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By Pompey | 23 January 2022 | 0 Comments

11 Most Popular Office Reception Sofa Ideas in 2022

Many of us spend more than half of our day in the office, do not we? Office sofas design acts as a centerpiece for the reception area, balancing the area’s comfort and aesthetic elegantly. Since your office has a fair amount of visitors, it’s vital to consider the furniture’s reliability creating a stunning 1st impression. These reception sofa ideas creating a professional look in a commercial area. Read on to know more about different reception offices on ideas from this blog to make a sound choice.

Chesterfield Sofas

Chesterfield couches are one of the best types of couches that stood very strong in the test of time. Being one of the most top sofa designs for reception, a chesterfield couch is a big sofa that will roll arms. The actual design is upholstered in dark lush leather and has deep button tufting entire over and nailhead trim. The modern design of the chesterfield couch, on the other hand, took a light turn and exchanged the hefty actual with velvet or other material. They normally have taller legs as well as smaller arms and backs.

Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are one of the well-known options for reception sofas. The sectional sofa is composed of many independent pieces, with a very common number of three to five. Due to this top quality, most sectional sofas can be arranged in reception areas. Normally, the majority of this kind of couch will include a back cushion and seat cushion.
Several people find section sofa extremely practical and very durable because of versatile features and number of models. 2 of the most common configurations are U-shaped and L-shaped.

Mid-Century Modern Sofa

With the recent surge in the fame of the Mid-Century Modern Sofa, the style of the couch is a very hot item. Whether true vintage, reproduction, or new styles that incorporate Mid-Century Modern couch elements, these are versatile couches. Most often used in a minimalist and mid-century style, they’re great for adding a retro feel to a reception area. The distinguishing elements add to the exposed legs as well as the linear framework. Most of the Mid-Century Modern couches, not all every piece – will have a few tufting on the back.

L-Shaped Sofa

Perfect for the reception area, the L-shaped couch can be an ideal choice when looking for a practice item that can provide you a section benefit. Though it might look slightly bulky, this reception sofa style provides the reception area with a timeless feel along with very comfortable seating. This type of sofa’s specialty is that it does not leave out a one-room you can’t use.

English Rolled Arm Sofa

English rolled arm couches are very comfortable thanks to the soft and big cushions at the back and for the seats. Low arms are great option to sit and exposed legs keep this couch style from feeling too imposing or heavy. It originated at the move of the century and can be linked with something common in the English countryside. Individual characters normally include low exposed legs, a tight back, and generous cushions, soft and recessed arms. Though it’s considered a classic style, it’s also an ideal addition to a modern reception space thanks to its versatile and comfortable look.

Camelback Sofa

This type of sofa has a trademark curved line on the back of a couch – the hump that reminds of a namesake animal. Besides it, this couch set features no cushions and bare legs. The camelback sofa becomes very famous in the eighteenth century as a refined-looking furniture piece. Now, it’s also considered extremely stylish, particularly when it is equipped with luxurious material.

Tuxedo Sofa

The type of couch is possibly the squarest on top 10 reception sofa ideas – it features top square sofa arms that are in stage with the straight back and linked to it at a ninety-degree angle. It originated in NY in the 20s, a time when the incredible Art Deco style dominated the design world.

Though it’s not extremely comfortable, the Tuxedo couch is considered very classy and good-looking. Keep in mind, that they're even more couch sand sofa styles beyond the basic ones. By competing to make something attractive and new for the furniture market, the designers have made several hybrid pieces.

Corner Sofa

If you’re a person who does not want to waste any corner of your reception area, a corner couch is an ideal choice. This reception corner sofa is a safe-efficient option, and this sofa adds a unique and natural element to your reception area. It also works as a practical way to divide an open area elegantly.

Leather Sofa


Leather is one of the most common materials used in manufacturing reception sofas. Several of us remember sliding off the sofa as kids. Unlike the most common design styles, the sofa’s rectangular form with a comfortable hand rest on either side makes it an ideal addition to any area in your workplace especially the reception area. The black color of this couch with a glossy finish elevates the space.

Contemporary Style 3-Seat Sofa

A 3 seat couch is a mush have for every office, regardless of how small or big they’re. When it comes to conventional sofas, Lawson, Chesterfield or camelback used to be the main option among offices. Though, with more and more people opting for sofas with smooth, clean lines with minimalistic touch, modern design is rapidly gaining fame.

Modern sofas designs normally take inspiration for multiple periods and incorporate functions that work well with a huge range of themes and decors. These types of couches normally boast deep cushions, pronounced edges, soft material, straight arms, and simplistic shapes. If this design looks slightly minimalistic for your reception, you can always add some colorful pillows son your new couch to brighten up the space.

Cabriole Sofa

Inspired by the eighteen-century style, the Cabriole couch is made in curvy style. With the upper section curving outwards while the lower part curving inwards; it forms a soft S-shape. It has no continuous lines or back cushions. It has curved legs and wood trims.

Final Thoughts 

After thinking of these great 11 ideas of office reception sofa, next important thing is to find a reliable office sofa manufacturer. Meet&Co Office Furniture is one of the best office sofa manufacturers on the market for over 12 years. We have a full rang of office sofa production line. If you need a large quantity or customized order for office reception sofa, feel free to contact us!

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