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By Pompey | 03 January 2022 | 0 Comments

30 Best Flexible Seating Options for Modern Classroom

Isn't it true that school appears to drag on interminably? Scool desks and chairs in classrooms had to be fastened to the floor with bolts because they were so rigid.


The monotony of classroom sitting might be depressing for students, but you'd be surprised at the positive effects different classroom seating can have.


Fortunately, teachers and students are benefiting greatly from the advent of flexible seats.


A number of studies have indicated that students who utilize bean bag seats, sofas, and wobbling stools are more focused. They use the student's accumulated energy to create a joyful and educational experience that benefits both body and mind.


Not everyone appreciates the convenience of movable chairs. Others aren't quite ready to give up their regular school desks and chairs set just yet. Some teachers enjoy them. If you're interested in giving it a shot, here are some of the greatest options available right now.

1. Safco Products Zenergy Stability Exercise Ball Chair


These sleek, futuristic ball chairs include detachable legs that glide across floors. When completely inflated, the chair is around 23 inches tall, making it a better alternative for older kids.

2. Library Trio - Set of 3 Primary

This three-piece set of foam cushion chairs is great for establishing a reading area. Place them among shelves of picture books to provide a warm spot for young readers to sit while they turn the pages. The vinyl surface is designed to be easily cleaned.


3. Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Children's Balance Ball


When not in use, this balancing ball comes with its own legs to help hold it in place. When children sit on it, it acts similarly to any other balancing ball. These reasonably priced flexible seating choices are available in a variety of sizes and colors. We suggest purchasing a size larger than you believe you require.

4. Kindermat Floor Seats, Story Time Cushions


Every small child who has ever attended library storytime will remember these pillows! They are well-liked for a reason. A four-pack is economical, and they are built to last. Take note that these pillows are somewhat little, making them ideal for the Pre-K audience.


5. Gaiam Kids Balance Ball

Additionally referred to as yoga or workout balls, these colossal balls let children gently bounce while seated and promote proper posture. A stability ball is one of the more economical solutions for flexible sitting. If you're concerned about them rolling away, consider making inexpensive stands out of pool noodles.


6. KidsErgo Ergonomic Stool for Active Sitting

Who wouldn't want to sit on this? The base of the accordion-style chair is a little squeezed so that you can keep moving forward, back, and side to side in small steps. “I got two of these with a Donors Choose project for my first-grade classroom. They are a great height for my students.” says one Amazon reviewer. “One thing I really appreciate is that they all for students to wiggle and move, but are still stable and don’t encourage spinning.”


7. ​​Studico Wobble Chair for Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers 

These wobble stools can be found in classrooms all over the United States. These are great for teachers because they're easy to set up. Getting it out of the box is all that takes. They work for students of all ages. They're very strong and come in a lot of different colors, so they're good for a long time. Many different heights can be found, too.


8. Flex-Space Giant Comfy Pillows

These large pillows are also suitable for older children. And, while there are other huge pillows on the market, these pillows feature a zip-off cover that is machine washable.


9. Trideer Inflated Wobble Cushion

If your budget is limited for the wobble stools, try wobble cushions instead. They're inexpensive and can be utilized on the floor or in conjunction with a standard desk chair. One Amazon reviewer says, “I purchased this for my son to use in kindergarten. His teacher noticed some improvement once he started sitting on it during school hours. Before he got it, he would roll around in his chair and plank on his desk, etc. he does still have some wiggles but they are much more controlled now. Very glad we found out about this and wish we knew it existed sooner in the school year!”


10. Storex Height Adjustable Wiggle Stool


Are you looking for adaptable seating that will develop with your students? These stools are fantastic! They are available in 12-18′′ and 12-24′′ heights, as well as a variety of colors. Simply add or remove the center supports as necessary. The slightly angled bottoms allow children to wriggle discreetly while working or to utilize their core to keep the stool stable.


11. Flex-Space Comfy Curved Seat


There are several ways to arrange these curved seats, which makes them a very adaptable furniture piece for the classroom. You can rely on them for a long time because of their wipe-clean vinyl and sturdy wood construction.


12. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool

This unique design combines a balance ball with a moving stool. It's adjustable from 18 to 23 inches, so it'll fit the majority of older students in this age range. For safety protection, the wheels are locked in place.


13. Adapta-Bench

These clever seats can function as tables for younger kids. When configured as tables, they double as adult benches. Numerous applications!


14. Vidget 3-in-1 Active & Flexible Seating


Flexible seating solutions are not just for little children! Vidget's 3-in-1 components are available in a range of sizes, allowing them to be used from pre-K through high school. Each of them may function as a chair, desk, or stool.


15. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

For people who prefer to lean forward or even work on their knees, this stool is an excellent method to maintain proper posture while still working. You may modify the height to accommodate students in middle or high school.


16. Flash Furniture Mobile Tablet Arm Chair with Book Storage

This is similar to a lot of high school desks, except that it is designed to be readily moved. We really love the underground storage room for books or bags.


17. Topeakmart Round Plastic Stack Stools 

While simple stools are not pleasant to sit on all day, they are ideal for group work or pulling up next to a kid who requires assistance. They stack nicely when not in use, allowing you to store them out of the way. They are available in sets of five or ten.


18. Safco Twixt Active Seating Extended-Height Stool

Are you interested in experimenting with stools with older students? These are an excellent alternative, particularly if you want some to accompany higher tables or standing workstations. Additionally, they are available at conventional desk height.


19. Big Joe Bean Bag Fabric Chair


Add a few of these to your reading nook and your children will never want to leave! They're a cross between a beanbag and a lounge chair, with an easy-to-clean vinyl cover.


20. Flex-Space Ergo Bounce Cantilever Chairs

These ergonomically built chairs allow children to sit upright or lean forward comfortably. Additionally, these chairs have some give, allowing children to bounce to work out their fidgets.


21. American Plastic Toys Children's Scoop Rocker Chair 

Scoop rockers are a teacher's favorite! When they are placed on the floor, children will rock and recline while working individually or in groups. At less than $10 a piece when purchased in a set of six, this is one of the most affordable flexible seating solutions. A teacher in Amazon says, “We got these for a kindergarten class for her reading area. They are a great addition! Very durable. The kids think they are the best!”


22. Flex-Space Comfy Floor Seats

This adjustable cushioned seat is suited for ages eight and above and allows you to sit comfortably on the floor at any time and in any location. Lay them flat and stack them up at the end of the day. The detachable and machine-washable cloth cover is an added bonus.


23. FDP SoftScape Butterfly Stool Modular Seating Set

Another excellent option for younger students. The set includes six lightweight stools in a variety of colors. You have the option of a 10′′ or 12′′ height. They have a wipe-clean surface as well as a non-skid bottom. "My pupils love utilizing these as a flexible seating choice in our classroom," one reviewer comments. They're long-lasting, comfy, and portable."


24. ECR4Kids The Surf Portable Lap Desk, Flexible Seating 

Some children prefer to work on the floor. If that's the case, these lap desks are an excellent method to provide them with a stable working surface. They're also great for getting pupils outside for class. They are available in a wide range of hues. If you enjoy these, you can buy a pack of ten to make them even cheaper.


25. Crazy Carpet Circle Seats


These carpet circle seats have been proven by teachers to help the kids stay focused, limit fidgeting, and sit still in their favorite color during storytime and other classroom group activities. One teacher on Amazon says, “I purchased these for our Children's Department at our church. I needed something to mark "Spots" for the children so they wouldn't swim around on the floor constantly. These have been PERFECT! I do have to tell the kids not to pick them up and throw them like a Frisbee, but that's to be expected with K-6th graders. It really brightens up our worship room, and all of the volunteers love them as well. They are very well made, and they look like they'll last many years of kid abuse. :) I would highly suggest these to anyone looking for rugs for a kids’ space.”


26. Costzon Kids Sofa, 2-in-1 Flip Open Couch 

This kids couch with a 2-in-1 design can be simply transformed into a lounger or a sleeper, meeting the various demands of children. As a result, your children may sit on the sofa and read books, watch movies, play games, and snack. Furthermore, people can lie down to rest. This sofa is especially perfect for preschool kids and kindergarten children.


27. FDP SoftScape Bean Puffs Seating Set

SoftScape Puffs Bean Bag Seats are ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. Seats come in a bundle of two and are vibrant and lively, making them ideal for sitting with your closest friend or sibling for tales, snacks, or games.


Kids may simply pick up or roll their puff to their preferred area because it is soft and lightweight. Puffs include double-stitched seams for strength and two child-proof locking zippers to keep beads inside.


The textured non-slip bottom keeps the chairs in place while in use. The smooth, leather-like polyurethane material is long-lasting and simple to care for; simply wipe clean with a moderate soap and water solution. For children aged 2-4 years, a height of 10" is recommended.


28. FDP SoftScape Round Two-Tone Accent Ottoman

SoftScape Accent Ottomans will help you create a trendy modern setting for your youngster. These two-tone circular ottomans come in a variety of colors and may be used in any environment, including living rooms, playrooms, schools, learning centers, libraries, and more.


This lightweight, adaptable seating solution allows children to sit in a circle or spread out throughout the room. Built of a soft, yet firm foam and coated in a colorful polyurethane material that is durable and simple to clean - simply wipe clean with a moderate soap-and-water solution. While in use, a textured non-slip base helps keep ottomans in place.


29. Kids Modular Flexible Seating Set


Create personalized sitting situations that are ideal for children's personal space. The kids couch set is made of high-quality foam that provides a nice sensation, and it is where your young infants can completely enjoy themselves.


They are free to mix and match the chair sets! Bright and brilliant colors, combined with fan-shaped seats, offer kinds of combinations, allowing children to stimulate imagination and improve organizational skills, ideal for group activities in preschools and leisure at home. Furthermore, the ottomans supplied may be used as stools or as a table to dine, read, or play.


30. SoftScape Round Floor Cushions with Handles

Cozy floor cushions that you can easily transport to your favorite area! SoftScape Floor Cushions are an easy way to incorporate flexible seating into any setting.


Each cushion in the set has sewn-in handles and is 2" thick. Ideal for gathering on the floor for tales, refreshments, games, or simply hanging out! The soft, multicolored polyurethane material is long-lasting and simple to care for; simply wipe clean with a moderate soap and water solution. The non-slip foundation keeps the cushions in place while in use. Children above the age of two are advised to use this product.



So, what are your favorite flexible seating options for the classroom? After reading our comprehensive reviews, I believe you already have an answer.

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