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By Juno | 21 July 2022 | 0 Comments

4 Great Places to Find Office Furniture

Office Furniture

The office furniture industry has been experiencing difficult times. Consumers are choosing work-at-home furniture that's delivered in a single box and assembled quickly. Manufacturers are battling to remain competitive with these customers. The challenge for these businesses is to remain profitable and continue expanding their product lines. However, there are some great places to find high-quality office furniture. Listed below are some of these places. And remember, your search doesn't have to end there!


Founded in 1931, the HON Office Furniture Factory was known for its quality products and competitive prices. The company's original name was Home-O-Nize, and Stanley designed many of his products using scrap metal. His first office product was a recycled aluminum index card file, and this marked the start of an impressive dynasty of office products. Today, the HON Company is the go-to name for small and medium business office furniture.

From the Contain line of storage cabinets to the Brigade line of storage cabinets, the HON Company has a wide selection of furniture for any type of office. From personal towers with file drawers to fully assembled conference tables with two Chrome handles for added security, HON provides the perfect solution for your needs. And because HON offers so many different designs, there's a perfect piece for every space. Choose from ergonomically designed chairs and desks, or a variety of other pieces that coordinate with the rest of HON's office furniture.


For nearly a century, Steelcase has been trusted to deliver high-quality furniture and services. The company's mission is to create spaces that empower people to thrive in their work. In accordance with its ESG objectives, Steelcase is committed to making products that benefit people and the environment while supporting sustainable practices across its entire value chain. During the early 1990s, the company faced flat sales and was forced to make significant cutbacks and layoffs, but managed to avoid the disastrous fate of rival Herman Miller and Ford. Its strategy of putting people first and making savings was instrumental to turning around the company's fortunes and helped it grow.

The Innovation Center, home to Steelcase's research and development division, is a hotbed of innovation. Its facilities boast treadmills in front of stand-up desks, soundproof "enclaves" for team meetings, drop-in-drop-out video conferencing suites, and bizarre lounge chairs. Steelcase is no stranger to reinventing the office space. It once housed its research and development operation inside an opulent glass pyramid, which cost $111 million to build.

Founded in 1912, Steelcase, Inc. is the world's largest office furniture manufacturer. In the US alone, it has led the office furniture industry for 24 years. Today, Steelcase provides its products to businesses through an international network of independent dealers in over six hundred locations. Its expertise and customer support make Steelcase a trusted partner for any project. Its products are used by some of the world's most prestigious companies.

Steelcase's first manufacturing facility in the Middle East was built in 2013 and employs 100 people. The facility is located in Chakan, near Pune, and is 5,000 square meters in size. According to Uli Gwinner, President of Steelcase Asia, the company wanted to take advantage of India's growth potential by creating a factory in the country. This would mean faster delivery of products to customers, resulting in a better reputation for the company.

Knoll Inc.

Despite its recent IPO, Knoll has been undergoing an intense restructuring process. The company's executive officers and directors hold indirect interests in the company. A pending shareholder lawsuit was filed by the shareholders, and the company restructured itself. The company filed annual reports and proxy statements with the SEC in April and March of the current year. A detailed timeline is provided below. Read on to learn more about the company's transformation.

The merger will create a premier modern design company with 19 leading brands, a presence in more than 100 countries, a global dealer network, and more than 50 physical retail locations. The combined company will have pro forma annual revenue of $3.6 billion and adjusted EBITDA of $552 million, as well as $100 million in cost synergies. The combined company will have an adjusted EBITDA margin of 16%. While the deal is expected to take place within the first half of 2019, investors should expect the merger to close in the third quarter of calendar year 2021.

In 1970, corporate America began building billions of square feet of office space. Knoll was able to capitalize on this surge in demand by expanding their manufacturing capacity. With the addition of contract sales, Knoll's designs began to evolve to meet the needs of the changing office market. Increasingly, the company focused on thoughtful design, innovation, and affordability. Its designers included Vico Magistretti and Kazhuhide Takahama. Warren Platner worked for Tobia Scarpa and Vico Magistretti. Knoll's success was recognized when the company staged a major exhibit of Knoll furniture at the Louvre Museum of Arts and Culture in 1972.

Currently, Knoll, Inc. designs and manufactures office systems, including tables, desks, storage mechanisms, textiles, and more. Knoll also produces textiles on contract, markets and sells computer support accessories. The company has manufacturing facilities in Michigan and Belgium. And the company's products are sold through independent dealers in Europe, the Pacific Rim, and Latin America. These companies are headquartered in Grand Rapids and Muskegon, Michigan.


The National Office Furniture factory has been manufacturing and selling quality office furniture in the same location in Jasper, IN, since 1989. The company is a trusted source of custom office furniture. This business concentrates on vertical markets, including education and healthcare. Tables, chairs, and storage are some of the company's most popular products. In addition, Business Environments is the only dealer in Evansville, IN, near National's corporate headquarters. National Office Furniture is a subsidiary of Kimball International, with headquarters in Jasper, IN, and manufacturing facilities in Santa Claus, Indiana and Fordsville, Kentucky.

The company has been in business for 42 years, specializing in office supplies and furniture. Kourtney Smith is the President of the company. The company is headquartered in Jasper, Indiana, USA, and employs between twenty-five and a hundred employees. National Office Furniture's mission is to "create a better environment for people to work."

This manufacturing facility has been recognized for its sustainability efforts. Its Santa Claus facility is the first LEED-certified office furniture facility in Indiana, and the 11th in the state. In addition to increasing recycling areas, the company has instituted a green cleaning policy and made use of regionally manufactured, high-recycled, and recycled materials in its products. The Santa Claus facility also is a member of the Indiana Environmental Stewardship Program, and an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) site.

In addition to providing office furnishings, National also provides a variety of office accessories, such as telemarketing cubicles. The company also offers lighting, fabric, and architectural walls to help clients create the perfect office environment. Further, it offers a complete range of furniture to meet the unique needs of different clients. If you're in need of custom office furniture, check out National Office Interiors and Liquidators, a full service manufacturer that offers a variety of options for businesses.


The HNI Corporation is a global manufacturer of office furniture, workspace accessories, and hearth products. The company started small but has grown into a major business, with showrooms in Mexico and the United States. Their product line includes everything from office desks to fireplaces. Their customers include retailers, wholesalers, federal and state governments, and other businesses. HNI has an extensive line of products that are sold through its showrooms and online store.

The HNI Corporation is an NYSE-listed company that provides products and solutions for the home and workplace. They produce the second largest office furniture manufacturer in the world, in addition to manufacturing hearth products. They have strong brands across all areas of their business, from office furniture to seating systems to fireplaces. The company is headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa, and has subsidiaries throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

HNI Corporation has announced plans to open an office furniture manufacturing facility in Saltillo, Mexico. The new 160,000 square-foot facility will employ 250 workers and will begin production in the first quarter of 2022. The new plant is expected to be located in the Mencorsa Industrial Park and Colonia San Jose de los Cerritos. The company also plans to increase staff levels in other locations. This new expansion will help the company continue to expand.

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