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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Four Person Workstation

A simple four person workstation design that offers plenty of storage. Note the acrylic and visconti fabric desk dividers which promote privacy between the four workers. Constructed from commercial laminate the top and base can be contrasted in finishes such as Aspen, Espresso, Modern Walnut or Newport Gray.

Participants in the Stand@Work study exhibited clear patterns of use for sitting and standing, citing task-based, time-based and non-specific routines.

four person workstation


A four person workstation is a great way to encourage team building and collaboration in the workplace. These workstations are perfect for offices that have a large number of part-time employees and temporary contractors, as they provide them with a dedicated space to do their work. They are also easy to clean and offer privacy as needed.

The Corben two person L shaped workstation set features a 66"W x 63"D desktop with a user curve and is available in either mocha cherry or red-coloured hansen cherry finish. It includes a mobile pedestal in each cube that provides storage for important documents and supplies. A tackboard allows users to pin inspiration and messages and an overhead flipper door storage cabinet (30"W x 12"D) holds additional office supplies. An adjustable paper tray and pencil cup complete the set.

Another good option is the four-person workstation from Bush Business Furniture. It offers a simple configuration that can be assembled quickly. The 60W x 24D desks include built-in wire management and a thermally fused laminate finish that resists scratches and stains. It also has a low 45H panel that separates the desks to maintain privacy and enhance focus. Four lockable filing cabinets accommodate legal and letter-sized files.

This Harmony Collection Elements series four-person workstation is a more open design that works well in an open office layout. It has an open bookcase and storage cabinet that can be positioned in any of five sizes from 144" x 120" to 144" x 144" so there is some wiggle room for sizing. It features acrylic desk dividers for privacy and to reduce noise, as well as commercial laminate desktops and legs that can be contrasted or matched with finishes such as Aspen, Espresso, Modern Walnut, Newport Gray, or White.


A four person workstation is a great way to create a collaborative and productive office environment. These desks are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any office space. There are also a variety of accessories to choose from, such as desk drawers and pegboards. These workstations can be used for both home and business use.

One popular style of four person workstation is the l shaped cube setup. This type of workstation uses an L shaped desk for each worker and includes a set of cabinets for storage. This arrangement is a great choice for offices with limited floor space since it takes up less room than a traditional cubicle.

Another option for a four person workstation is the u shaped desk setup. This type of workspace features a large u shaped desk for each worker and a set of cabinets for storage. This is a great option for offices with limited floor space because it saves room and still provides ample storage space.

These workstations are a good choice for companies that want to create an open plan office space. They are easy to move and can be configured in many different ways. These workstations are also durable and come with a five year warranty.

If you're looking for a simple solution to create an efficient four person workspace, consider the Bush Business Furniture Easy Office 60W 4 Person Cubicle Desk Workstation with File Cabinets and 45H Panels. This workstation features matching 60W x 24D desktops that have built-in wire management and a thermally fused laminate finish that resists scuff marks. It also includes a lockable filing cabinet that can accommodate letter, legal and A4-sized documents. Low 45H panels separate the desks, enhancing privacy while allowing employees to communicate with each other.


The materials used to create a four person workstation will greatly influence its style and strength. Many options are available, from high-quality metal and commercial laminate to more durable solid woods such as maple or birch. Solid woods tend to be more expensive, but they offer greater durability and a richer finish. Another option is medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which has a similar look and feel to solid wood but is more affordable.

This Groupe Lacasse Contemporary and Affordable series four person workstation includes a unique overhead hutch between the workstations that provides an excellent storage solution for the space. Each worker gets a full L shaped desk, which is the most popular type of desk in office furniture. There are two removable drawers in each cube for personal storage and an open bookcase that offers ample workspace to display books and other items. An overhead flipper door storage cabinet holds extra supplies and a 16"W x 30"H tackboard is ideal for pinning inspiration or messages to colleagues.

Another option from the Harmony Collection Elements series is a four person workstation that will fit into a modern office with ease. The top and base can be contrasted in finishes including Aspen, Espresso, Mahogany, Newport Gray, and White. Each workstation has an acrylic privacy panel that separates and acts as a small noise breaker between the four workers.

This Corben variation of a four person workstation includes a more traditional layout with one worker getting an L shaped desk and the other three receiving U shaped returns that are installed on both sides of the desktop. The return features a built-in storage tower that holds a printer, file cabinet, and additional books or supplies.


The Corben four person work station is a popular option for offices or educational institutions that need to maximize space and money. This workspace includes a set of four L shaped desks with overhead storage, which offers plenty of room for everyone to store their things and have their own personal space. The Corben is available in a variety of sizes and finishes, so you can find the best fit for your office.

The PL Laminate series of four person workstations from Harmony Collection is another great option for offices looking to upgrade their furniture. Each desk is an L shaped work surface, the most popular shape in office furniture. The desks are separated by acrylic and visconti fabric privacy panels, which help keep noise levels low between workers. The panels are also pinnable, so they can be used to display memos or pictures.

This style of workstation is a good choice for offices that want to encourage teamwork and collaboration. The layout of the desks allows employees to easily talk to one another and discuss projects. The privacy panels are also a good way to reduce reverberation and unwanted office noise. This type of workstation is also a good choice for offices that have an open concept floor plan.

Another way to create a four person workstation is with a desk pod. These workstations are usually made up of four L shaped desks, two with left returns and two with right returns. The desks are then paired together and placed back to back so that the corners of the desks meet in the middle. The pod can then be topped with a shared file cabinet or other types of storage.


A 4 person workstation should offer plenty of options for storage. This is a very important factor in helping you decide whether or not this type of configuration is right for your office. If your employees are constantly referring back to documents, files and notes it might be best for you to consider investing in a cube with ample storage space. There are many different options for organization in a cubicle, including stationary and mobile upper cabinets that can accept legal and letter-sized filing. Some workstations also feature adjustable paper tray holders and pencil cups that attach to the desktop walls. This is a great option for offices that require an organized workspace for their team members.

You can find a number of styles of 4 person workstations available online, from traditional to modern and everything in between. Look for one that fits the overall vibe of your workplace and that matches your corporate color palette. Also, make sure the furniture is made from durable materials and carries a manufacturer's warranty.

For example, this Harmony Collection PL Laminate series four person workstation features a set of desks with plenty of storage in a contemporary design. This configuration includes four L shaped desks that can be positioned side to side or back to back. There is a low 45H panel between the desks that provides privacy and helps to reduce noise. The top and base of this workstation are available in several finishes that can be contrasted or mixed and matched.

Another good thing about a 4 person workstation is that it allows your team members to work together more efficiently. They can easily communicate with each other, which is a big benefit for companies that rely on teamwork and collaboration to achieve their goals. They can easily brainstorm ideas and quickly share information with their coworkers. Additionally, these workstations provide opportunities for team building and encourage a positive office culture.

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