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How to Choose the Right Office Furniture

 Set a budget – but be prepared to invest

Whether you’ve been given a set budget or a guideline from senior management, it may be tempting to try and come in under budget by opting for cheaper furniture. But don’t be fooled by the initial savings you may make here; after all, as the saying goes: “buy cheap, buy twice”.

Office furniture is a serious investment in both the items themselves and your staff. They’ll be spending a lot of time sitting at their desk on office chairs, so it makes sense to go for the best furniture that you can afford.

Inferior quality products will cost you more in the long term, so consider purchasing hard-wearing items even if it means your budget might have to take an initial up-front hit.

How much space do you have to work with?

With so many people working together under one roof, space can soon become an issue. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in good storage options and furniture that’s proportionate with the size of your office. Not only does this ensure everyone can move around with ease, but it keeps your workplace looking neat and organised.

One of the biggest mistakes management can make is failing to measure their office ahead of making purchases. It’ll be a frustrating day when your shiny new furniture arrives, only to find you can’t even fit it through the door. Be sure you make a note of measurements to see how your new desks and storage will be able to comfortably fit inside your office space.

Additionally, multifunctional furniture is growing more popular. By providing a cost-effective way to solve issues relating to space, it can certainly add value to any office space. Consider going for desks with room to file documents or seating options complete with in-built USB chargers.

Remember: Is your office furniture fit for function?

When it comes to picking office chairs or anything else staff will sit at, their comfort is essential. Anyone who sits at their desk a lot will require ergonomically designed chairs with the proper lumbar support, for instance.

Adjustable chairs that allow them to sit comfortably with their feet flat on the floor ensure customisable comfort that reduces distractions caused by awkward posture and seating.

This comfort should extend to meeting and breakout rooms too, allowing your staff to relax in all areas of the office. If they’re stressed, the impact it can have on both their performance and health can be huge. Furniture that keeps them comfortable in areas where things might get heated with clients or other colleagues can have a real benefit on their wellbeing.