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What are the skills of office sofa purchase?
Office sofa is not rare, office sofa purchase skills are what? Mige is here to answer all the questions.

1. The shape of the sofa. The appearance of the sofa should be full and symmetrical, the height and size must be appropriate, the fabric has no obvious color difference, and the flowery fabric pattern such as strips and grids should be correspondingly symmetrical. The fabric has no damage, stain, skip needle and other defects. Stitches do not contain jumping pins or floating threads. The exposed bubble nails should be arranged neatly without any defects such as loose knocking and paint removal. A wooden piece for a wooden sofa. The wooden parts of the wooden sofa can not have cracks, loose, smooth surface paint film coating, similar color, no paint film falling off phenomenon.

2, leather sofa leather material requirements. Industry standards stipulate that, in addition to the bottom of the sofa seat, the nominal all-leather sofa products are mostly covered with natural animal leather. The products of the nominal leather sofa stipulate that the seat surface, the front of the backrest, the upper edge of the backrest and the inner side of the armrest and the upper edge of the armrest are covered with natural animal leather.

3, the structural strength of the sofa. When you choose and buy, you can shake the sofa armrest and backrest without shaking loose or sound, and then touch the seat and back of the sofa, and then force the press 2-3 times, feel smooth, no spring friction sound, and by the feeling of the press, it is estimated that the sofa seat surface is enduring the pressure of the human body.