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Nathan yong

  Nathan Yong graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in 1991 with a Diploma in Industrial Design. He started his career not as a designer but as a buyer as well as a product developer for various companies in Singapore. Through these jobs, he traveled to various countries including India, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia in search of quality manufacturers and artisans to develop and manufacture furniture and home accessories. Through this exposure, he learned various production techniques and crafts.
For two consecutive years (2006 and 2007), Nathan Yong received the prestigious Red Dot Award for Concept Design. Then in 2008, Nathan Yong received the prestigious Singapore President's Design Award: Designer of the Year, the highest accolade for designers in all creative disciplines in Singapore.
His work is inspired by observations of the visual environment and then challenges the question of the existence of objects. Without superfluous detail, he captures the poetry of the product through a process of stripping, providing object quality through effortless restraint. Nathan Yong was selected as the most promising young designer on the international stage in Interni of the 2011 International Extra Large Supplement Salone del Mobile.


Won: Singapore President's Design Award 2008 Designer of the Year
2006 Red Dot Concept Award
2007 Red Dot Concept Award
2005 Furniture Design Gold Award
Mine International Design Smart Silver Award
2006 Furniture Design Award Silver Award
2006 Core 77 Award Finalist
Bangkok Asia Talent Media Choice Awards
2015 Furniture Design Award Finalist, etc.
Here are his designs:

Jewel Changi Airport public seats


"These items are not just a piece of furniture in themselves, they also act as a 'cover' for the air conditioner and as a 'light' for the sidewalk at night. The design must be functional,
easy to repair and maintain, with softened edges for safety, and ageing Comfort, structural stability, visual lightness, material understanding and manipulation."


Design at your fingertips


"The language of the turntables and entertainment equipment of the 1960s and 70s is evident in the Line Collection. The grille that stands out so prominently on these modern appliances inspired the mechanized style of this wood cabinet.
Here, thin walnut or oak The slatted grilles not only allow the sound to pass from the inside to the outside, but also from the inside to the outside,
in the tradition of early hi-fi. They also allow the transmission of remote control signals to the devices in which it is used.
Today's many living room media devices The collection can be neatly stored inside the console without losing remote control functionality.
By concealing the support structure on the inside, the visual effect of the horizontal line is maximized. Fold down the shutter doors to access the shelves and drawers".



"The SCAPE sofa, commissioned by the LASALLE Academy of Arts, has a modular design capable of offering users different seating heights. The SCAPE can be used as a chaise longue,
in normal sitting positions, or at bar table height. Available in bright orange The main background color, it not only conveys the warmth, vibrancy and warmth of the room it is in, but also the daily life of the students."
 P.O.P.U.P | Furniture


"As the name suggests, POPUP is a pop-up shop-like system that can be flexibly customized, assembled and shipped. It's also a way to assemble and disassemble parts by simply popping or popping them by hand without nails and screws.
POPUP is Singapore A response to land, labor and material shortages in small transitional 'spaces'. POPUP was created in partnership with SUPERSTRUCTURE,
an unconventional construction laboratory dedicated to exploring new digital fabrication techniques and materials systems management for design and fabrication The seamless integration of the process allows the furniture to be easily packaged flat by the user during transport and assembly.
The modularity of the design allows the POPUP to adapt to different spaces. High-density MDF boards made in primary colors, impregnated with organic dyes.
The water-resistant MDF is then processed into a range of furniture suitable for offices and shops."
F / P
Collection | Furniture
"The F/P collection is a contemporary interpretation of the pragmatic and unique approach to traditional Chinese furniture. The construction of the F/P collection is based on a unique lineage of frames and panels,
yokes and racks - derived from the structural logic of the post and telecommunications system in classical Chinese architecture.
The advantage of this construction is durability, as the use of joinery and dowels allows the furniture to withstand temperature fluctuations and wet weather.
Carefully handcrafted, this collection embodies the fusion of East and West, old and new. In today's The digital age, which is the poetic embodiment of the Renaissance in Chinese culture and its handicrafts,
where history is often forgotten and discarded in exchange for an efficient world with machines and technology."
Exolounge Furniture

"Exolounge uses high-grade steel for the skeleton, laser-cut and stamped. Calfskin is digitally processed for maximum yield, then cut to shape and filled with fiber.
It has a dual function, from an upright seat to a back-to-back position , both allow people to read paper or doze off in confined spaces.
The amount of material used is minimized without compromising comfort."
“A good designer challenges the status quo and is always asking questions.”
--Nathan Yong








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