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2023 Malaysia Office Furniture Fair
The furniture industry in Malaysia is dominated by solid wood furniture with fine processing and high quality. It has been facing the European and American markets for a long time, and its sales to Asian and Arab markets have been increasing in recent years. Hot-selling products were also indirectly displayed to Chinese furniture exhibitors at the exhibition, becoming a new version of China's furniture industry into the world market. With the Belt and Road environment, the scale of Chinese furniture enterprises in EFE has increased year by year. Zhejiang, a major furniture province in China, has organized groups to participate in the exhibition for five consecutive years, and the exhibition area will remain above 1000* meters in 2018. In addition, Malaysia is rich in wood resources, solid wood furniture processing technology, but furniture accessories industry depends on imports, which is undoubtedly conducive to exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

This year, our company Mige Office Furniture Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition in Malaysia, showing a variety of office furniture styles, full of vitality of office tables and chairs to attract many buyers to come to experience, talk. Our sales elite patiently for customers to introduce each type of office furniture, we talk very happy!

Through the office furniture exhibition, we can pass our contact information and corporate culture to all participants, which is an opportunity for mutual development and communication. I am very glad to show you the office furniture we designed. We have reached international cooperation and made foreign partners.