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Guangzhou Fuyun Data Center Office Space | Project Case Sharing

With the improvement of the material and cultural level of society, people's needs for the working environment
There has also been a major improvement. The essence of green office and ecological office that have become popular in recent years has been
It is to create a beautiful and comfortable space environment to meet the growing demand for office activities.


Fuyun Data Service Co., Ltd.-Guangzhou Data Center, Fuyun Data Service Co., Ltd. is an intelligence service provider engaged in network intelligence technology. Fuyun Data has developed an open source network intelligence system
and a multi-source data analysis system based on mobile internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies;

Front desk space


The front desk is the facade of a company, representing the company's brand image and corporate culture.
The pros and cons of the front desk design will often have an important impact on customers, good or bad.
Therefore, a high-value, high-level front desk must be the best portal to reflect a company's corporate image.


【Office Space】






Our biggest goal is to create a comfortable, convenient, hygienic, safe and efficient working environment for the staff, so as to maximize the work efficiency of the staff.




The clean and fresh environment brings relaxation to every employee in their busy
work. A touch of green embellishment on the table adds to the vitality.

Meeting space







Black and white matching is the most basic matching, and it often produces good visual effects, but sometimes it is necessary to add an intermediate color to harmonize and soften them.
The gray ground and black and white are blended together, which will give people a sense of harmony. A mature and steady feeling, not too hollow like white, nor too deep like black.

【Recreation area】





With the continuous deepening of leisure consciousness, the way of leisure has also become one of the lifestyles.


In this economic society, leisure space is undoubtedly compressed a lot, but we are always in a hurry, and we always ignore a lot of things in front of us. Maybe it has become a habit,
but careful people will find that leisure space will also give We bring a lot of joy.

【Executive area】



To simplify the complex, the lines and colors are extremely concise, mature and calm.


indispensable at work
It is the kind of passion and motivation, the fine arrangement,
Make you feel the perfect combination of fashion and practicality at work.