesh Executive Chair is another top pick that offers plenty of flexibility. It has a mesh back that can be curved for better lumbar support, plus brushed aluminum armrests and caster base. It's also one of the most mobile in our testing, gliding effortlessly from hard floors to rugs with ease.

Real or faux leather is usually the fabric of choice for a luxury office chair, as it gives off an air of status and sophistication. It's durable and relatively easy to clean, but can be a bit hot during long meetings or sedentary work sessions. A mesh option may not feel as luxurious, but it can help you stay cool during prolonged sitting periods by allowing heat and moisture to escape through the small holes in the material. The Sayl Executive Office Chair from Wellworking offers all the adjustable features of a traditional leather executive chair, but in a more portable and flexible design. This chair can fold up for storage and swivels on quiet, noise-reducing casters.

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