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By Pompey | 19 August 2021 | 0 Comments

10 Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing the Perfect Office Sofa

Like anything else in this era of limitless options, there seem to be infinite options when it comes to selecting a perfect office sofa. You may think you know all that you want, but when you walk into a store or search online, the shapes, styles, material, and alternatives can become overwhelming. Save your precious money, time, and potential buyer’s remorse and use these 10 tips to get a clear idea of what you want to need and what you want.

Measure the space

You can never measure the space too many times! A number of mistakes can be made in the step of the procedure so be certain you know correctly how small or big of office sofa your space can accommodate – including height, length, and width. It’s also vital to take measurements of your hallways and doorways because while the office might be the right size for your other area, it mightn’t fit through your front side door or via small stairwell landing areas!

Determine Sofa Orientation

Another vital thing to decide on before going to purchasing is how you plan to orient a sofa in your office. Will you place it against the wall or will be displayed in the mid of an office where its back will be exposed? If you’re looking for a sectional option, where you do need the corner piece to be? Understanding these important details will help to remove any options that do not fit your needs.

Determine which design will suit the office best. Now that you have decided on your office sofa’s function, it is time to figure out which style will help it fulfill your needs. An L-shape office sofa is best for open spaces that need to divide – such as separating one area from the other area.

Seating Needs

Next, think about your sofa seating preferences and what you want in the office. You can check different options to determine whether the depth, cushion feel, height is correct for you. If an office that it’ll occupy has limited space, always look for an office sofa that has suit your needs. Here at Meet&Co Office Furniture, you can buy different office styles to choose from according to your seating needs.

The Structure

The main part of choosing a good quality office sofa that lasts withstand a few years is the frame of the sofa. There’re lots of cheaper options when it comes to selecting an office sofa but choosing for an office is a long-term investment. To ensure the frame is solid and well made.


A comfort is a vital part of top-quality furniture. You do not want your office sofa to crumble below when you sit! That’s why we recommend choosing a sofa from a trustable office sofa manufacturer Mee&Co Office Furniture. This way you can sit and move around on the sofa to get feel for the smooth construction and how it actually holds up.

Feel the Padding

Every corner and frame of the sofa should be nicely padded. Run your hand over every corner to ensure you cannot feel any edges of the frame via the upholstery. If you feel anything, the upholstery might wear though quite instantly, and your sofa will not be extremely comfortable to use.

Fabric choice 

Choosing the wrong fabric for your office sofa can be a big mistake. In some stores the choice has been made as the design and the fabric have been chosen to work jointly, so all you’ve to do is to select a color. If you get to pick the material, it’s vital to make your choice based on how the sofa will be utilized in the office.

If you’re purchasing a sofa for a space that’s heavily used, a delicate color or fabric will be damaged before you have had a chance to feel it, so it is ideal to go for a heavy-duty fabric. Leather office sofa is an extremely durable material, which is consistently in fashion and style fits in both classic and modern interiors.

Choose a color that works with your office

Now it is time for one of the major decisions yet… your office sofa color! There’re so many different colors you can choose here, from the detailed pattern to a bright color statement or a reliable neutral. There really is no right or wrong with what sort of palette you pick just as long as it’s something you understand you’ll love for years to come.

Check the Cushions

The seat cushion of the office sofa should be firm and resilient enough to fit snugly with the frame. The cushions should regain their form after your press down and let it go. A cushion that stays put when you push down will be flattened in instantly, end up looking unsightly, and feel a little uncomfortable when you sit on it. The cushion that doesn’t fit snugly will also lose its shape rapidly and the corners will start looking unsightly. There’s considerable debate over which sort of material is ideal for cushions. Polyurethane foam is the common material used, but it’s vital to find a balance between a firm foam that’s long-lasting but might be very hard, and soft foam that is comfortable but might break down instantly.

High-resilient foam is set up, making for a long-lasting and comfortable sofa cushion. Luxury sofas often use goose down mixed with soft feathers, but you’ll pay dearly for this, and the sofa cushions will need to be pumped regularly. A hybrid form of cushion that a few experts recommend is high resilient foam wrapped in down and feathers that combines the best comfort and durability.

Application scenarios

What will your couch be used for most of the time?  Is it the center of your office or will it be in a more formal area that is reserved for waiting or guests? Being realistic about your office sofa main features will help you guide in selecting the correct one for you.

Final thoughts

Choosing an idea office sofa is not an easy task, luckily, you have Meet&Co Office Furniture to service for you, we're one of the best office furniture manufacturers in China, and we have a huge collection of office sofa for you to choose, if you need a large quantity or customization of office sofas, including modern leather office sofa, leather office sofa set, home office sofa set, feel free to contact us.

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