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Appreciation of America Instacart Company Office

The Design Blitz design team created a new office in San Francisco, California, for Instacart, a company that specializes in delivering daily groceries. The office was originally designed with two objectives in mind: to attract and retain more top talent, and to reflect the company's humble but quality-focused core service philosophy. To achieve these goals, the Blitz design team of designers created this new office space based on personal experience, social context, and fun and joy. On the 6th and 11th floors, each has a large working coffee bar with delicious coffee, a high bar, and comfortable sofas. The home-like coffee bar serves as both a focused work area and an informal, collaborative social area. The most striking features of the entire office are the two large coffee bars, the tables as high as the bar inside, the comfortable sofas, and the other home-like design details, as well as the yoga room.

Because Instacart is an internet shopping service company, the entire space references food as a factor, such as carrots and vegetables. Produce crates were transformed into bar tables that can handle small meetings. All meeting rooms in the office are painted in the same two shades as the carrots, reinforcing Instacart's brand image.

The windowside tables allow employees to work and enjoy the view at the same time. There are many collaborative social spaces in the office, small meeting rooms and work areas tucked away in the corner areas, and most especially, a grocery display area adjacent to the elevator entrance offering fresh fruits and vegetables sold by Instacart, where employees can feel the shopping experience at all times.