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By Pompey | 19 August 2021 | 3 Comments

10 Tips You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Sofa for Office Reception

The reception space is normally known to be the primary entrance of the workplace. It shows companies' identify as well as the level of professionalism. Therefore, it’s very important to have an attractive reception space to make a perfect impression and positive impact on clients.

Forever keep in mind, the interior look of your work area can also be one of the main factors for your brand's success or failure. To keep your company’s image graph in a high state, it’s extremely vital to make the correct choice for your office sofas, particularly for your office reception area. Here are the 10 tips you need to consider before choosing a sofa for office reception.

Room Shape and Size

The primary point of taking into account while selecting a sofa for office reception is considering your area size and shape, measure the reception area you’ve already designated for our new office sofa, consider the area’s size and space. Taking note that office sofa’s measurement and marking them on your reception area and floor with string is a great point to consider, this technique helps to ensure that the office reception sofa will adjust the space without any issue.

Select office sofa according to our wall decoration

For any decoration to look flawless, you need every element to complement each other. In recent times, minimalism and modern decoration go hand in hand. If the full decoration of your reception area is modernized; choose an office sofa that complements the area’s wall color and decoration. You can go for white, grey, and beige-colored office sofas for your modern reception area.

But if the theme of your office reception area is traditional, you’ll have to focus on elegance. Standard reception areas feature warm colors. Some most commonly utilized colors are brown and beige with little variations.

Select the best material for the reception sofa

To select a sofa set for the office reception area, one of the main facts to consider is the material. The fabric of the most comfortable material provides diversity in styles and colors at a similar time. Fabrics are relative, costly, but it needs right maintenance. Apart from it, you can also buy a leather office sofa for your reception area, which lasts for years.

The leather office sofa is low maintenance and easy to clean. This is normally sold in primary colors, but this goes perfectly with most reception areas. Not just leather, but also artificial leather is also one of the decent forms of leather. Synthetic leather sofas are relatively very cheaper as compared to original leather office sofas. These are water-resistant and don’t need any complicated procedures to clean wash them. But at the same moment synthetic material is less durable.

Consider the Comfort

Before you select an office sofa, you have to check its fit rightly. There’s no sense in considering the ideal reception sofa if it does not fit you well. The seats have to be comfortable for every user. When you are buying an office sofa, you have to make sure that this is comfortable from every side.

The primary fit takes into account should be the depth of the seat. Select deep or shallow seats, it is all depending on the average heights of your staff. The office sofa back needs to support your back efficiently with your feet flat on the surface, and your knees a little forward of the lower area seat cushion.

Invest in quality fillings

Polyurethane foam is a very common cushion filling that is very durable and simple to care for. But always be selective, foam that is too dense can feel a little hard, and foam that is too soft can worsen quickly with daily use. Firm foam covered in polyester, high resilient foam covered in down and feather. It is plump, lush, and very long-lasting.


Every office sofa contains coils, ties, or webbing that support cushions. To feel the sofa’s spring unit, eliminate the seat cushions (if they are removable) and run your hand along with the seat (the material layer that sits below the seat cushions). Sinuous cable suspensions with S-formed coils situated close together distribute some weight evenly, offering a further comfortable and smooth sitting experience. For the gold standard system, always look for the 8 way, hand-tied springs that are designed to support each move.

Frame and finishes

When buying a sofa for office reception, always keep features above appearance. It should last for 5 to 10 years at least, so select the level of resistance as well as durability before making the final purchase. The frame should be made of solid material; it shouldn’t give up on you.

You shouldn’t go for suede as it absorbs too much dirt from outside, therefore it’s advisable to select material that’s simple to maintain. As I mention before leather office sofa is a classic choice with a timeless finish, it’s simple to maintain for a great number of years. And choose the color according to your wall décor and theme of your office repletion area.

How many seats

2 or 3 seat sofas are useful because they take up very little room than do 2 easy chairs. They also give mass and weight to the composition of your furniture that might otherwise look rambling. Keep in mind that while long office sofas look good in a big reception area with generous proportions, so always choose a sofa according to your requirements.

Highest quality

We know a simple truth – as a leading furniture manufacturer, we’ve to be about more than just a manufacturer. At meetco-furniture.com, we understand that office is an investment in your company. And because you deserve the best, we bring the highest quality office sofas to the reception area. Our staff of experts is here to answer any of your questions you might have to ask and to help you select the right office furniture and sofa for your work area. Let's take a look at a good example of an office reception sofa from Meet&Co Office Furniture.



The final point that needs to consider is the amount of money you want to spend. Assign your budget for the office sofa buying and always stick to it. Explore the correct type of reception sofa that falls below your given budget. You can select to purchase a sofa for office reception online and avail huge discounts too.

One more thing...

Besides the 10 tips you need to consider before purchasing an office reception sofa, the most important thing is to find a reliable office sofa manufacturer. Meet&Co Office Furniture is one of the best office sofa manufacturers on the market for over 12 years. If you need a large quantity or customized order for office reception sofa, feel free to contact us!

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