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How To Choose Office Chair?
1. Comfortable headrest
Most of the original chairs do not have headrest, we will habitually do not rely on the office headrest, because they do not feel necessary. In fact, in order to reduce the incidence of diseases in the neck, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the neck and maintain a comfortable posture when working. Choose the right headrest, but also in order to reduce their fatigue.

2. The front end of the cushion is waterfall
The front waterfall shape is to avoid the right Angle on the thigh root nerve, blood pressure, resulting in swelling pain or even numbness of the foot. Therefore, another assessment point of ergonomic chair is whether the front end of the cushion has a waterfall curve, in order to meet the thigh is a natural relaxed state. This requires the base of the thigh and the cushion to be a palm height apart.

Only in this way can all the compression conduction be concentrated in the buttocks, in order to reduce the pain and numbness of the legs often in the office; Here extends another problem, that is, the cushion needs strong support, in order to meet the butt is not squeezed state, the cushion needs to choose a solid thickness of 5CM to 10CM.

3. Choose S (fit the spine) shape for the back of the chair
A standard sitting position requires at least one back to support the waist. Normal people have 3 physiological curvature of the spine, they are not in a straight line, the neck, the lumbar spine this part of the convex forward, the thoracic spine is convex; So if you want to be comfortable in a standard sitting position, the back of the chair should have at least three supports. The waist part needs support, but everyone's height is different, so it is necessary to adjust it.

Because there are a lot of nerves on the outward side of the spine and the protective tissue is thin, it's easy to protrude, and over time, the disc slips out, causing incontinence. The protrusion of the lumbar support is the use of external forces to lift the waist and protect the weak area. So you don't have this support point on the back of the chair, you just PASS it off.